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Added Ron Dart's 1997 sermon How Many Sons? What about the billions who never knew God? Is all that life experience, the joy and the pain, in vain? Paul wrestled with this in regards to the Jews. Dart challenges the common belief about hell. Dart turns to multiple prophecies, especially in Isaiah to show what God's ultimate purpose is, namely to save all mankind through Jesus Christ. Man, at his best, is an unfinished work. God will one day remember, and change. A Last Great Day / Eighth Day message.


Added Ron Dart's 1991 sermon Fatherhood of God. The religion of the Bible is patriarchal. Why? The 70 elders were all men. The priesthood was all men. Jesus chose 12 men. Paul established that only men are to lead the church. The husband is the head of the wife. Why? How does modern society view this? Abraham was a father. Jesus has revealed that we are to relate to God as Father. Is this just sexism? Or is it really something else? Dart answers these questions, and addresses the role women play.


Added Ted Armstrong's 1978 sermon Explaining His Disfellowshipment. In the first part, Armstrong goes into some of the accusations made against him, showing why they are false and addresses different aspects of the conflict intermittently as he goes through the sermon. He recalls his childhood in the COG, Oregon Conference, before going into the main sermon, where he addresses the 7 churches of Revelation, emphasizing the saving purpose of Jesus Christ and the expansive nature of preaching the gospel. While expressing doubt that the 7 churches represent 7 eras, he says, “There is a message for every person in every era in each letter to all the churches.” The gospel is more than an announcement. Armstrong asserts that there is no hierarchical relationship among the apostles. He calls “unbiblical” the statement that there has never been a time, in the history of the world, where there was not one man, and one man alone, through whom God worked. He concludes with a declaration of his dogged determination to preach the gospel any and every way he can.


Added Ron Dart's 1994 sermon To The Work. The church was almost obsessive about "The Work" when Ron Dart joined in 1958. The Apostle Paul believed that what he did made a difference in the number of people that would be saved. There is very much more to doing the work than preaching the gospel. Paul didn't hesitate to risk life and limb for the work. Dart essentially gives a tribute to Paul, that it might inspire all of us. Like Oskar Schindler, we can save some, we can't save all, could we have saved more? Also, What was the seed that eventually led to the failure of the Worldwide Church of God to do the work? It was not failed prophecy, as problematic as that was.


Added Ron Dart's 1993 sermon World Tomorrow Workshop. There is work that is more fun than play, and is far more satisfying. This is what God has prepared for those that love Him. Dart looks at all the problems that will exist at the start of the millennium, and how the solutions will be up to us to fix. We will have the power, the sense, the direction, and the help of God. We won't just sit around and watch God do miracles. The faithful will have rule over cities. The Gentiles will come to OUR light! Dart vividly describes what it might be like. A complete redesign and remake of the world, physically and socially. Why didn't God start out with the millennium? Is this planet earth project the first time God has done this? After all is said and done on earth, what then? What is in your future? What do you have to do to not miss out?


Added Ron Dart's 1990 sermon Marriage - Who Leads? Starting at Genesis, Dart looks at marriage. Sin led them to hide from each other, as well as from God. It kept their children from ever becoming would they could have become. Was Adam the leader even before he sinned? What about a long-haired man? A woman' head covering? The responsibility of the husband/father and why? How to lead. Some relationship principles of marriage. We need to learn our responsibilities and let other's learn theirs.


Added Ron Dart's 1983 sermon Should Sinners Attend Church? Dart reviews the multiple incidents where Jesus interacted with "sinners". They were drawn to Him, and He directed much of His ministry toward them, yet most of the religious leaders loathed Him. The difference was that the "sinners" knew what they were. Dart points out that Jesus did not turn the sinners away and even encouraged them to come to Him. Dart then effectively criticizes churches that screen their prospective visitors. (Note: this is a complete version of the previously incomplete version that was on the "Miscellaneous" page.)


Added Ron Dart's 1993 sermon Why Cults? Dart tells the story of a pastor who left WCG, started a cult, gained a following,failed spectacularly, quit his ministry, and went and got a job. Dart uses this to examine cults, why they occur. How they are an authority disorder. How your authority must be the written Word of God. What about progressive revelation? What about "call no man father"? Does God know everything about the future? How to avoid getting caught in a cult.


Added Ron Dart's 1990 sermon The Next Temple. Given in the context of the first Gulf War. Dart speaks on the politics, history, and religion in the Middle East. He expounds on the prophecies of Luke21 and Daniel 11, the tribulation, King of the North and King of the South. It would seem that the sacrifices must be resumed, requiring an altar and a priesthood -- and a temple? -- a tabernacle? Why the Jews haven't built one already and what might trigger them to do so.


