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Added John Ogwyn's 1979 sermon God Will Keep His Promises to Israel. The United States and Britain had an incredible percentage of the world's wealth at the end of WWII. It is not so today. Ogwyn tracks the history and prophesied future of Israel. What is prophesied for Israel in "the last days"? He goes through the remarkable rise of the English-speaking nations, how it all seems to have been guided by an unseen hand. Very interesting stories on how these nations came about. Ogwyn finishes up with some sober warnings for modern-day Israel. Yes, God does keep His promises, good and bad. - - - Also, updated the 1979 zipped file. To stream or download go to this page.


Added Ron Dart's 1984 sermon Ezekiel and the Watchman's Message. Ezekiel's prophecy is to a nation, Israel, that had ceased to exist some 120 years earlier. Who, then, is the prophecy for? Dart gives a brief history of Israel, its separation from Judah, and Ezekiel's prophecy that Israel and Judah will come together once again, which is the major key to understanding the book of Ezekiel. Much of Ezekiel's prophecy fits today, which is not a surprise since end-time prophecies are the object of the book. Dart ties together Ezekiel's prophecies with those of Jesus. Dart also relates very sobering and powerful warnings that apply to us today, and how it is our responsibility to proclaim those warnings. - - - Also, updated the 1984 zipped file with this new sermon. To stream or download go to this page.


Added John Ogwyn's 1980 sermon The Meaning of Last Day of Unleavened Bread. Given on the Last Day of Unleavened Bread. Why are there two holy days in these days? Owgyn talks about how becoming perfect as God is perfect is "mission impossible". He goes over the history of the Exodus. What about when there is no way out? Many humanly impossible tasks can be tied to the Last Day of Unleavened Bread, including perhaps the greatest miracle ever done. But it is critical to obey, to believe God, and to not be afraid. The role confidence plays. A good lesson from Ai. What is God doing sending us up against the Red Sea? What is God doing having us march around Jericho for 7 days? "If we do what God says, God guarantees the results." - - - Also, updated the 1980 zipped file. To stream or download go to this page.


Updated Ron Dart's 1998 sermon The Lost Art of Meditation. Meditation is directed thinking. It is important, yet neglected. Dart talks about what it is , why it is needed, how to do it. Schedule time for thinking so you will have time to process and apply God's law. To stream or download go to this page.


Added John Ogwyn's 1980 sermon The Passover. In the context of the Worldwide Church of God undergoing an audit, Passover is the time the man of God is to undergo an internal spiritual audit. This means examining oneself using the Bible as the standard. Ask God to help us see us as He does. After accepting the sacrifice of Jesus Christ, our old man is dead. Leave him dead. What does it mean to be just, righteous? How ought we to walk? Are we truly appreciative of what God and Jesus Christ have done for us? A good Passover preparation sermon. - - - Also, updated the 1980 zipped file. To stream or download go to this page.


Updated Ron Dart's 1998 sermon Toward a Doctrine of the Church. Dart opens with his personal history in WCG, the beginning of CGI, and the beginning of UCG, especially in relation to church government. This frames a discussion on ecclesiology, or a doctrine of what the church is. He goes thru the primacy of Peter, the place of safety, exclusivism, and what the New Testament church is and isn't. Also, the transition of pharisaical authority to apostolic authority. To stream or download go to this page.


Added John Ogwyn's 2003 sermon Washing By the Word of God. A pre-Passover self-examination sermon. What is the standard for this examination? What is the role of the Word of God in our lives? We are sanctified by the spirit for obedience. How to respond to impulses and feelings. Having the Word educate us is critical, but not enough. An example from Josiah. Jesus defined what the canon of scripture is; the Catholic church did not. Interesting segment on the organization of the Bible. Why the entire Word of God is holy and useful for setting us apart for God. - - - Also, added the 2003 zipped file. To stream or download go to this page.


Updated Ron Dart's 1999 sermon Filled With the Spirit. Does your spiritual life need rejuvenation? The apostle Paul talks about being filled with the spirit. That seems to be a condition that results from choices we make. Dart inspires and instructs on how this can be done. It involves a conscious, disciplined, daily effort. "The way to be filled with the spirit is to spend a lot of time with God." It may be difficult, but you will be very glad you did it. The intellectual side of Bible study is important, but don't neglect the emotional aspects that are brought out by music, stories, and relationships. Don't let anything crowd God out. "How shall we escape if we neglect so great a salvation?" Nothing else is more important. No one can do this for us. Our relationship with God is personal. The church, and others, can help, but it is ultimately our choice. To stream or download go to this page.


