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As many of you have noticed, file-sharing service divshare.com is down and thus, the files are not available. Hopefully, this service will return, but in the meantime I am moving to another service. It will take some time to upload the files and update the links, so please be patient. Apologies to all.


Added Ron Dart's 1988 sermon The God of the Old Testament. No one has seen God, yet the God in the Old Testament was seen. How is this explained? How can one be God and be with God? Who was the Creator? When did Jesus come into existence? Who was the God of Moses? Of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob? Who was Israel's God during the Exodus and all the Old Testament? Who thundered the law from Mount Sinai? Who created the Sabbath, clean and unclean meats? Who was Melchizidek? The Old Testament God was harsh and Jesus is gentle? Who wrote the Ten Commandments on stone? Who destroyed Sodom? Ron Dart asks and answers all of these questions. To stream or download, go to this page.


Added Ron Dart's 2000 sermon Unleavened Bread - The Basics. Why do we eat Unleavened Bread for 7 days? Dart looks primarily at the Passover in Egypt. Pharaoh, the plagues, the timing of the Passover sacrifice, the Passover meal, "morning", the departure from Egypt, "Night To Be Much Observed", the New Testament Passover, Gentile participation. Must we eat unleavened bread? Or just abstain from leavened bread? Dart also makes a good point on the calendar, and does it all in his easy-to-listen-to style. To stream or download, go to this page.


Added Ron Dart's 1999 sermon The Center of Worship. A guideline for coming together to worship God -- a God-centered church. The main meaning of ecclesia (church) is assembly. If we don't assemble, there is no church. Why is an assembly necessary? Fellowship, service, edification, and worship. Where the assembly is, Jesus will be. You can't have fellowship alone. Jesus often pricked people's hearts. If a service is so comfortable, will the unbeliever ever be overcome with awe and confess that indeed God is with us? Will the people be built up? The sermon has a long tradition, and Dart gives advice, instruction, and help for the teacher of God. To stream or download, go to this page.


Added Ron Dart's 1998 sermon Acts 1:15 - 2:40. During this time in Ron Dart's career, he did a lot of traveling around the country and often gave talks and studies on Friday nights and Sunday afternoons, in addition to Sabbath sermons. This is one such talk, and is somewhat informal. In it, Dart goes over the chapter of Acts 1. He discusses, as background, the Jewish culture of the time (against which Acts 1 takes place), the selection of Matthias, and why the disciples seemed so slow to get things that seem obvious to us today. He relates this time of transition in the early church to the time of transition taking place in the church of God at this time. This is a different message from "9830 Acts 1". To stream or download, go to this page.


Added Ron Dart's 2000 sermon Learn of Me. Why did many disciples leave Jesus when He said, "He who eats My flesh..."? The extreme importance of humility. Even Jesus was incredibly humble, which is amazing given Who He was. Dart examines the large number of teachings by Jesus on humility. He discusses strivings for power in the gospel accounts. It is important to suffer enough so that you will never impose that on others, even to the point of not seeking authority. The authority, power, and riches can be ours, but only if we practice humility. To stream, download, or get the new zip file, go to this page.


Added Ron Dart's 2000 sermon While It's Today. We long to know the end from the beginning, but have only a dim view. Dart examines Ecclesiastes to really expose the important things in living this life. Too often, we get distracted with the unimportant things. It is a question of how you live your life today. "Chances are, you'll live your life tomorrow just like you live it today." If a change is ever going to be made, it's going to be made now, today. To stream, download, pr get the new zip file, go to this page.


Added Ron Dart's 2000 sermon A Stage 7 Church. Dart extracts 9 mission statements for a church from the book of Ephesians. He talks about the growth of a church, comparing it to the growth of a child; different stages, different motivations, different activities. How a church can achieve maturity. How a church should function. This message is a look at Ephesians that is quite different from most other messages one will hear on the book of Ephesians. Insightful and instructive. To stream, download, pr get the new zip file, go to this page.


Added Ron Dart's 2000 sermon A Covenant for Africa. Dart looks at the horrors of the AIDS virus in Africa, and how the entire disaster could have been avoided with adherence to the Old Testament laws of God. He notes that the blessings and cursings are not a result of God's attempt to control people, and rewarding or smiting accordingly. Rather, God knows the inherent dangers and the natural consequences of man's behavior, and provides the law and warns of the good or bad consequences for the benefit of men; out of wanting the best for man. What about the laws that are "just ceremonial"? Are they really "Old Testament" laws? Are the laws just arbitrary? Or do they have a purpose? "What Africa needs is a strong dose of the Old Covenant." To stream, or download, go to this page.


Added Ron Dart's 2000 sermon A Personal Testimony. Dart tells his own personal testimony of what brought him to leave the Worldwide Church of God in 1978. He shares his experiences that may be of value to the listener. Includes: Conflicting authorities; “the church” vs “The Worldwide Church of God”; “In the church” vs “in the faith”; coming into the faith, where our commitment really is. To stream, or download, go to this page.


Added Ron Dart's 2002 sermon Does God Suffer? Is God an immutable, impassible, indifferent, mute bystander? Is He so far above the human condition that He cannot be emotionally affected by men? Dart goes through many Biblical examples that refute this idea, in a way that is very thought-provoking. At the same time, he discusses just how much God knows about the future. To stream, or download, go to this page.


