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Gerald Weston Faith in God's Judgments       Nov 30, 2013
The first half of the sermon is a good message on faith in God, but then the message transitions to one of faith in God leading the ministry, and faith in the ministry following God, which is a more controversial concept. It amounts to a dissertation on church authority and government. Weston shows how the judgments of the ministry are the judgments of God, backed up by God, and it is therefore incumbent upon the membership to obey those judgments “for the sake of unity.” He adds that if you don’t "have a child-like faith that Christ is the head of the church, and He will guide His church", then you do not have the faith necessary for salvation. This is tough stuff, but proponents say it is consistent with Biblical church government. Others might suggest that Weston is actually teaching ministerial infallibility and disguising it as faith in Jesus Christ. Take a listen for yourself.
Rod Meredith Are We All the Same?      Summer 2008
Meredith demonstrates how the Living Church of God is different from all the other churches of God. While this was a "must play" sermon for the LCG congregations, LCG never made it available to the general public. Given the nature of the message, that is understandable. Meredith goes right down the line and disses every other church of God and COG ministry. In the process, he exalts LCG above everyone else.
Rod Meredith The Importance of Government       Dec 1, 2007
Meredith gives his views on church government. He teaches that the hierarchical structure has been in place “from the very beginning”. He attempts to show how that hierarchy is Jesus working through Rod Meredith and that people should be loyal to Meredith as they are to Christ, as long as he follows the Bible. Another theme is that God wants unity. This sermon addresses Exodus 18 (Jethro hierarchy), Acts 6 (selection of deacons), God working primarily through one man, 1 Corinthians 5 (disfellowship of sinful man and putting away of evil), Ephesians 4 (for the work of the ministry), Titus 1 (appoint elders), Korah’s rebellion, Matthew 16 & 18 (binding & loosing), Romans 16:17 (those causing division). It is a very strong “must play” sermon intended to convince all listeners that they are at great risk spiritually if they leave LCG. (Note: Meredith offers $1000 to anyone who can refute his teachings for proper New Testament governance. That may be why this sermon has been removed from LCG’s web site, where it was originally obtained.)
Jeff Fall The Rebellion      Nov 28, 1998
Fall speaks about the Global/Living split.