Added John Ogwyn's 2005 sermon Do You Know God? A pre-passover sermon. Sure, we know about God, but do we know God? How God revealed Himself to Israel. How Jesus revealed the Father. God takes the initiative, but we must respond. If we really believe, it will compel us to act. How the Christian is reconciled by Christ's death and saved by His life. How knowing God (or not) relates to the spirit of antichrist. Don't be fooled by those who say we don't have to act righteously because Jesus did it for us. "That I may know Him … I may attain to the resurrection from the dead.... I press toward the mark..." Ogwyn also spoke in the morning on the same subject ("Do We Really Know Our God?"), but it is different enough to be worth listening to, however apologies are in order for it prematurely ending at the 45minute mark. - - - Also, added the 2005 zipped file. To stream or download go to this page.


Updated Ron Dart's 1998 sermon God's Grace. Ron Dart reminds the listener that the law of God is still in effect, and it is our actions that count. Given that, Dart shows examples of God showing grace, mercy and patience. He also explores grace vs license, as well as justice and judgment. Three things happen when we sin: 1) natural consequences, 2) If that doesn't work, chastisement - God trying to turn us around, 3) If that fails, punishment & judgment. We should treat all adversity as if it is from God, in order to grow and change. God shows great grace to us; we ought to toward others; bear with & forgive. To stream or download go to this page.


Added John Ogwyn's 2005 sermon Penance vs Repentance. Mardi Gras, Easter, Passover, and sin. Ogwyn opens up by teaching the history of Easter and lent. The Bible shows how these practices are contrary to God's instructions for worship and yet the Israelites and many professing Christians today engage in these practices. Ogwyn shows Bible verses that describe these rituals quite accurately, both as practiced in ancient times and today. In the latter half of the sermon, Ogwyn discusses many Christian-living scriptures, as well as Passover. To stream or download go to this page.


Updated Ron Dart's 1992 sermon Born In Pain. Dart opens with a talk on the events of 1978, the disfellowshipment of Garner Ted Armstrong and many members. He gives tragic stories of what the church did to some people, and hints that it was actually much worse. The Church of God International was dedicated to preventing such abuses, without handicapping the ministry. 1 John 3 is an example, with a reminder that church discipline is for the good of the one being disciplined. To stream or download go to this page.


Added John Ogwyn's 1979 sermon The Fourth Commandment. Which day is the Christian Sabbath? Ogwyn shows why the 7th day is the Biblically established Sabbath day. He addresses all of the New Testament based arguments against Sabbath-keeping, proceeds to show when the Sabbath was established, why it matters, and how it should be kept. He also interestingly notes how it is impossible for anyone to keep Sunday holy. The Sabbath is a commemoration of creation and a weekly reminder that God is the Creator. Lessons of Sabbath observance from the Bible. How to make the Sabbath a joy, including for children! - - - Also, updated the 1979 zipped file. To stream or download go to this page.


Added this site's 687th Ron Dart sermon, this one from 1982, Understanding Prophecy. Prophecy is meant to be understood by some and hidden to others. Jesus had to face the reality that he was going to speak His message to many who would not, could not understand. A sense of history is absolutely essential to understanding prophecy. Fear often comes with prophecy, but it must be a pure fear of God, not that of men. Why the dreamlike detachment from reality nature of prophecy? Duality is a primary component of prophecy. The Israel-Egypt alliance in history. Type and anti-type explained. Dart goes through Isaiah and points out many type/antitype pairs. Also updated the 1982 zipped file. To stream or download go to this page.


Added John Ogwyn's 1979 sermon Satan's Devices. Satan hates each of us, and wants to destroy us. Ogwyn speaks of Satan's tactics and how we need God's help to combat him. Specific devices used by Satan include pride, vanity, bitterness, accusative spirit, doubt, discouragement, lust and coveting, The entire sermon has an underlying theme where Ogwyn says that God is cleansing His church, starting at the top, with specific reference to Garner Ted Armstrong and other leading ministers. He relates several of Satan's tactics to this crisis and shows how the rest of the church can avoid the same fate and not get caught up in it. God is cleaning house, is in charge, and will do what He promises, so we need to trust Him to take care of things and not rebel ourselves. Also updated the 1979 zipped file. To stream or download go to this page.