Added Ron Dart's 2000 sermon The Devil and the Useful Idiot. How does the devil influence the behavior of ordinary people? Dart talked of this nation's enemies influencing useful idiots to accomplish their purpose. People with weaknesses are vulnerable to being provoked, thus the need to strengthen one another. Do we make ourselves vulnerable to those who will tell us what we want to hear? Where are we vulnerable? You can't con a righteous man. How much of a crack does Satan need? Also, how does one explain the lying angel commissioned by God? Forgiveness, truth, and honesty are the weapons that fight this battle. If we fight others in the church, we are fighting the wrong battle. The servant of the Lord must not strive. Humility is the great defense. Dart provides much advice on resisting the devil and his agents. To stream, or download, go to this page.


Added Ron Dart's 1999 sermon One World. Dart talks about early Israel's governmental structure, showing that it was never God's intent that Israel have any king other than God. There was no centralized government. "In those days, there was no king in Israel" was the way God wanted it. Israel came to the place where they looked for a governmental solution, rather than to the human heart, obedience to God, repentance, and character. They then experienced the curses of human governments. But God's intent remains unchanged, that they would have God as their king, which is, in fact, what will finally occur for good in the kingdom of God. Prophecy reflects history. Dart then looks at this world, U.S. foreign policy, how it fits with the global economy, Babylon the Great and the Beast. To stream, or download, go to this page.


Updated the links to all John Ogwyn sermons and Bible studies. All links are refreshed and are direct downloads.


Updated the links to the rest of Ron Dart's seminars. History & Prophecy. The General Epistles. Ezekiel Series. A Philosophy of Ministry. Well-Intentioned Dragons. Testimony of John. Systematic Theology Project. Church Relations. CGI Bible Correspondence Course. Conversion & Carnality. Each series can be downloaded or streamed individually. Each section has a zipped file that can be downloaded that contains the entire series. All links are refreshed and are direct downloads.


Updated the links to Ron Dart's seminar on The Epistles of Paul. Dart taught this class at Ambassador College and this series, although recorded in the studio, is very similar to his course. Each of the 42 lessons can be dowloaded individually or streamed. Or, two zipped files can be downloaded. All links are refreshed and are direct downloads.


Added Ron Dart's 2000 sermon Understanding Evil #3. Why did God send an "evil" spirit to trouble King Saul? Why did He send a "lying" spirit to King Ahab? Dart explains the meaning of the Hebrew word for evil, discusses the stories of these men and concludes that, while God is merciful and longsuffering, there is a point of no return. To stream, or download, go to this page.


Added Ron Dart's 1999 sermon The Law Applied. Should we try to implement Biblical culture in our lives today? Or should we strive to implement Biblical principles and laws into our culture? Dart says the latter and shows why and how. "The law of God is the truth, and the truth doesn't change." Does the application of the law change according to culture? Culture is not the law of God, it is the response to the law of God. Dart discusses many of the laws of God and how they apply today. The law is a gift and helps us to understand life and God. Dart emphasizes the great importance of the laws of God, and regular Bible reading. To stream, or download, go to this page.


Added Ron Dart's 1999 sermon The Special Prosecutor. Dart criticizes the Church of God's past in regards to educating the children. He explains how God's ways were effectively perpetuated by Abraham passing his beliefs to his children, who became Israel. God's plan was for all nations to be blessed by Israel. Today, teaching children is still critical. Children praised Jesus, came to Jesus, are valued by Jesus, and are set apart by Jesus. Timothy was taught as a child. Fathers, bring up children in the training and admonition of the Lord. Parents, you cannot leave it up to the church to do this. Churches, you cannot leave it up to the parents to do this. Dart shows the huge value of a systematic study and how CEM will help, for free. He also warns of the danger in not doing so. To stream, or download, go to this page.


Ron Dart's 1988 sermon Prophecy or Apocalypse. Apocalyptic literature speaks about what and how. Prophetic literature emphasizes who and why. Dart looks at Isaiah's prophecies with an emphasis on the why. What is wrong with you, and what do you need to do to put it right? Repent. If not, destruction will come upon you. Leadership is critical. There are many parallels between Judah and the United States. Prophecy is a pattern that can be overlaid to today. The past is the key to the future. The 'when' of prophecy is dependent on the 'why'. To prophesy is to warn of the future, so that people can repent. To stream, download, or get the new zipped file, go to this page.


Added Ron Dart's 1999 sermon Understanding Evil #2. Where do angels come from? What is their purpose? How do they compare to Jesus? To man? Was Satan's rebellion motivated by jealousy? Vanity was his downfall. Causes and methods of demon possession, which does exist, yet people are capable of great evil without any help from the devil. Human beings will cause you a lot more hurt than Satan will ever get around to. What does Satan look like? What is he trying to do? Satan is a deceiver. Would you then expect most of what you read about the spirit world to be clear and concise? Dart gives a brief disproof of "original sin". Satan's given name is only in the Bible once. Dart enters into a fascinating study on how it isn't sin that sows the seeds of evil, but unrepentant sin, as illustrated by King Saul. When you have any doubts about evil, return to the Bible. To stream, or download, go to this page.


Ron Dart's 1992 sermon Why Man? Why did God "bother" with man? What is God doing? Dart covers many of the scriptures that show man's purpose, our individual role, and the end goal. Dart asks of the suffering children in Africa - Why? The enormity of the creation -- Why? "What is man, that thou art mindful of him?" Dart gives the incredible answer with extensive details. Man is the point. Man is made in God's image as Seth was made in Adam's image. Everything was made for man, even the angels. What is "born of the spirit?" Why is it necessary? Why not just bypass the physical stage? Because this is now we learn character. Even Jesus learned by the things that He suffered. After all, how can we learn to love those who persecute us unless we are persecuted? To stream, or download, go to this page.


