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Added Ron Dart's 2000 sermon Pentecost 2000. Dart discusses the traditional Church of God view of the meaning of the holy days. They have been valuable in helping many to understand the plan of God, but there is more to them. We need not be restricted to these traditions. For instance, why does Peter, in Acts 2 on Pentecost, discuss the end-time prophecy of Joel? What does that have to do with Pentecost? Dart explores Joel in the end-time context of the Feast of Firstfruits. To stream or download, go to this page.


All Ron Dart and John Ogwyn links have been fixed. Please download all you want; it costs me nothing. There are no guarantees that these files will remain available forever. For example, a while back, LCG gave the copyright of all of Charles Bryce's work to Mr. Bryce. He then asked me to remove his sermons from this site. Also, with the new service, the "play sermons" box has been removed. Each message should be streamable simply by clicking on it. Mobile users, please provide feedback here. Other links will be uploaded in the coming weeks. Again, let me know if you have something you need right away.


Ron Dart's 2002 sermon Out of the Rut. Does there come a time when it is too late? If you have changes you need to make, when will you make them? Do you order your life right? Will you know it when you're on the wrong track? Our relationship with God and Jesus must not be casual. Ezekiel and Jeremiah were commissioned to tell stubborn people of their sins; this relates to our calling to change our behavior today. Dart shows how we can find out if it applies to us. How can we confidently ask God, when we have been disobeying for years? Dart closes with solid advice on how to get out of the rut. To stream or download, go to this page.


I am updating the hundreds of links on this site. If there is a particular file you want, email me or contact me on Facebook and I will prioritize that link.


As many of you have noticed, file-sharing service divshare.com is down and thus, the files are not available. Hopefully, this service will return, but in the meantime I am moving to another service. It will take some time to upload the files and update the links, so please be patient. Apologies to all.


Added Ron Dart's 1988 sermon The God of the Old Testament. No one has seen God, yet the God in the Old Testament was seen. How is this explained? How can one be God and be with God? Who was the Creator? When did Jesus come into existence? Who was the God of Moses? Of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob? Who was Israel's God during the Exodus and all the Old Testament? Who thundered the law from Mount Sinai? Who created the Sabbath, clean and unclean meats? Who was Melchizidek? The Old Testament God was harsh and Jesus is gentle? Who wrote the Ten Commandments on stone? Who destroyed Sodom? Ron Dart asks and answers all of these questions. To stream or download, go to this page.


Added Ron Dart's 2000 sermon Unleavened Bread - The Basics. Why do we eat Unleavened Bread for 7 days? Dart looks primarily at the Passover in Egypt. Pharaoh, the plagues, the timing of the Passover sacrifice, the Passover meal, "morning", the departure from Egypt, "Night To Be Much Observed", the New Testament Passover, Gentile participation. Must we eat unleavened bread? Or just abstain from leavened bread? Dart also makes a good point on the calendar, and does it all in his easy-to-listen-to style. To stream or download, go to this page.


Added Ron Dart's 1999 sermon The Center of Worship. A guideline for coming together to worship God -- a God-centered church. The main meaning of ecclesia (church) is assembly. If we don't assemble, there is no church. Why is an assembly necessary? Fellowship, service, edification, and worship. Where the assembly is, Jesus will be. You can't have fellowship alone. Jesus often pricked people's hearts. If a service is so comfortable, will the unbeliever ever be overcome with awe and confess that indeed God is with us? Will the people be built up? The sermon has a long tradition, and Dart gives advice, instruction, and help for the teacher of God. To stream or download, go to this page.