Updated Ron Dart's 2002 sermon Master & Lord. Dart looks at the words Master, Teacher, Rabbi, Disciple. He points out how important it is to be a serious student, learning at the feet of the Master Teacher, and doing what the Teacher teaches. To stream or download go to this page.


Added John Ogwyn's 1979 sermon Marriage. Ogwyn points out the change in society's attitude toward marriage over the last 20 years. Divorce is now easier and less looked down upon. Living together without marriage is not scorned. Ogwyn goes over how Jesus defines marriage, based on the law of God. Marriage is a divine institution, established by God with the intent to bind one man and one woman for life. It pictures the relationship between Christ and the church. One part of marriage is intimacy. Roles of the husband and wife. How should a man love his wife and rule his family? Ogwyn talks about how narcissism is part of the perilous times ahead because it threatens the destruction of the family unit which threatens the destruction of all mankind. How to treat an unconverted husband. How the ministers can help. There is a real long-term spiritual danger if your marriage is neglected. To stream or download go to this page.


Updated Ron Dart's History & Prophecy series. In part 1, Dart states: If you are going to understand what is going on now and what will go on, you need to have a grasp of history. Dart gives an outline of Old Testament history, breaking it into seven eras: 1) the patriarchal period - Adam to the last of the sons of Jacob, 2) the Mosaic period - Moses through Joshua, 3) the period of judges - up to King Saul, 4) the period of the united kingdom - Saul, David & Solomon, 5) the divided kingdom, 6) the captivity, 7) post-captivity. There is little prophecy from the first 4 periods. In part 1, Dart goes into detail starting at the time of Solomon and going thru the split in the kingdom. Includes a digression on church ordinations. Also, Dart give excellent techniques for Bible study and documenting Old Testament history. To stream or download go to this page.


Added John Ogwyn's 1978 sermon Seek God's Correction. Ogwyn notes man's tendency to be blind to his own faults and sins. We need a true perspective. God knows us, so we need to go to Him for insight. We must ask. The Bible, Old Testament and New, will help one to pierce right to the heart of the matter. The Bible's cutting edge will cut us from time to time. We need to ask God for counsel and correction and that includes God's word. Before you can work on problems, you have to see them, and to see them you're going to have to look to God and look to God's ministry. Then, you must apply it. Also updated the 1978 zipped file. To stream or download go to this page.


Updated Ron Dart's 1988 sermon Did Jesus Know? part 2. Picking up from his previous sermon, Did Jesus Know? part 1, Dart starts with the beginning of Jesus' ministry and, with excellent Biblical narrative, illustrates how Jesus knew exactly who He was, what His purpose was, where He was going, and why. The message is filled with thought-provoking insight on the early years. To stream or download go to this page.


Added John Ogwyn's Bible Study #70, Daniel - Chapters 8-12. Also updated the zipped file. To stream or download go to this page.


Updated Ron Dart's 1999 sermon Via Charity. Dart talks about the spiritual gifts of 1 Corinthians 12-14, how they are not concentrated, but distributed, thus requiring cooperation. Dart likens the body of Christ to a jigsaw puzzle - each piece is important. Why would God give a gift to an uncharitable (or unloving) person? How organizational authoritarianism and exclusivity work against God's intent of having the puzzle pieces work together. Dart says that the Worldwide Church of God was built wrongly and could not withstand the storm. What are we to do now? To stream or download go to this page.


Added John Ogwyn's Bible Study #69, Daniel - Chapters 1-7. Also updated the zipped file. To stream or download go to this page.


Updated Ron Dart's 1988 sermon Did Jesus Know? In the context of the movie "The Last Temptation of Christ", Dart explores the early years of Jesus' life, mostly in Luke 1 & 2. Dart strongly refutes that Jesus did not know who He was. People studied: Zechariah, Elizabeth, John the Baptist, Simeon, Anna, and, of course, Mary. Also, Jesus' baptism, His 12-year-old Passover, and his first miracle. Yes, Jesus was tempted, but Dart shows that temptation is not toying with the idea or fantasizing about it. Rather, temptation must be nipped in the bud, or else it turns into something much worse. Yes, Jesus was tempted with things that He wanted, but He wanted to receive them God's way, not Satan's. To stream or download go to this page.


