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The Glorious Times Are Coming   September 23, 2021
A Feast of Taberacles sermon.
A New Commandment   August 22, 2020
This message was given in the aftermath of the COGA departure from LCG in August of 2020. Hernandez shows why he thinks the leadership of LCG is correct to enforce mask-wearing and to ban singing in services. He cites scriptures (ox that gores, roof with a parapet) as examples of the second great law, love for neighbor, and says that wearing masks “is exactly the same thing”. Also, Hernandez sites the fear of asymptomatic transmission of covid as a danger to brethren. “Some people have already been infected.” As to the authority, “God is commanding us through His leaders” and “clearly God is doing a work through this church and the decisions that have been made are based on the law of God, not on a false faith”. Hernandez says going without a mask is not faith, rather, it is tempting God, because going without a mask defies God’s Biblical instructions of love for others and defies the instruction of God’s designated leaders (the LCG ministry). Anyone who does not see this is confused. It is like Satan goading Jesus to jump off the pinnacle. If you go mask-less, you are giving in to Satan’s temptation to behave recklessly and foolishly and then expecting God to protect you. The principle that Hernandez points out repeatedly is love for neighbor, and that the church leaders know best how you should love one another. He gives repeated, excellent examples of love for neighbor, and implies that it overrides everything else, regardless of how minimal the risk to that neighbor might be. Hernandez does not address the idea of media fear-mongering and whether it was a factor in the LCG leadership decisions.
A Panoramic View of Prophecy   June 20, 2020
“God has revealed special knowledge to His church, especially the Living Church of God, the bulwark of the truth”. Things are worse in the U.S. now, citing the debt, the economy, lack of unity, and how a nation will come against the U.S. Speaking of the iron mixed with clay, “We know that the iron is Germany.” In Rev 12:13 “the woman who gave birth to the man child” is the “church of the living God”. Interesting speculation on 666, 1290 days, 1335 days, how they relate to Satan’s persecution using a physical man. There will be a tremendous economic recovery centered in Europe, “amazing and spectacular”. The system in Europe is set up; all we are waiting for us for the appearance of the false prophet. Concludes with some very encouraging words for young adults.
Prophecy Alert   August 11, 2018
God gives us warnings and we should look for them. President Trump seems to be accelerating prophetic events. Updates on Germany, France, terrorism. Hernandez outlines many possible scenarios that can bring Europe together.
The Fruit of the Land - A Symbol of Spiritual Growth   December 22, 2017
Conditions to Enter the Place of Safety   August 16, 2014
Themes in the Book of Psalms   June 6, 2014
Keep Your Lamp Burning   May 3, 2013
Christ paid the dowry for His bride, the ten virgins, with His blood. How adulterers are made chaste virgins. How to stir up the “fire” of the gift of the spirit. We are the temple today, therefore the law resides within us, and the temple “lamp” must remain burning. We must put the “oil” in “the lamp” daily. The lamp is the eye which enables discernment, enabling us to avoid the distractions of the world. Hernandez warns strongly against many popular movies. It takes strength and courage to turn from this world’s temptations. How to meditate on God’s law day and night -- what do we put in our heads before going to bed?
Take Up Your Cross   Jan 26, 2013
The Spirit World   Jan 12, 2013
Why Suffering?   June 25, 2011
Jesus knows what suffering is. We can rely on HIm to never forsake us. Like Joseph, no matter what we're going through, it is not the end. The goal is "to do you good in the end". Hernandez gives an outstanding analogy at the 37 minute mark. There are different stages of trials and we can take comfort in this process. The end result is exceeding joy and exaltation by God. Trials force us to seek God, bring on spiritual growth, and lead to the transformation that God wants in us.
A Love Story in Seven Chapters   June 4, 2011
Hernandez looks at all 7 holy days, relating the marriage of Christ to the church with human marriage as described in the Bible. This ranges from the bride-price paid by Christ, to the bride keeping herself pure, to the marriage contract and more. The Sabbaths (plural) are a sign of Christ’s bride today. Hernandez does his usual expert job of showing how the Old Testament practices apply to the reality of Christ. This sermon also addresses partaking of Christ, entering into covenant with Him, the importance of faithfulness, and much more.
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The Early Rain and the Planting Season   Nov 6, 2010
Hernandez begins with a review of the 3 harvest seasons, the symbolism of the grain harvest and our part in them. While praising the joyful spiritual aspects of the festivals, he emphasizes the importance of preparing for the next harvest as soon as the harvest festival is over. An interesting parallel is drawn between plowing and praying, which are necessary for properly planting the seed of God’s word. Repeated admonitions from David’s psalms, with the point that the lack of discipline, drive, and diligence hurts not only you, but others. Concludes with a very compelling point, urging us to keep from being immersed in the world and how tolerance for its ways will separate us from God.
Living Faith   May 1, 2010
Lessons on faith based largely on the book of Daniel. The need to diligently seek God. Little faith is not enough. How Daniel never compromised, even in the midst of Babylon. Faith is doing the right thing and leaving the rest up to God. Make the decision to obey before confronted with temptation not to. The spiritual formula for faith: 1) prayer, 2) fasting, 3) Bible study, 4) meditation, 5) action, without which the other 4 are useless. Faith takes time, and daily practice. A very inspiring sermon that goes into far more detail than summarized here. Available for audio/video download and streaming at LCG's site.
No title   June 2, 2007
San Diego Mid-2006   Mid 2006
No title   Jul 2, 2005
Prayer & Brotherly Love   Dec 11, 2004
Prophecy   July 24, 2004
No title   Feb 21, 2004
Priestly Garments   Aug 2, 2002
A fascinating look at the Levitical, priestly garments and their significance to the Christian today, especially the ephod and breast plate. Not one jot or tittle has passed from the law, so how does it apply today? The Living Church of God’s position on church government discussed.
Peace - Not Stress   July 8, 2000
Pride & Humility   July 1999
Priesthood of Melchisedic   Feb 23, 1999
Consequences of Sin   1997
Hernandez teaches the importance of developing character, by insight-fully showing excellent Biblical examples of sin coming back on the head of the sinner.
Babylon Revisited   1997