Added John Ogwyn's 1983 Bible study New Testament Organization. To stream or download go to this page.


Ron Dart's 2000 sermon The Obligations of Covenant. Covenants create and define relationships and usually entail obligations from both parties. Abraham was to be a blessing to all nations. Was he obligated to act accordingly? Or could he just do as pleased and the blessings would come anyway? What were Israel's obligations? What are the church's obligations? Our personal obligations? To stream, download, or get the new zipped file, go to this page.


Added John Ogwyn's 1983 Bible study Old Testament Organization. To stream or download go to this page.


Added Ron Dart's 1998 sermon A Good Marriage. This is less about the doctrine of marriage than it is about the experience of marriage, from the perspective of Ron Dart. He interweaves his 45-year marriage to Allie with apt Biblical wisdom and advice. Dart closes with his own personal advice for both the married and the not-yet married. To stream, download, or get the new zipped file, go to this page.


Added Ron Dart's 1998 sermon Worn Down by the World. Is there no knowledge of God in the land? Does God the have a controversy with us? Dart notes the striking parallel between Israel in Hosea's prophecy and the United States today. We no longer have our moral anchor in the law of God, are losing our knowledge of right and wrong, and the children are the victims. Jesus, as a teacher of the law, shows how obedience can keep the world's evils from you. Yet, "The more they increased, the more they sinned." "They shall eat, but not be satisfied; they shall play the whore, but not multiply." People have become so distant from God, he won't even bother to correct them. Destruction looms. This is what prophecies are for, to warn us to change. To stream, download, or get the new zipped file, go to this page.


I have run out of John Ogwyn sermons to post. If anyone knows of a source, or has tapes I can encode, please email me. Thanks!


Added Ron Dart's 1998 sermon Another Holocaust. Dart describes the horrendous facts surrounding the Holocaust. He narrates the fascinating historical events that Hitler used in ratcheting up the persecution of the Jews. This is a riveting story. Dart then switches to a discussion on the blessings of keeping God's law and how we in the U.S. have been so blessed. But, there is a real danger in prosperity leading to apathy and complacence. Don't forget your past; be thankful when you have eaten and are full. Be thankful you weren't a Jew in Germany in the 30s. The Jews were not responsible for what came upon them, but it serves as a warning of apathy in the face of evil that hates God. "The Bible seems to tell us that we will face that precise type of circumstance again. To stream, download, or get the new zipped file, go to this page.


Added John Ogwyn's 2005 sermon A Time of Prelude. It is important to not only watch, but to know what to do when you see it. Three prophecy-related events occurred in late 2004, Arafat's death, Ukraine's election and the Asian tsunami. Ogwyn weaves these events into end-time prophecies. The significance of Jerusalem today. Daniel 2 prophecy. The long history of the European east-west split, its end-time re-unification, and future Babylon the Great. Man's resistance to God and natural disasters. How are we to react when these events occur? What do we need to do to prepare? To stream or download go to this page.


Added Ron Dart's 1999 sermon Understanding the Law. Are Christians to observe the law of God? Was it abolished at the cross? Did it end when the temple was destroyed? Was it just the ceremonial law that was abolished? Did Jesus fulfill the law, allowing it to pass? The Bible answers these questions very clearly. Where, when, and why was the law established? What about the Old Covenant? What about the laws that were “added”? Laws that aren’t currently in play? God’s law were not passed, they were revealed. If a law can be abolished, was it ever needed in the first place? The law becomes a tremendous advantage to him who keeps it, as it is based on the way things are. It brings wisdom, and gives meaning to knowledge. To stream, download, or get the new zipped file, go to this page.


Added John Ogwyn's 1983 Bible study Old Testament Canonization. To stream or download go to this page.


Ron Dart's 1997 Feast of Tabernacles sermon A Doctrine of Grace. Dart is a radical believer in the law of God and, as Jesus said, that not one jot or tittle has passed from it. How, then, does one explain Jesus' justification of David eating the showbread? Especially when David didn't even repent of his unlawful act? The answer? "Grace". An Old Testament doctrine. Dart narrates several Old Testament accounts of God's grace. Great grace was repeatedly with Jesus. Is it with us? To stream or download, go to this page.


Added John Ogwyn's 1983 Bible study New Testament Organization. To stream or download go to this page.


Ron Dart's 1999 Feast of Tabernacles sermon The Celebration of Christ. Given on the opening night of the Feast of Tabernacles. The word "praise" in Hebrew is closer to the word "celebrate" than it is to just offering words of praise. And what better time to celebrate than the Feast of Tabernacles? It is also the time of year that Jesus was born. The angels celebrated His birth. The shepherds celebrated His birth. Have we been so poisoned by the pagan Christmas that it prevents us from celebrating His birth? Have we let Satan rob us of the joy of the birth of our Savior? Dart supports the removal of creches from courthouse lawns; let's separate any hint of the birth of Christ from the wholly pagan Christmas. To stream or download, go to this page.


Added John Ogwyn's 2003 Bible study The Gospel of John. To stream or download go to this page.


Ron Dart's 2005 sermon Being There. A self-examination, pre-Atonement message. What kind of person would think they don't need to be at the Atonement service? The hot-tempered person. The judgmental person. The person who justifies himself. He is filled with an excess of himself. Would the early Job have been there? The late Job certainly would have been there. What is fasting's purpose? Why is it needed? "I'm sorry. I was wrong." goes a long way toward reconciliation, both with God and with others. Salvation is always preceded by repentance which is always preceded by a conviction of wrong. Be reconciled to God. To stream or download, go to this page.