Added John Ogwyn's sermon Keeping God's Sign Holy. The Sabbath identifies the God of creation and His people. The God who created the world in 6 days and then rested. The Sabbath was made for man when man was made. God's law is a way of life, the way we are to live our life. What does it mean to "keep the Sabbath"? What does "convene" mean? "The Sabbath is a weekly reminder of the hope that lies within us." How the Sabbath symbolizes the Millennium. Where the New Testament explicitly commands Sabbath-keeping. What is a burden? What about commerce? An "ox in the ditch"? What is proper behavior at church? An excellent overview of the Christian Sabbath. To stream or download go to this page.


Updated Ron Dart's 2002 sermon Filled With the Spirit. Simeon & Anna were 2 special people. Using them as an example, Dart goes through Ephesians, showing how to walk with the spirit, how to incur God's wrath (or not), how to "walk circumspectly", how to quench the spirit (or not), and, how to be filled with the spirit. He notes how this is a choice. How we are to put on kindness, put on humility, even if we aren't, and even if we don't feel like it. Also, the important role of music in becoming filled with the spirit. The reason for gratitude in all things. To stream or download go to this page.


Added John Ogwyn's 2005 sermon Endure to the End.
This is a different sermon from the 2004 message of the same name.
Some problems are short and intense; others long and less intense, but both must be endured. How? Lessons from Hebrews 11 & 12. Spiritual perspective. Ogwyn weaves together prophecy and the need to endure until the end, as well as personal trials. Focus on the ultimate end. Prophecy is often a motivation to endure. Ogwyn shows how events preliminary to end-time have already occurred. Also, how to be chosen. To stream or download go to this page.


Updated Ron Dart's 2000 sermon Daniel and the Palestinians. Two purposes of prophecy - 1) not to know detailed events in advance, but to know they're coming, and to prepare spiritually for them, 2) to see God's hand as they occur. Dart goes through a detailed account of the latter chapters of Daniel. He does it in a backwards manner, in order to emphasize the end-times rather than events that have already occurred. He weaves in Matthew and Revelation prophecies with the intent that we will know the scriptures and apply them as events come to pass. To stream or download go to this page.


Added John Ogwyn's 2003 sermon The Big Picture. To be a successful leader, you must see the big picture. Ogwyn starts by looking at Romans 14, meat offered to idols, esteeming one day over another, and judging others. The Pharisees drew lines; Jesus taught the principle. Example of David and the showbread. Faith vs substance. Trust in God or trust in your own lawkeeping? How David and Ahab handled disappointment. Hebrews 11 as the ultimate example of seeing the big picture. Living without the Bible as the big picture is like trying to put together a jigsaw puzzle without the picture. To stream or download go to this page.


Added Ron Dart's 2009 feast sermon Teach Your Children. Dart gives the remarkable story of the preservation of the Bible from memory by the Lutheran women of Poland. But he then gives a pessimistic outlook for the near future and laments the decline of society and the church. Dart reads from the blessings and cursings of Deuteronomy and applies them to the United States. "We're a long way down the wrong road." Dart ends with the most important things the church and the family can do -- bringing up the children in a solid knowledge of God and His word. To stream or download go to this page.


Added John Ogwyn's 2005 sermon Faith and Overcoming. How do you obey the law of God without becoming a legalist? Ogwyn looks at the history and practices of the Pharisees and how to exceed their righteousness. What is God after? What is man's destiny? Sins derive from self-indulgence, self-pride, and self-protection. The key word is self, and Jesus said we must deny the self. What did Paul mean by "the letter kills"? The Ten Commandments were established long before Mount Sinai. The love of God is keeping the commandments as Jesus kept them, not as the Pharisees did. To stream or download go to this page.


Updated Ron Dart's 1998 sermon Defining the Law. What is the basis for civil law? Do men inherently know God's laws (or some of them)? How? Human-discerned? God-implanted? Is God's law arbitrary and can therefore be abolished? Or is it based on human nature and divine nature and therefore cannot be abolished? Knowing the law isn't enough. Does God look with more favor on the "Gentile" who keeps the law than He does on the "Jew" who doesn't? Dart makes you think concerning the letter vs the spirit. The law defines good and evil. It is designed to make your life better, not to bring you into a relationship with God. You can't gain credit with God for keeping the law. You have only done what is required of you and remain an unprofitable servant. An excellent look at Romans 2 & 3 and the law of God in the life of the Christian. To stream or download go to this page.


Added John Ogwyn's 2004 sermon Obey - Enter Into the Rest. Ogwyn goes through the whole Bible, beginning to end, showing the role that "rest" has had. Beginning with the establishment of the Sabbath, to Abraham, to Moses and the Exodus, through the time of the Judges, the Kings, the time of Jesus, and how there remains therefore, a Sabbath rest for the people of God today. The ultimate rest is our entry into the rest that is the kingdom of God. To stream or download go to this page.