Added Ron Dart's 1991 sermon Springfield Mo Campaign. An evengelistic message at Springfield, Missouri. Dart uses the current USSR instability to show that WCG and CGI have always believed there will not be WWIII between the US and the USSR. Why? The what and when of a prophecy is worthless without the why. What the difference is between apocalyptic literature and prophetic literature. Prophetic literature has a moral teaching as part of it. The Book of Revelation shows the what and when, and it frequently references back to the prophetic books, where we can learn the why. Why does God bother to reveal prophecy to anyone? Dart gives the 2 reasons. We know a diabolical world order will come to power at the end time. We know some people will be protected. Those who understand have an obligation to tell others.


Added Ron Dart's 1998 sermon The Historical Passover. Jesus observed the Passover early on the 14th, yet the Jews observed it late on the 14th. Were the Jews wrong? Dart examines the Exodus Passover account. What is "between the evenings"? How the Exodus Passover was different from the rest. What the Bible says about sunset. Leaving by night. The night to be much observed. The "9th day at even" is the end of the 9th day. There is little dispute today about when Christians are to observe the Passover. But, there is much dispute about the timing of the Old Testament Passover.


Ron Dart's 2002 sermon Liberty. Why did God put that tree in the Garden of Eden? Why is there suffering? Why, when there is a good God, do so many bad things happen? Dart answers these questions and more in a thought-provoking message. Every intervention of God in the affairs of men is an abridgment of the freedom He intended for men. Dart explores liberty, the loss of liberty, and how God restores it, symbolized by the Jubilee. Men are conflicted about the responsibilities and consequences of freedom. Jesus was subject to the freedom of others. Now, He restores ours.


Obituary for Ronald L. Dart
Services for Ronald L. Dart, 82, of Tyler, Texas will be held, Wednesday, January 27, 2016, 2:30 p.m., at Stewart Family Funeral Home with Jonathan Garnant officiating.
Burial will follow at Whitehouse Memorial Cemetery in Whitehouse, Texas.
Mr. Dart passed away Saturday, January 23, at his home in Tyler, TX.
He was born January 7, 1934 in Harrison, Arkansas to Tildon and Eva Dart.
Ron Dart was the founder and president of Christian Educational Ministries and the voice of the international Born to Win radio program. He attended Hardin Simmons University, graduated from Ambassador College, and had work towards his PhD at the University of Texas, Austin. He was gifted with the ability to make a difficult subject clear and understandable and his knowledge of the Bible drew many listeners. He wrote 11 books on various Bible subjects. Born to Win will stay on the air and continue doing the work Mr. Dart began.
Ron Dart was preceded in death by his father, mother, and sister, Nana Williams.
He is survived by his loving and devoted wife of 62 years, Allie.
Pallbearers will be Gary Gibbons, C. Rod Martin, John Currier, Willie Oxendine, Joshua Voyce, and John Beasley.
Visitation is scheduled from 6:30 to 8:30 p.m. Tuesday, January 26, at Stewart Family Funeral Home, 7525 Old Jacksonville Highway, Tyler.
Memorials may be made to Christian Educational Ministries, P.O. Box 560, Whitehouse, TX 75791.


From Allie Dart: Ronald L. Dart died peacefully in his sleep early this Sabbath morning, January 23rd, from a prolonged battle with cutaneous T-cell lymphoma. His remarkable gift of clarity and love and understanding of the Bible were devoted to teaching others.
Christian Educational Ministries, founded by Ron Dart in 1995, will continue to promote his timeless insights into God’s Word through the Born to Win program, his books, essays and audio messages. He was a gifted speaker and teacher who leaves a legacy of knowledge and understanding of the precious Word of God.


Mr. Ron Dart has passed away. Here is a tribute from Ken Swiger:
I learned this morning of the passing of an old friend, a brother in the faith, teacher, preacher, and a man I consider a mentor.
Mr. Ronald L. Dart passed away peacefully in the early morning hours on this Sabbath day following a multi-year battle against cutaneous T-Cell lymphoma.
God has richly blessed the Church of God movement to have allowed us to have Ron Dart in our lives for so many years. So many of us can look back at what we have learned from Mr. Dart's ministry and give thanks for this Godly man and his work. Please join me in praying for Mrs. Dart.
Allie has also been a faithful worker in the fields of the Lord and as innovators in Christian ministry. Together they have advocated for active involvement of children in the worship of God and led the way in involvement of the laity in the planning and execution of independent Feast of Tabernacles sites.
Let's be in prayer for Allie Dart, The BORN TO WIN team, and all the family of faith as we grieve this loss.
We are saddened by our loss, but we know that our brother Ron has completed his race, and in his next waking moment will be with the King of Kings. Take comfort in that sure knowledge.

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