Added John Ogwyn's 2000 sermon World At Rest. What kind of faith is needed to enter into God's rest? Fear and unbelief is not the way: Revelation 21:8, Israelites and the bad report, Jeroboam, King Saul. The fearful and the unbelieving will not enter into God's rest. On the other hand, when David was afraid, he trusted God. Hebrews 11 example of the faithful. Faith and obedience go together. But obedience can be twisted into self-righteousness. The story of Jacob's early life and how he eventually buried his wrong past. To stream or download go to this page.


Ron Dart's 2006 sermon Why I Love the Feast. Dart talks nostalgically about his early days in the church, 1958, and how they didn't have enough money for their first Feast of Tabernacles, learning a lesson about the festival tithe. How people camped at Gladewater. How there were so few churches in the country, and people were scattered far and wide. No cassette tapes, no cell phones, no internet, and people had only the radio program and literature. Thus, the Feast was precious. There were often spartan accommodations (a lesson about temporary dwellings), but that builds the memories. While one might say it is the people that bring joy to the feast, it is really the Christ-filled people that bring joy. And it is a time for God's people to come together. To stream, download, or obtain the new zipped file, go to this page.


Added John Ogwyn's 1998 sermon The Abomination Spoken of By Daniel. Often, end-time events have a historic precedence which helps us to understand the prophecy. Ogwyn goes through Daniel 8 in detail, and Daniel 9 &11 in part, explaining the prophecies, how they have been fulfilled so far, and how they are likely to be fulfilled in the future. Explained: the ram, its two horns, the he-goat, its great horn, the 4 subsequent horns, the little horn, the 2300 sacrifices suspended, Antiochus Epiphanes, the Maccabean rebellion, defilement of the temple, the desire of the king to have one religion (forced conformity), the 70 weeks prophecy. This is a Bible study (thus less formal) given during the Feast of Tabernacles. To stream or download go to this page.


Ron Dart's 2007 sermon 2007 Feast of Trumpets. Dart talks about the different rapture theories and warns of the danger of trying to be special, the cream of the crop, in the inner circle. Dart then talks of prophecy, the the two reasons for it, the trumpets of Revelation and the resurrection of the saints at the last trump. He ties in 1 Corinthians 15 and 1 Thessalonians 4. Dart discusses various rapture theories and emphasizes that all saints are resurrected at the same time, led by the dead. Why will the Philadelphian church in Revelation 3 be protected? Because they know when? Because they understand the rapture? No, it is not about what they know, but what they do. Bottom line: Be ready, you do not know when your Master will return. To stream, download, or obtain the new zipped file, go to this page.


Added John Ogwyn's 1999 sermon End Time Prophecies & Daniel. Given on the first day of the Feast of Tabernacles. God knows the end from the beginning. What is the purpose of prophecy? The book of Revelation puts together the prophecies of Daniel and Jesus in a framework, including areas like the abomination of desolation, specific nations involved, timing, kings of the north/south, 2300 sacrifices, and the 70-week prophecy. Daniel’s prophetic fulfillments in the past and how they are likely to play out in the future. The end-time “Antiochus Epiphanies” will be vile, treacherous (he actually tried to destroy the Jewish Scriptures), and will enter the Middle East peaceably. The Beast will be a military, political, economic, and religious power with ten kings and will be in Europe. The setting up of the Abomination of Desolation will be the trigger for the final events, but before that, there will be economic troubles, a religious resurgence, and enforced conformity. To stream or download go to this page.


Added Ron Dart's 2000 sermon A Threat to the Faith. What is the greatest threat to the Christian today? Persecution? No. Christianity often thrives under persecution. "The greatest threat to the Christian faith is the incredible wealth we find in this country." Wealth is clearly not wrong. How then, is it a threat? Apathy. Wrong priorities. The solution may be persecution, "gold tried in the fire". When struck with this, what should we do? Proverbs 30:7-9. To stream, download, or obtain the new zipped file, go to this page.


Added John Ogwyn's 1981 sermon The Prayer of Faith. Ogwyn talks about prayer, and discusses such prayer subjects as anxiety, wisdom, finances, health, peace of mind, trials, and more. He also touches on cleansing ourselves, perfecting holiness, and drawing close to God. God has great promises and obligations that we can lay claim to, but we have our part to do. How can one be sure of receiving God's promises? To stream or download go to this page.


Added Ron Dart's 2009 sermon Romans 9-11. Dart examines Paul's statements in Romans chapters 9 thru 11, how Paul was tormented in trying to reconcile how Israel could have rejected Christ. Paul talks his way through a difficult and paradoxical situation. Was it God that caused Israel to be blinded? The Jews were so sure they were right, they rejected Christ. There is danger in arrogance. The root of the tree is not Israel, but Christ. As a Last Great Day sermon, Dart wraps it up by answering the question about those who die not believing in Christ. "All Israel will be saved." That requires a resurrection and an opportunity yet future - Revelation 20. To stream, download, or obtain the new zipped file, go to this page.


Added John Ogwyn's 1981 sermon Is Utopia Really Possible? Given at the 1981 Feast of Tabernacles. Ogwyn looks at why man’s plans for Utopia have failed and why God’s will succeed. What will be the foundation? Using the 4 components of a kingdom (laws, leaders, land, people), Ogwyn first examines man’s failure in those areas. Then, after looking at prophecies describing the arrival of the Kingdom of God, Ogwyn looks at how and why that kingdom will be a utopia. He looks at the contrast between man’s ways and God’s as well as how the 4 components will interact. What will our role be in that kingdom? What is our job now? Our opportunity? Ogwyn paints an exciting and motivating picture. To stream or download go to this page.


