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Ted Armstrong Explaining His Disfellowshipment     Aug 5, 1978
In the first part, Armstrong goes into some of the accusations made against him, showing why they are false and addresses different aspects of the conflict intermittently as he goes through the sermon. He recalls his childhood in the COG, Oregon Conference, before going into the main sermon, where he addresses the 7 churches of Revelation, emphasizing the saving purpose of Jesus Christ and the expansive nature of preaching the gospel. While expressing doubt that the 7 churches represent 7 eras, he says, “There is a message for every person in every era in each letter to all the churches.” The gospel is more than an announcement. Armstrong asserts that there is no hierarchical relationship among the apostles. He calls “unbiblical” the statement that there has never been a time, in the history of the world, where there was not one man, and one man alone, through whom God worked. He concludes with a declaration of his dogged determination to preach the gospel any and every way he can.
Dave Pack Clarion Call - The Time is Now     Nov 2007
Bill Jacobs Democratization of the Holy Spirit     Aug 18, 2005
Bill Jacobs, affiliated with Life Resource Ministries, speaks on elitism, and how it is not uncommon in human history, including the early Jewish leaders in New Testament times. However, it was God’s intent that the holy spirit be given to many. Jacobs talks of elitism in the church today. How men want to control others and retain power that rightfully belongs to the holy spirit. The holy spirit is like water – most powerful when it is flowing freely, not dammed up and controlled. Yet, there are those today who want to control the spirit-led people. When this control by man is rejected, the result is not anarchy, but a people submitted to God and to each other. “Out of his heart will flow living waters.”
Bill Jacobs Body Unity, Part 2     Apr 25, 2005
Bill Jacobs, affiliated with Life Resource Ministries, looks at how to achieve unity when we disagree. Subjects: Connection without control. Law of Moses vs Law of God. Importance of respect. Handling disputes. Sometimes those in the minority of belief need to keep those things to themselves in respect for the group – Romans 14. Do we need to look down our noses at those that differ? Who are you to judge another’s servant?
Bill Jacobs Body Unity, Part 1     Mar 7, 2005
Bill Jacobs, affiliated with Life Resource Ministries, looks at how horses are both fiercely independent yet social creatures. So are humans. Yet, we can’t surrender our freedom to the group. Neither should we reject the group to maintain our freedom. The solution: connection without control. Freedom is necessary to develop character. A controlling church leads to arrested spiritual development. It’s the struggle that leads to growth, as illustrated by the parable of Lazarus and the rich man.
Wayne Cole The Power of Love     Dec 2004
Vance Stinson Book of Galatians     May 20, 1996
David Antion Harden Not Your Heart     Feb 29, 1996
Larry Watkins Return To The Shepherd     Feb 1996
How can we live for God in the midst of a society perverted and ignorant of God? This sermon was given in the aftermath of the WCG breakup and is very encouraging for distressed brethren. God promises to see us through tough times. He won’t abandon us. We must, however, persevere and keep our eyes on the future glory. Holy conduct is required. We have been called to act. We must have a real, daily, practical, active love for the brethren. In lieu of the Levitical system of sacrifices not in place, we are to give spiritual sacrifices. What are those? Why has God called us?
Ted Armstrong God Will Not Take Care of It     
Ted Armstrong New Covenant Sabbath     Jan 14, 1995
Steven Collins Lost Ten Tribes 1     
Steven Collins Lost Ten Tribes 2     
HWA & RCM Jan 1979 Takeover of the Church     1979
Rod Meredith What is the Kingdom of God?     Jul 25, 1953
From 1953. A 23-year-old Rod Meredith talks of the food laws, the cross, church music, Christian growth, the true gospel of the kingdom of God, the relationship between the kingdom of God and God’s law. Recollection of the just-completed baptismal tour with Herman Hoeh. He also discusses 3 doctrines that later changed: 1) Divorce and remarriage, 2) “The millennium is not the kingdom of God”, and, 3) another church of God (with another radio program) that is recognized as a legitimate church of God by the then Radio Church of God.