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Why Suffering?   June 25, 2011
Jesus knows what suffering is. We can rely on HIm to never forsake us. Like Joseph, no matter what we're going through, it is not the end. The goal is "to do you good in the end". Hernandez gives an outstanding analogy at the 37 minute mark. There are different stages of trials and we can take comfort in this process. The end result is exceeding joy and exaltation by God. Trials force us to seek God, bring on spiritual growth, and lead to the transformation that God wants in us.
A Love Story in Seven Chapters   June 4, 2011
Hernandez looks at all 7 holy days, relating the marriage of Christ to the church with human marriage as described in the Bible. This ranges from the bride-price paid by Christ, to the bride keeping herself pure, to the marriage contract and more. The Sabbaths (plural) are a sign of Christ’s bride today. Hernandez does his usual expert job of showing how the Old Testament practices apply to the reality of Christ. This sermon also addresses partaking of Christ, entering into covenant with Him, the importance of faithfulness, and much more.
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The Early Rain and the Planting Season   Nov 6, 2010
Hernandez begins with a review of the 3 harvest seasons, the symbolism of the grain harvest and our part in them. While praising the joyful spiritual aspects of the festivals, he emphasizes the importance of preparing for the next harvest as soon as the harvest festival is over. An interesting parallel is drawn between plowing and praying, which are necessary for properly planting the seed of God’s word. Repeated admonitions from David’s psalms, with the point that the lack of discipline, drive, and diligence hurts not only you, but others. Concludes with a very compelling point, urging us to keep from being immersed in the world and how tolerance for its ways will separate us from God.
Living Faith   May 1, 2010
Lessons on faith based largely on the book of Daniel. The need to diligently seek God. Little faith is not enough. How Daniel never compromised, even in the midst of Babylon. Faith is doing the right thing and leaving the rest up to God. Make the decision to obey before confronted with temptation not to. The spiritual formula for faith: 1) prayer, 2) fasting, 3) Bible study, 4) meditation, 5) action, without which the other 4 are useless. Faith takes time, and daily practice. A very inspiring sermon that goes into far more detail than summarized here. Available for audio/video download and streaming at LCG's site.
No title   June 2, 2007
San Diego Mid-2006   Mid 2006
No title   Jul 2, 2005
Prayer & Brotherly Love   Dec 11, 2004
Prophecy   July 24, 2004
No title   Feb 21, 2004
Priestly Garments   Aug 2, 2002
A fascinating look at the Levitical, priestly garments and their significance to the Christian today, especially the ephod and breast plate. Not one jot or tittle has passed from the law, so how does it apply today? The Living Church of God’s position on church government discussed.
Peace - Not Stress   July 8, 2000
Pride & Humility   July 1999
Priesthood of Melchisedic   Feb 23, 1999
Consequences of Sin   1997
Hernandez teaches the importance of developing character, by insight-fully showing excellent Biblical examples of sin coming back on the head of the sinner.
Babylon Revisited   1997
Prendre la Croix et Suivre les Traces du Christ   
French language message.

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