Added Ron Dart's 1997 sermon A Doctrine of Repentance. "Sorrow from the heart, conviction of sin from the heart that leads to repentance from the heart, is where the Christian life begins. It is the first stone laid in the foundation of the doctrine of Christ." Dart defines repentance, how it is a change of heart and mind and actions. It is a turnaround in the way you live your life. It means that you really, from the heart, change. What is Godly sorrow that leads to salvation? Dart explores Job's repentance, the detail and depth of King David's repentance, and concludes with Peter's sermon in Acts 2, which led thousands to repentance. To stream, download, or obtain the new zipped file, go to this page.


Added John Ogwyn's sermon 7 Trumpet Plagues - Day of the Lord. Ogwyn opens with a discussion on the destiny of man. He the proceeds to go through the Book of Revelation in a dramatic fashion, outlining the 7 trumpet plagues and the resurrection of the saints. Given on the Last Great Day. To stream or download go to this page.


Added Ron Dart's 1987 sermon Leaving the Faith. Why do people leave the faith? Do they find out something wrong with Jesus or the Bible? No, people kind of just fall into unbelief. They rarely work hard to establish their unbelief. In fact Laodicea is the trait of not doing anything, and assuming room temperature. Many turn to eastern religions; others to the pursuit of money. The Lord alone is to be exalted. When all the end-time pressues start piling up, will anything else even matter? Dart then through each of the 7 churches of Revelation, discussing ways people leave the church and our vulnerabilities. Do you have a false sense of security, believing you are in one of the 7 churches so the other warnings don't apply to you? There are good and bad individuals in all the churches. The question of being pleasing to God is at the individual level. To stream, download, or obtain the new zipped file, go to this page.


Added John Ogwyn's 1980 sermon Atonement. Atonement is about reconciliation. Why is reconciliation necessary? Ogwyn starts with the rebellion of Adam & Eve, inspired by Satan, who has been a deceiver from the beginning. Why can't man solve his own problems? Ogwyn contrasts the spirit of God and the spirit of the world and how they interact with the spirit in man. Why is the carnal mind hostile to God? Further discussion on repentance, confession, forgiveness, and atonement. To stream or download go to this page.


Added Ron Dart's 1985 sermon Evidence of God's Love. How would one know that God loves him? One of the ways is if God chastises him. If you realize God's chastisement is upon you, that should be tremendously encouraging! If God sees you going down the wrong path, aren't you grateful for God to chastise you and put you on the right path? A refreshing and upbeat message on trials. Financial trials -- is God trying to chastise you? It does no harm to assume so whenever bad things come your way. Sometimes you may never know until you look back. We often only change when things are bad. When that happens, will we examine ourselves? To stream, download, or obtain the new zipped file, go to this page.


Added LCG's Gerald Weston's sermon Faith in God's Judgments. The first half of the sermon is a good message on faith in God, but then the message transitions to one on faith in God leading the ministry, and faith in the ministry following God, which is a more controversial concept. It amounts to a dissertation on church authority and government. Weston shows how the judgments of the ministry are the judgments of God, backed up by God, and it is therefore incumbent upon the membership to obey those judgments “for the sake of unity.” He adds that if you don’t "have a child-like faith that Christ is the head of the church, and He will guide His church", then you do not have the faith necessary for salvation. This is tough stuff, but proponents say it is consistent with Biblical church government. Others might suggest that Weston is actually teaching ministerial infallibility and disguising it as faith in Jesus Christ. Take a listen for yourself.


Added John Ogwyn's 1998 sermon Rendezvous With Judgment. Given on the Feast of Trumpets. The Book of Daniel relates the story of Nebuchadnezzar's dream about the great tree that was cut down and banded, but not uprooted. Ogwyn says that it sprouted again in 1982. After this in Daniel, is Belshazzar encountering the handwriting on the wall, which foretells the fall of Babylon that very night, which was Trumpets. Judgment had come upon Babylon In the end times, judgment will come upon modern Babylon, which will again fall in one hour. The Ogwyn speaks of judgment in the New Testament. The Feast of Trumpets will be a time of judgment on the world, and a time of rewarding the saints. To stream or download go to this page.


Added Ron Dart's 2001 Feast of Tabernacles sermon Work, For the Night is Coming. A great characteristic of God's people over time is that they have a will to work. Dart relates the story of Nehemiah and his leadership of the returning Jewish exiles. Leadership that worked, that motivated the people to work in spite of tremendous obstacles and opposition. All manner of evil is sometimes used to stop progress. People try to take any kind of action to stop the work. Dart intersperses his own story of starting CEM and continuing to serve God's people. Be single-minded, avoid distractions, ignore opposition, move forward. To stream or download go to this page.


Added Jon Garnant's July 26 sermon The 2nd Moses. An outstanding sermon that compares, in depth, the amazing parallels between Moses and Jesus, many of which are not immediately obvious. Garnant shows similarities in verse structure, in chapters, and in phraseology, and leaves the listener in awe of the Bible itself. Examples are in the birth narrative; Moses as God; John 1 vs Genesis 1, and many more. It is a message that the listener will want to hear more than once. Available on this page.