Added Ron Dart's 2008 sermon True Spirituality. Dart examines Romans 8, contrasting the flesh with the spirit. He talks about the value and the purpose of the law of God. What does "walking after the spirit" mean? Dart discusses the rules of men vs the laws of God. The law of God is far more strict, which permits adherents to the pharisaical rules of men to think they are more righteous when they may be less so. How can those "in the flesh" please God? Sufferings are part of the Christian walk. We need to take them like Shadrach, et. al., with faith in God. Yes, the Christian walk is tough, but it is time we all lived up to the commitment we have made. To stream or download go to this page.


Added John Ogwyn's 2004 sermon Maintain Your Zeal for God. A post-feast sermon. Did your zeal take root? Ogwyn uses the Nehemiah stories of the Jews returning from captivity to show that, in spite of zeal, intention is not enough. Ezra and Nehemiah taught the people about the fall festivals, during which the people became convicted and fasted on the 24th day of the 7th month, but they later became proud, disobedient, and Pharisaical in their attitudes. How do you make permanent changes? How do you use the Feast as a springboard to real growth and change? Keep focused on God and His law, and realize the answer is not Pharisaical rules, but the spirit and intent of the law. To stream or download go to this page.


Updated Ron Dart's 1999 sermon The Eighth Day. It has long been assumed that the Eighth Day symbolizes only the Great White Throne Judgment. However, many Bible symbols have multiple meanings and Dart explores an additional symbol here. Specifically, if the Feast of Tabernacles represents the temporary dwelling on earth of the 7000-year history of man (including the millennium and the Great White Throne Judgment period), the Eighth Day is what comes after that. One of Dart's very best sermons, this stunning oration draws together many 8th day parallels. What Dart teaches concerning the destiny of man exceeds in glory perhaps anything ever taught in the Church of God. Very, very inspiring and uplifting. To stream or download go to this page.


Added John Ogwyn's 2003 sermon The Fear of God. A Feast of Tabernacles sermon. Why do we celebrate the Feast of Tabernacles? We anticipate a time of true peace, world-wide and being a part of that world government. Why is the fear of God so important? What specifically is the fear of God? How do we learn the fear of God? The hating of evil; the deep reverence, awe and respect for God. The worldly things we honor will be debased. Humility is a result of the fear of God. Ogwyn cites multiple Biblical figures that did not exhibit the fear of God and the common trait among them. To stream or download go to this page.


Updated Ron Dart's 2000 sermon The Church That Stayed. Why will some churches grow and others languish? What is the church? What is it for? What should the objectives of the church be? What about “floaters”? How and why the church should have a culture of correction. Systematic Bible study. How to serve. What fellowship is. Dart harshly criticizes the policy of people having to get permission to go to church. The increase of the body is an objective. This is a Feast of Tabernacles sermon designed to inspire the local congregation. To stream or download go to this page.


Added John Ogwyn's 2000 sermon Called, Chosen and Faithful. A Feast of Tabernacles sermon. Ogwyn shows us where we are in Bible prophecy and focuses our attention on what it is we need to be aware of as we see these prophecies being fulfilled. Discussed: the rapture, the apostasy, the man of sin. What sign can we specifically look for? Ogwyn continues and discusses being faithful and its vital importance. God will give us the chance to show where our affections really are. Dangers of a know-it-all attitude. How do we respond to fear? With faith? Very inspiring sermon.
As this is the last of the Ogwyn 2000 sermons, a zip file for the 20 sermons is also now available. To stream or download go to this page.


Updated Ron Dart's 1995 sermon What Does God Require? Why evangelism? Is it to validate "our" church? Is it via argumentation? No, Dart suggests evangelism by example. If the environment is right, people will come. God sets the example for us to follow in Deuteronomy 10:12. Set our example in order. Love for the stranger may be the best form of evangelism. Look out for the church member, then extend that to the stranger. To stream or download go to this page.


Added John Ogwyn's 2001 sermon Lust of the Flesh, Eyes, & Pride of Life. In a Day of Atonement sermon, Ogwyn talks about Satan's tactics and how to fight them. The consequences of sin. The role of Christ in the fate of Satan. Detailed look at the events in the Garden of Eden. Satan being released after the 1000 years. It's not enough just to accept what God says, you have to reject what Satan says. How Atonement signifies the binding of Satan. Atonement is the day that makes all that comes after possible.
As this is the last of the Ogwyn 2001 sermons, two zip file for the 30 sermons are also now available. To stream or download go to this page.


