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Rod Meredith God's Plan       Jan 2, 1993
This is the first official service of the Global Church of God. The recording starts with an introduction about the founding of GCG, including several notable comments on church government. For example, Meredith quotes Herbert Armstrong: “very seldom was the true church all in one organization under one man.” He also mentions how Herbert Armstrong “left the government of God repeatedly” and how Armstrong said “God’s government is from heaven and not necessarily through human men.” Also in the intro, Meredith speaks of the 4 missions that GCG will have, which leads into the sermon showing how we are becoming sons of God, how Christ was the first born of many, how God is reproducing Himself, how we must overcome, develop character, keep the commandments, become perfect –- and the ultimate purpose of human existence. Other notes: Meredith recollects how Herbert Armstrong came to the understanding that God is reproducing Himself. This is the first sermon Meredith has given to a church in 3 years and 3 months. Don Davis speaks on some administrative items between the intro and the sermon.
Rod Meredith Global Radio Program #1       Feb 1993
Given in February, 1993, a mere 7 weeks after the founding of Global, Meredith demonstrates his commitment to doing a work, even as meek a one as this radio program was in the beginning. On the downside, Meredith’s “5 to 15 years” rhetoric has long since grown stale and hurts his credibility, though he still persists in it today. Regardless, the program is a rock-solid Church-of-God media message, speaking of the decline of the United States, the rise of a united Europe, the rise of Muslim extremists, as well as end-time prophecy and surrounding events. “Rod Meredith. That’s ‘Rod’, like a fishing rod.”
Rod Meredith Global Radio Program #5       Mar 1993
Rod Meredith discusses the law of God, Pentecost, and true Christianity. “Rod Meredith. That’s ‘Rod’, like a fishing rod.”
Rod Meredith Where is the Living Church Today?       July 3, 1993
RCM talks about the growth in GCG, which was founded 6 months earlier. Topics: “Wherever you find the truth, that is the Church of God.” Church eras today. Who the synagogue of Satan is. Doctrinal change in the New Testament church compared to the Church of God today [1993]. The doctrines of the true church. RCM’s excellent teaching on the antichrist – namely that it is not only denying that Christ came in the flesh, but denying that he comes (present-tense) in the flesh of Christians today. Somewhat ironically, RCM says “We are the Living Church of God today.” Ironic because, some 5 years later, Meredith founded the Living Church of God.
Carl McNair Why Church Doctrine?       Dec 30, 1995
Rod Meredith The Importance of Character       Jan 13, 1996
Raymond McNair What Determines Our Reward?       Jan 20, 1996
Dave Pack Keys to Producing a Godly Family       Jan 27, 1996
Harold Smith Paul's Writings in Perspective       Jan 27, 1996
Carl McNair Implementation of Servant Leadership       Feb 3, 1996