Added John Ogwyn's 1979 sermon The Meaning of the Feast of Trumpets. Ogwyn talks about the "falling away" and that which restrains. The message centers on prophecy, especially the book of Revelation, touching on Matthew, Joel, and Lamentations. The church is the temple being measured. The origin of the term "Pontificus Maximus". Ogwyn paints a frightening future for the United States, a time that will exceed by far any catastrophe or genocide holocaust that has every occurred. Ends, however, with great hope. To stream or download go to this page.


Added Ron Dart's 1998 sermon Acts 1. Dart goes over the chapter of Acts 1. He discusses, as background, the Jewish culture of the time (against which Acts 1 takes place), the selection of Matthias, and why the disciples seemed so slow to get things that seem obvious to us today. He relates this time of tradition in the early church to the time of transition taking place in the church of God at this time. The zipped file has also been updated. To stream or download go to this page.


Added John Ogwyn's 1981 sermon The Fifth Commandment. The very foundation of any right society is the family unit. The human family pictures the divine family relationship. Ogwyn touches on these areas: respect for elders, prophecies of a decline of values, authority in the family, breakdown of family. wisdom on parents and children in Proverbs. How do you honor your parents? What are the parents' obligations? Just how serious is it for a child to be rebellious? How does one teach his children to obey the 5th commandment? The importance of example. Sex education. Don't humiliate your children, don't provoke. What about adult children? The example of Jesus. To stream or download go to this page.


Ron Dart's 2000 sermon Testimony of Covenant. There is a surprising preponderance of the word testimony in the Bible. Dart explores its use, asking, "What is the book of the covenant?" and "What laws are in it?". And he makes strong statements about "testimony": "Ark of the testimony is more commonly used than ark of the covenant." "The Ten Commandments are the testimony of God and God's testimony is always true and can never be false." "The testimony of God is the truth about the way things are; the foundation of every ethical principle." To stream or download go to this page.


Added John Ogwyn's 1980 sermon The Throne of David. Luke 1 states that Jesus is to inherit the throne of David, an event still ahead of us. How can one inherit something that doesn't exist? The scepter (royal authority) will not depart from Judah until Jesus comes, therefore there will be a direct succession. Multiple prophecies attest to this. Ogwyn addresses situations where this appears to have failed, and gives fascinating histories of Judah's descendants. What is the "Rock of the Covenant"? Is there a literal throne? - - - Also, updated the 1980 zipped file. To stream or download go to this page.


Added Ron Dart's 1990 sermon Staying Power. The general theme is endurance, and Dart enhances it with excellent Biblical stories that inspire us to endure to the end no matter what and to be grateful in all things. Is endurance necessarily passive? Dramatic examples from Jesus. You've not only got to endure the rough times, but the times where nothing happens. A time will come when only the things that cannot be shaken will remain standing... only the ones who endure. - - - Also, updated the 1990 zipped file with this new sermon. To stream or download go to this page.


Added John Ogwyn's 1980 sermon The 7 Eras of the Old Testament Church.Ogwyn starts off chronicling the events from the wave sheaf offering to Pentecost, including what the 2 loaves are for at Pentecost and the concept of first fruits. He then launches into the main message, noting two similar candle sets, one in Exodus 25, signifying God's light to the world, the church in the Old Testament and the other in Revelation 1, signifying God's light to the world, the church in the New Testament. These set of candles both contain 7 candles, and Ogwyn teaches that they represent 7 successive eras for churches in both testaments. Though somewhat speculative, it is interesting and valuable for its historical insight and spirituals lessons. - - - Also, updated the 1980 zipped file. To stream or download go to this page.


Updated Ron Dart's 1988 sermon Islam in History and Prophecy. Dart starts off discussing the bombing of the PanAm 103 flight and how the media was reluctant to attribute it to Islamic terrorism. It exposed an ignorance of Islam & its people, thus this sermon. Dart tracks Islam's history back to Genesis. When was this prophecy of one great nation fulfilled? Dart discusses Mohammed's history and the development of Islam and its "5 pillars", plus their very effective evangelistic technique. They conquered great swaths of territory, but were consequently conquered by the Mongols. Dart shows how they will fit into end time prophecy. To stream or download go to this page.


Added John Ogwyn's 1980 sermon Parents & Children. Though given in 1980, it is still relevant today. Ogwyn talks about why the values in children are not what they should be. How the decline of American society starts with the decline of the family. Why women should wear long hair. Ogwyn talks a great deal about child rearing, looking to Proverbs, proper discipline (spanking consistency, purpose), and parental example. One of the reasons God chose Abram was because God knew he would teach his children. - - - Also, updated the 1980 zipped file. To stream or download go to this page.


Updated Ron Dart's 1992 sermon About Pentecost. Dart gives an excellent narration of Acts 2 in detail, including how Pentecost has not yet been fulfilled, but Peter anticipated it would be soon. Acts is the breakout of the gospel to all men, everywhere. Also, references to the Psalms and to Joel are explored. Dart powerfully repeats Peter's message from Acts 2, including the admonitions and strong encouragements. What repentance is and why it is necessary. Dart also addresses the spirit in man. It is what sets man apart from animals, and allows him to have a relationship with God, and it starts with receipt of the Spirit at baptism. To stream or download go to this page.


Updated Ron Dart's 1991 sermon Before Pentecost. Dart talks about Pentecost's origins, the Old Testament names and meanings, the wave-sheaf offering and when the count to Pentecost starts. Why is the Pentecost offering leavened? Why two loaves? Why was Israel instructed: "you shall not wholly reap the corners of your field" during this time of the year and what does it mean for us? The parallels between the time leading to Pentecost and the time leading to the Jubilee. All of this is just a prelim to the real Pentecost harvest that is plenteous. The first gift God gave on Pentecost was to enable the gospel to be preached, leading to repentance and baptism. That work was a priority then, and remains so today. To stream or download go to this page.