Added John Ogwyn's 2001 sermon The Beginning of Sorrows. Right after the 9-11 attacks, Ogwyn talks extensively about the event and relates it to Biblical prophecy. He notes that in a time of crisis, people turn to God, but only too briefly. Even in times of miracles, people turn to God. The United States has been greatly blessed, protected with a "hedge" around it. Is this time coming to an end? Or do we think we're invincible? Israel didn't listen to Jeremiah. "The beginning of sorrows" has never come home so much as in the last few days. To stream or download go to this page.


Updated Ron Dart's 1998 sermon Elements of Unity. There are two primary elements of division -- self-exaltation and condemnation of others. The solution is humility and respect. What distinguishes differences from divisions? Did WCG have unity? Unity under the heavy hand of leadership is not unity at all. What about today's leaders who condemn others? Why do we have to be against one another? If you are sure they are wrong, take Gamaliel's advice from Acts 5. God does healings and miracles without running it by us first. By saying those that are not of us are of Satan puts us in danger of saying what the Pharisees said about Jesus. There is a place for centralized organizations, but we are personably responsible to Jesus Christ to do His commission and that does not include opposing others. To those who have built walls, our job is to not add another brick. If we don't actively oppose, who knows what might happen? Will we be known as disciples because we love one another? To stream or download go to this page.


Added John Ogwyn's 2001 sermon Vision, Faith & Courage. A pre-Trumpets sermon. Ogwyn parallels our work today with that of the Jews returning from Babylonian exile. There can be apathy, grumbling, disappointment, yet God promised greater glory for the 2nd temple than for the first. It takes faith and vision to see the big picture, to know that God is involved and will be involved, and how we can get motivated to join in doing God’s work. To stream or download go to this page.


Added John Ogwyn's 2000 sermon Christ Revealed Christ's Ministry. Ogwyn discusses what each of the festival seasons reveal about Jesus Christ. He shows how John's gospel is much later than the other gospels. If anything had been "done away", it would have been done by now. Yet, virtually the entire book of John is based on the Biblical Feast Days and Jesus' actions and teachings on 7 of those days. The first holy day season shows Christ as redeemer and deliverer. The second holy day season (Pentecost) represents what Jesus is doing in our lives today as our intercessory High Priest. The third holy day season is about what Christ will do in the future -- return and rule. To stream or download go to this page.


Updated Ron Dart's 1996 sermon Why the Sabbath Day? What was Jesus' practice and teaching concerning the Sabbath day? Is it just for the Jews? Did God have one standard for the Jews and another for the Gentiles? What was the practice after Jesus? What was the practice in the New Testament Gentile churches? Explanation of "first day of the week". Explanation of "the Lord's Day". Who made the Sabbath? Who sanctified it? Who is the Lord of it? Who was it made for? Dart answers all these questions and more from the perspective of a Christian. To stream or download go to this page.


Updated Ron Dart's 2003 sermon Lessons from Samuel. There was no centralized government in Israel during the time of the judges. The people were very lightly governed. Their King was God. It is an excellent system for those with moral discipline who have a personal covenant with God, which is what God apparently wanted. However, the system did break down from time to time and eventually transitioned to a completely different system. Dart relates the story of this transition with outstanding Biblical narration. His conclusion is that God wants each of us to be self-governed under God, free to follow as the Holy Spirit leads. To stream or download go to this page.


Added John Ogwyn's 1998 sermon Choices Ahead. Ogwyn talks about the tumultuous times in world events. He ties 1982 to 2520 years earlier and the banded tree stump of Babylon. The prophecy of Daniel 2, the "two legs" of the Roman empire, and 1989. Unstable, weak governments lead to crises, then to chaos & instability, then to a tyrant purporting to be a savior. Revelation as the book that ties prophecies together. An attribute of the 144,000. Faith and choices. We have to move from doubt to faith. From pride to humility. Contrast the choices that Samuel and Samson made. We have to choose. To stream or download go to this page. Also, as this is the final 1998 sermon, have added the 1998 zip file.


