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Randy Stiver It Is a Good Day to Die       Oct 6, 1995
In the aftermath of the 1995 WCG apostasy, UCG pastor Randy Stiver discusses martyrdom for Jesus Christ. He speaks of the critical importance of courage, giving examples from the Old and New Testaments. In a battle, you might die. He intersperses references to Star Trek and the U.S. founding while discussing the kingdom of God and refuting the wrong teachings that WCG has come out with. True martyrdom has no ego. Jesus – the ultimate martyr. He reconciles the concepts of martyrdom and the place of safety. The statement "You must be loyal to the Lord's anointed or you won't go to the place of safety" is a snare that trapped many. Are we prepared for the ultimate witness for Jesus Christ? The martyr does not fear men, and Satan has no leverage on him.
Mario Seigle The Esprit de Corps of Pentecost       May 23, 2011
Given at the 2010 combined Pentecost service for UCG-Los Angeles and UCG-Garden Grove. Seigle uses church history in the book of Acts to look at church leadership. “One accord” is used 11 times in Acts. There was a common spirit of the whole group in early Acts. There was no discrimination; all shared and taught. Seigle repeatedly emphasizes true servant ministry, as exampled in Acts. There was no smugness, but rather, there was service. They didn’t strut around, although they were ambitious. Leadership is about exalting and building others, not the self. Jesus’ regular deflation of, and admonishments to, his disciples was not to lord it over them, but to teach and propagate humility in their leadership. The Christian fellowship does not exist for the apostles' sake, but the apostles for them. Humble leadership led the “Esprit de Corps of Pentecost.”
Joe Kovacs Jerry Aust interviews Joe Kovacs       Dec 2009
United Church of God’s Jerry Aust interviews WorldNetDaily’s Joe Kovacs concerning Kovacs’ book “Shocked By The Bible”. Joe discusses basic Biblical doctrines, several of which are diametrically opposite of mainstream Christianity yet are straight from the Bible. These doctrines match with generally recognized Church of God doctrines. This audio was posted on both UCG.ORG and WND.COM.
Mark Mickelson The Next Best Time       2008
Jerold Aust Alan Colmes interviews UCG's Jerry Aust about Christmas.       Dec 2007
Jerold Aust Alan Colmes interviews UCG's Jerry Aust about Easter.       March 2008
Gary Petty Passover Theology       2002
An overview of the permanence of Passover and its different administrations under 3 different covenants (Abrahamic, Sinaitic, New). Also, a look at types and anti-types.