Updated Ron Dart's 2006 sermon Preparing 4 Pentecost. Do we expect to baptize a lot of people in the next year? Why or why not? Do we as a church make a difference in whether some people will be saved or not? What about us as individuals? How would we begin to do this? Dart enters into a discussion on personal evangelism in the New Testament and for us today. Included is the role of the church. We are laborers with God, and the fruit goes well beyond what we can see. The Bible? "Learn it. Use it." To stream or download go to this page.


Updated Ron Dart's 2005 sermon The Dignity of Man. We know little about the man left for dead in the Good Samaritan parable. We don't know his age, his race, his religion, or his nationality. Yet, he was deserving of help because is was a man. Why? What is man? Why has God placed him here? To do what? The case for the morality of capital punishment. The responsibility and consequences of free choice. Why God has a continual war against Amalek. Dart makes the case for men of war treating each other with dignity and suggests why God was so certain in His condemnation of Saul. To stream or download go to this page.


Added John Ogwyn's 2005 sermon Pentecost 2005. Ogwyn opens up with timing relating to the wave-sheaf offering, when to start the count to Pentecost, the establishment of the Sabbath, and the beginning of the manna. The Holy Spirit in the Old Testament was not readily available, but was poured out at times. The bulk of the sermon is centered around Acts 2, with Ogwyn adding excellent insight and giving good understanding, including fascinating fulfillments of some of Joel's prophecy. Also, the agricultural former rain and the latter rain are paralleled with the water of the holy spirit as the former rain in Acts 2 and the latter rain at the end time. Ogwyn closes by encouraging unity, love, a zeal, as was evident among the early believers. (message was pre-recorded for playback on Pentecost.) - - - Also, updated the 2005 zipped file. . To stream or download go to this page.


Updated Ron Dart's 1988 sermon Less Than Your Love. People tend to think in terms of paying back debts and reconciling obligations. Can we possibly pay back God for all He has done? How then, can we be reconciled to God? Dart answers these questions while exploring many ways people erroneously think that debt can be paid. Can it be paid by obedience to the law? What about the law of faith? Is faith the way to pay it back? Dart gives a profound answer. To stream or download go to this page.


Added John Ogwyn's 1980 sermon Judgment. When will you be judged? God the Father has committed judgment to the Son, Jesus Christ. Righteous judgment is judgment according to God's law, the law of liberty. Brethren have a role to play in their own judgment. We can be protected if we examine ourselves and self-correct. How can we be justified? We have a tendency to justify ourselves. How to obtain mercy? Our relationship with Jesus Christ is absolutely critical in judgment, justification, and mercy. - - - Also, updated the 1980 zipped file. . To stream or download go to this page.


Added Jon Garnant's sermon Abraham & the Resurrection. Garnant, in his excellent story-telling style, relates the story of Abraham’s near-sacrifice of Isaac, its relation to the resurrection of Jesus Christ, and to us. Garnant fires the imagination with his vivid description of the reality of the resurrection. A very inspiring message. . To stream or download go to this page.


Added John Ogwyn's 1979 sermon History of the True Church. Ogwyn uses the 7 churches of Revelation as a prophecy of successive eras of the New Testament church and sequentially goes through the 2000 year history of the church. While given from the perspective of the WCG at the time, it is none-the-less a very interesting history of the church. Includes the doctrine of Balaam defined, the symbolism of Jezebel, what the Nicolaitans represent. Also looks at the Sabbath-keeping churches in America. Rhode Island and Steven Mumford in 1664. . To stream or download go to this page.


Added Ron Dart's 1991 sermon Are We Living in the Last Days? Dart addresses 4 assumptions about the last days that he feels need correction, or at least adjustment: 1) the end will come at a time that has already been determined. 2) Events of the end of the world are visited on man by a wrathful God. 3) The world will come to an end. 4) The end is coming very soon and there is no time to have a life. Bottom line: "Be ready, but live your life." - - - Also, updated the 1991 zipped file with this new sermon. To stream or download go to this page.


Added John Ogwyn's 1980 sermon Parallels Between Ancient and Modern Israel. Ogwyn discusses numerous parallels between Israel before the captivity and the United States today. The prophets Hosea and Micah are especially applicable. The message, although dated (1980), is still relevant today, perhaps even more so. "As they increased, they sinned against Me." Corruptions, sexual sins, loss of blessings, abuse of the poor, high taxes, high debt are all some of the common problems. A nation that has turned its back on God, that needs to hear the warnings from God, that has difficult lessons are ahead -- ancient Israel and the United States. - - - Also, updated the 1980 zipped file. To stream or download go to this page.


John Ogwyn's 1980 sermon We Must Prepare to Escape the Events to Come. Is this generation unique? If so, terrible times are ahead. Is there a way to escape? "God promises a place of protection for His people." Ogwyn discusses these promises of God and centers on the "Place of Safety" as spoken of in Revelation 12, showing why Petra could be that place. If you are looking for a good "Place of Safety" sermon, this is it, except that Ogwyn fails to explain how the "Philadelphia era of the church" equates to the "woman who gave birth to the Male child" in Revelation 12:13. Regardless, Ogwyn gives overwhelming evidence of God's promises of protection to His faithful people at the time of the end, and makes an interesting observation that Noah entered the ark while the sun was still shining. To stream or download go to this page.