Added two John Ogwyn sermons from the year 2000. Jerusalem in Prophecy. "The Events that are going to unfold are going to catch the world by shock and by surprise." Ogwyn gives a powerful sermon on Biblical prophecy, using Luke 21 as a guide. Insight on Ezekiel prophecies. Ninth of Av destructions. Daniel and the fall of Babylon. Ogwyn ties Daniel 8 to Luke 21. "When you see Jerusalem surrounded by armies" - this has happened many times before. What makes the end time unique in this regard? Ogwyn also addresses the 1260, 1290, and 1335 days. Ogwyn gave this sermon twice on this day. the second one: The End Time. To stream or download go to this page.


Updated Ron Dart's 1998 sermon A Tabernacle For the Sun. Typically in the church of God, the Feast of Tabernacles has been said to be symbolic of the Millennium. Dart, however, shows at least 5, and up to 8 different symbolic meanings for the Feast, one of which is the symbolism of God temporarily dwelling (tabernacling) with men, after the millennium, during the wilderness wanderings, and during the time of Christ. Dart goes into speculation about the universe, its age, its destiny, man's role in it, and how it seems everything is temporary. To stream or download go to this page.


There are now 200 John Ogwyn sermons on this website! More to come! Today, added John Ogwyn's 1980 sermon We Must Prepare to Escape the Events to Come. Ogwyn discusses the teaching that the Philadelphia era of the church will be taken to a place of safety. To stream or download go to this page.


Added John Ogwyn's 2003 sermon The Trial of Prosperity. How can prosperity be a trial? Ogwyn looks at Israel as they entered the promised land and received many warnings from God about forgetting Him. This translates to the United States today. He sees the moral decline in the United States that was well underway when this sermon was given in 2003. He then relates an interesting segment of Biblical history about tremendous prosperity during a long stretch well after the prosperity of Solomon and subsequent hard times. Ogwyn relates Biblical prophecy with the descent from prosperity that appears ahead of us. Also, guidance on what we are to do now. To stream or download go to this page.


Added Ron Dart's 1981 sermon The Hope of Mankind. What is the fate of non-Christians who die? What about all men? What if they're children? Is there an age of accountability? Dart confronts these questions head on. The horrors of hell. Does man have an immortal soul? The spirit in man sets him above the animals. What is the nature of this spirit? "Everyone who ever lived will live again." Dart explains the resurrections and how the Bible is the greatest book of hope for all mankind. An excellent, inspiring, hope-filled message. To stream or download go to this page. Also, updated the 1981 zip file.


Added John Ogwyn's 2000 sermon God's Righteousness - Are You Good Enough Yet? How good do we have to get? What righteousness is God seeking? Spiritual pride, spiritual hopelessness, and what Paul taught. How was righteousness imputed to Abraham? "If you really believe something, you will act on it." Ogwyn discusses Abram / Abraham in detail, even addressing the faith of Sarah. "Faith means looking beyond physical circumstances and seeing God." Real righteousness comes by faith and trust in God. To stream or download go to this page.


Added John Ogwyn's 1996 sermon Hebrews. Ogwyn examines the book of Hebrews. What has Jesus been doing for 2000 years? Hebrews explains. The culture and conditions at the time are the framework to understand Hebrews. God illustrates things through the use of types, such as offerings, sacrifice, payment for sin, reconciliation, being made clean, location of law, forgiveness, removal of sin, and the priesthood. Throughout the message, Ogwyn intersperses, and concludes with, strong encouragement and motivation. To stream or download go to this page. Also, as this completes Ogwyn's 1996 sermons, updated the 1996 zip file.


Added Ron Dart's 2000 sermon So Great a Salvation. Dart examines the origins of man and the destiny of man. Man alone was made in God's image; he alone can have a relationship with God; he alone has dominion over "everything". Man was created for a special purpose. God grants incredible liberty to us. Jesus doesn't exercise authority by tyranny and oppression, but rather by loving kindness and service. So should His followers live a life of harmony, peace, love, joy, mercy and compassion. Will we be a finished product at the resurrection? Or will we continue to grow? God will eventually place all things under man. But if Jesus did not achieve Sonship without suffering, why should we escape? As Jesus struggled, suffered, overcame and grew, that is our course as well. To stream or download go to this page. Also, updated the 2000 zip file.


Added John Ogwyn's 1996 sermon Righteous Justice. Ogwyn laments about the injustices in this world. He reflects on ancient Israel for a comparison to the injustices and lies that permeate our society. Comparisons of the two temples. Comparisons of the two comings of Christ. The equating of witchcraft with drugs and potions. How to prepare for the role of a judge and the principles involved, including judging oneself. "God has called us to judge righteous judgment. We must learn the way of righteousness, truth and mercy." To stream or download, go to this page.