Titre / Date
Jour de la Pentecôte - un mystère caché depuis la nuit des temps     May 31, 2020
Que devons-nous faire face à la crise     Apr 30, 2020
Méditer jour et nuit    Feb 20, 2020
Une profonde leçon des Pains sans Levain    May 16, 2019
Se préparer pour la Pâque    Jan 25, 2018
Les récoltes et le plan de Dieu    Nov 10, 2017
Le temps des semailles    Jan 13, 2017
Conditions pour entrer dans le lieu de refuge    Mar 22, 2016
L'Europe selon la prophétie (la statue de Daniel 2 et les temps de la fin)    Dec 5, 2015
Le Jour de la réconciliation    Sept 15, 2015
Le livre de vie et la Fête des Trompettes    Sept 15, 2015
Venez à moi, vous qui êtes fatigués 1    Sept 12, 2015
La Présence ineffable    May 24, 2015
Les conséquences du péché    2015
Les Pains sans Levain et le chemin de la paix 1    Dec 1, 2014
Les Pains sans Levain et le chemin de la paix 2    Dec 1, 2014
Les sept trompettes 1    Sept 25, 2014
Les sept trompettes 2    Sept 25, 2014
La Pentecôte et les Dix Commandements 1    Juin 8, 2014
La Pentecôte et les Dix Commandements 2    Juin 8, 2014
Heureux les pauvres en esprit   Jan 18, 2014
La scène mondiale et la prophétie 2    Dec 14, 2013
Les vêtements sacrés    Mar 26, 2013
Ranimez le feu dans vos lampes    Nov 12, 2012
La scène mondiale et la prophétie    Jan 1, 2011
Funciones del Hombre y la Mujer   
Funciones del Hombre y la Mujer (Parte 2)   
Funciones del Hombre y la Mujer (Parte 4)
Prendre la Croix et Suivre les Traces du Christ   


Title / Date / Comments
El libro de la vida   

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