Added Ron Dart's 1999 sermon The Covenant Inside. This is an outstanding and powerful message about the law of God in the life of the Christian. Everything we ever see, hear, or think about is inside our mind and isn't going away. How do we handle that? The law of God must be written on our minds and our hearts in order to rightly process this and every future thing that will enter our mind. The law of God is the framework for life. It must be internalized. Concerning our children: "They must be taught the law of God not as an external authority over their lives, but as an internal authority in their lives." This is the point of the New Covenant. The difference in the covenants is not only where the law is written (on our hearts instead of on tablets of stone), but where the control resides. In Israel, the God-sanctioned organization of men (Israel) had the authority to enforce the law. In the New Covenant, there is no such authority. Instead, it is up to the individual to rule himself under God. - - - Also, updated Part 2 of the 1999 zipped file with this new sermon. To stream or download go to this page.


Added John Ogwyn's 1979 sermon God Will Keep His Promises to Israel. The United States and Britain had an incredible percentage of the world's wealth at the end of WWII. It is not so today. Ogwyn tracks the history and prophesied future of Israel. What is prophesied for Israel in "the last days"? He goes through the remarkable rise of the English-speaking nations, how it all seems to have been guided by an unseen hand. Very interesting stories on how these nations came about. Ogwyn finishes up with some sober warnings for modern-day Israel. Yes, God does keep His promises, good and bad. - - - Also, updated the 1979 zipped file. To stream or download go to this page.


Added Ron Dart's 1984 sermon Ezekiel and the Watchman's Message. Ezekiel's prophecy is to a nation, Israel, that had ceased to exist some 120 years earlier. Who, then, is the prophecy for? Dart gives a brief history of Israel, its separation from Judah, and Ezekiel's prophecy that Israel and Judah will come together once again, which is the major key to understanding the book of Ezekiel. Much of Ezekiel's prophecy fits today, which is not a surprise since end-time prophecies are the object of the book. Dart ties together Ezekiel's prophecies with those of Jesus. Dart also relates very sobering and powerful warnings that apply to us today, and how it is our responsibility to proclaim those warnings. - - - Also, updated the 1984 zipped file with this new sermon. To stream or download go to this page.


Added John Ogwyn's 1980 sermon The Meaning of Last Day of Unleavened Bread. Given on the Last Day of Unleavened Bread. Why are there two holy days in these days? Owgyn talks about how becoming perfect as God is perfect is "mission impossible". He goes over the history of the Exodus. What about when there is no way out? Many humanly impossible tasks can be tied to the Last Day of Unleavened Bread, including perhaps the greatest miracle ever done. But it is critical to obey, to believe God, and to not be afraid. The role confidence plays. A good lesson from Ai. What is God doing sending us up against the Red Sea? What is God doing having us march around Jericho for 7 days? "If we do what God says, God guarantees the results." - - - Also, updated the 1980 zipped file. To stream or download go to this page.


Updated Ron Dart's 1998 sermon The Lost Art of Meditation. Meditation is directed thinking. It is important, yet neglected. Dart talks about what it is , why it is needed, how to do it. Schedule time for thinking so you will have time to process and apply God's law. To stream or download go to this page.


Added John Ogwyn's 1980 sermon The Passover. In the context of the Worldwide Church of God undergoing an audit, Passover is the time the man of God is to undergo an internal spiritual audit. This means examining oneself using the Bible as the standard. Ask God to help us see us as He does. After accepting the sacrifice of Jesus Christ, our old man is dead. Leave him dead. What does it mean to be just, righteous? How ought we to walk? Are we truly appreciative of what God and Jesus Christ have done for us? A good Passover preparation sermon. - - - Also, updated the 1980 zipped file. To stream or download go to this page.


Updated Ron Dart's 1998 sermon Toward a Doctrine of the Church. Dart opens with his personal history in WCG, the beginning of CGI, and the beginning of UCG, especially in relation to church government. This frames a discussion on ecclesiology, or a doctrine of what the church is. He goes thru the primacy of Peter, the place of safety, exclusivism, and what the New Testament church is and isn't. Also, the transition of pharisaical authority to apostolic authority. To stream or download go to this page.


Added John Ogwyn's 2003 sermon Washing By the Word of God. A pre-Passover self-examination sermon. What is the standard for this examination? What is the role of the Word of God in our lives? We are sanctified by the spirit for obedience. How to respond to impulses and feelings. Having the Word educate us is critical, but not enough. An example from Josiah. Jesus defined what the canon of scripture is; the Catholic church did not. Interesting segment on the organization of the Bible. Why the entire Word of God is holy and useful for setting us apart for God. - - - Also, added the 2003 zipped file. To stream or download go to this page.


Updated Ron Dart's 1999 sermon Filled With the Spirit. Does your spiritual life need rejuvenation? The apostle Paul talks about being filled with the spirit. That seems to be a condition that results from choices we make. Dart inspires and instructs on how this can be done. It involves a conscious, disciplined, daily effort. "The way to be filled with the spirit is to spend a lot of time with God." It may be difficult, but you will be very glad you did it. The intellectual side of Bible study is important, but don't neglect the emotional aspects that are brought out by music, stories, and relationships. Don't let anything crowd God out. "How shall we escape if we neglect so great a salvation?" Nothing else is more important. No one can do this for us. Our relationship with God is personal. The church, and others, can help, but it is ultimately our choice. To stream or download go to this page.