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Added Jon Garnant sermon pages.
Also added his sermon Call No Man Common. Prejudice and hate is all too common in humanity. With that backdrop, Garnant launches into a detailed examination of Acts 10. Cornelius, Joppa, Jonah, Nineveh, Simon the Tanner, common vs unclean, and unlawful are some of the subjects Garnant covers. How we can overcome prejudices. To stream or download, go to this page.


Ron Dart's 2003 sermon Liberty and Justice. Dart looks at the concept of theodicy, why God lets bad things happen to the good. God is a god of liberty and justice. If men are free, they are free to do evil. But if there is no justice, what difference does it make if one does good or evil? Dart looks at justice, the great evil spoken of by Jeremiah, and how they relate to today's society. To stream or download, go to this page.


Added Ron Dart's 2001 sermon Trial By Ordeal. Dart explains what was "nailed to the cross", what was "blotted out", and what "let no one judge you" really means as he looks into Colossians, Numbers 5, the trial of jealousy, Jewish traditions, the oral law, and the written law. To stream or download, go to this page.


Added Ron Dart's 2000 sermon No More Prophets? The prophets are sent with a warning. Nineveh listened, Judah did not. There will be the two witnesses at the time of the end. Might there be a prophet before then? Dart explores the scriptures, specifically the parables of the sower and the seed plus Lazarus and the rich man, notes the purpose of these parables, and draws a conclusion. Dart speaks for 31 minutes, then conducts a Q&A session for 37 minutes. These sessions are not unusual in his non-sermon presentations, but it is unusual for CEM to distribute them. In it, he addresses questions about "the end of the law" and "sacred names", among others. To stream or download, go to this page.


Added Ron Dart's 2000 sermon That They May Be One. We are not all equal; we are all quite different. Yet we are to be one, so we might accomplish more together than each of us could do separately. Gifts are given by God to that end. We're one because we fit together. Like a jigsaw puzzle, with a lot of work, slowly and carefully, the pieces connect to each other, and become one. A storm may blow away unattached pieces, but those attached remain. Dart speaks on the 1 Corinthian 12 and Ephesians 4 structure of the church. Dart believes this principle applies to the local church, the most basic building block used by God; where people are nurtured and come together. Thus, attendance is important. Dart discusses Biblical leadership that can lead, not to conformity, but to unity that comes from growth together. To stream or download, go to this page.


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Added Ron Dart's 2001 sermon Letters From God. Dart looks at the letters to the 7 churches in Revelation, and asks what we must do as a church and as individuals. With the repeated admonition to overcome, we will become stronger by struggling against obstacles, problems, tests, and sufferings. Dart looks at each church specifically, and suggests that Laodicea's weakness is because they don't have a problem to struggle against, and are therefore prescribed a trial. All of these admonitions are designed to change and strengthen us into becoming what God wants us to be. Sometimes we are to wait on God, but sometimes we are to act; He may be waiting for us. To stream or download, go to this page.


Added Ron Dart's 2000 sermon Should We Care? Dart looks at our society, especially in light of the disputed 2000 presidential election, and asks whether we should care about societal issues. After all, this isn't God's world, right? Dart talks of his experiment to read the strong Biblical condemnations on his radio show and see what results. The only power to trust is God. There is chaos and confusion throughout our government. Corrupt leaders, materialistic societies. Yet, all shall be made low. Dart goes through Psalms, makes observations, and looks at results, prophecies, instruction. He cites condition after condition that is common to man and society and answers "should we care?" To stream or download, go to this page.


Added Ron Dart's 2000 sermon The Land Speaks. How does blood defile the land? Why does the land mourn? When the Bible speak of this, what does it mean? Dart explores the sinful causes of the land being cursed and relates it to the immorality in today's society. What is the role of the church leaders in this? Of the civil leaders? How can the Christian survive in such an environment? God may be silent, but the prophets are not. And, the land speaks. To stream or download, go to this page.


Added Ron Dart's 2000 sermon Pentecost 2000. Dart discusses the traditional Church of God view of the meaning of the holy days. They have been valuable in helping many to understand the plan of God, but there is more to them. We need not be restricted to these traditions. For instance, why does Peter, in Acts 2 on Pentecost, discuss the end-time prophecy of Joel? What does that have to do with Pentecost? Dart explores Joel in the end-time context of the Feast of Firstfruits. To stream or download, go to this page.


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Ron Dart's 2002 sermon Out of the Rut. Does there come a time when it is too late? If you have changes you need to make, when will you make them? Do you order your life right? Will you know it when you're on the wrong track? Our relationship with God and Jesus must not be casual. Ezekiel and Jeremiah were commissioned to tell stubborn people of their sins; this relates to our calling to change our behavior today. Dart shows how we can find out if it applies to us. How can we confidently ask God, when we have been disobeying for years? Dart closes with solid advice on how to get out of the rut. To stream or download, go to this page.


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Added Ron Dart's 1988 sermon The God of the Old Testament. No one has seen God, yet the God in the Old Testament was seen. How is this explained? How can one be God and be with God? Who was the Creator? When did Jesus come into existence? Who was the God of Moses? Of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob? Who was Israel's God during the Exodus and all the Old Testament? Who thundered the law from Mount Sinai? Who created the Sabbath, clean and unclean meats? Who was Melchizidek? The Old Testament God was harsh and Jesus is gentle? Who wrote the Ten Commandments on stone? Who destroyed Sodom? Ron Dart asks and answers all of these questions. To stream or download, go to this page.

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