Added John Ogwyn's 2005 sermon Setting the Stage. Could Jesus Christ return at any time? No. Ogwyn explains what has to happen first. The Middle East is a focal point in Bible prophecy. What is it that we need to be deeply conscious of in our lives as these prophecies unfold? The sermon really has two parts: Prophecy and what we need to do to be prepared for that prophecy. Subjects: the rapture, the apostasy, the Beast, the 10 kings, the False Prophet, 2nd Thessalonians in detail, the trigger point to watch for. When these things happen, they will make our head swim. God will give us the chance to show where our affection really is. To stream or download, go to this page.


Ron Dart's 1990 sermon The Winners. Revelation 2, 3, and 21 all talk about overcoming. Jacob persisted and prevailed. God not only expects us to battle, He expects us to win. Jesus overcame Satan. Parables on overcoming -- winning and losing. Very inspiring. Laziness and sloth are things God won't abide. Why was David a man after God's own heart? Is competition wrong? It is not enough to avoid losing -- to just hang on. No, we must win! No excuses -- just do it. Endure, yes, but endurance is active, not just hunkering down. Carry your cross actively. To stream or download go to this page.


Added John Ogwyn's 2004 sermon Christ's Purpose for Building the Church. The 7 kingdom parables are examined, especially in relation to what the church is. 3 primary things that the church is compared to and what they signify. The bride. The body. Ogwyn discusses the various gifts given to each, and the value of each. Everybody has something to contribute. Each part of the body is important, and supports the other parts. God appreciates all of us, do we? To stream or download, go to this page.


Added John Ogwyn's 2003 sermon Spiritual Strength. Given on Pentecost with a reminder of Ogwyn's final WCG sermon 10 years earlier. As much as the Apostles lived in anticipation of the return of Christ, we, even more so. Will we be one of the elect? Ogwyn talks about the state of the work in Louisiana. He draws interesting parallels between marriage and the 3 festival seasons. Also, lessons from Job, one of which is that he served God because he loved God, and another is how important it is to trust God. Ogwyn contrasts true spiritual experiences with false ones. Many times the Bible tells us to not be afraid -- here's how. To stream or download, go to this page.


Ron Dart's 1996 sermon Obedience of Faith. Dart contrasts obedience due to fear with obedience due to faith. When we don't receive consequences for sin, it's not that we have gotten away with it, but that God is giving us time to turn around. In the meantime, our character suffers. We build character by choosing the right, not by God chastising us. It is better to obey due to fear than to not obey at all, but it is better yet to obey because we trust God and respond to what He has taught us. Dart uses excellent analogies to teach the corruptive influence of cumulative disobedience. "Torah" means instruction. Choosing that way builds character, and that is what God is after. To stream or download go to this page. Also, this site is now beginning to transition the downloads to direct links instead of requiring a download window.


Added Mario Hernandez's 2011 sermon Why Suffering? Jesus knows what suffering is. We can rely on HIm to never forsake us. Like Joseph, no matter what we're going through, it is not the end. The goal is "to do you good in the end". Hernandez gives an outstanding analogy at the 37 minute mark. There are different stages of trials and we can take comfort in this process. The end result is exceeding joy and exaltation by God. Trials force us to seek God, bring on spiritual growth, and lead to the transformation that God wants in us. To stream or download, go to this page. Also, Hernandez now has his own public figure page on facebook.


John Ogwyn's 2004 sermon Blessed & Happy. How to be happy. Solomon? No, and why not? What doesn't work. How trusting God can increase the blessing of happiness, with illustrative parables. The beauty of a changed life via forgiveness. The value of giving and serving in leading to happiness and success. Blessed and happy is the one whom God chastens and teaches, because God wants that person in His family. What is the whole counsel of God? We can know what God thinks by seeing what He did and listening to the testimonies thereof. Includes an explanation of the Torah. "Blessed and happy is he that keeps the law." To stream or download, go to this page.


Ron Dart's 1996 sermon Malachi - A Prophet for the Church. Not a feel-good sermon. The people were tired of worshipping God and didn't give of their best. The leaders of God's people have not done the job. The people aren't joyous in their worship of God. Malachi provides a strong warning to keep our covenants. The spirit of self-justification is deadly. However, an unchanging, merciful God always welcomes the repentant. Do we serve God only for what we get out of it? Malachi lays down a pattern that applies to us today. To stream or download go to this page.