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0202 Palestine - Part III
0204 Saving the Family 1
0206 Palestine - Part IV
0209 Laying Hold of Covenant
0211 Out of the Rut
Does there come a time when it is too late? If you have changes you need to make, when will you make them? Do you order your life right? Will you know it when you're on the wrong track? Our relationship with God and Jesus must not be casual. Ezekiel and Jeremiah were commissioned to tell stubborn people of their sins; this relates to our calling to change our behavior today. Dart shows how we can find out if it applies to us. How can we confidently ask God, when we have been disobeying for years? Dart closes with solid advice on how to get out of the rut.
0214 From Passover to Pentecost
Receipt of Holy Spirit in John 20. What does it mean to "remit" sins? Authority granted to remit or retain sins; binding and loosing. Forget about others, you follow Me. There is always a way back. There is a calling I have to do. Matthew 28 commission was to the 500, not the 11.
0215 High & Lifted Up
0218 Dead Parrot & Sectarianism
0221 Reactionaries Radicals
0223 104 Days
0225 The Self-Directed Christian
Outstanding sermon. The Christian should be self-directed under Christ; led by the spirit instead of led by the church (assembly). The church can lead astray; the spirit cannot. Ideas in a group are contagious and a whole group can stray and you along with it unless you are led by the spirit. However, the church is needed as it keeps people from following their own spirit. "Don't believe me, believe your Bible." Therefore, make your own reading of the Bible, your own prayer, your own meditation a priority, and if the spirit of God is in you, that's all you need. If the church is going off track, it can be tough to maintain your integrity. Its not necessary to leave your church, rather bless those who persecute you in the church; this is how churches going off track get turned around.
0227 Zechariah 1
0230 If I Be Lifted Up
0232 Tempting of the Church
0234 The Gospel According to Phillip
0236 Feast of Trumpets 2002
Sometime ahead of us, the Lamb of God will open the 6th seal and the wrath of God will be unleashed on the world. Dart gives an excellent, though sobering look at the 7 end-time trumpets, mostly from Revelation. The end-time wrath of God; the destruction of Babylon and where we are headed today. God's silence when we sin means that he is giving us time to turn around.
0242 Master & Lord
Dart looks at the words Master, Teacher, Rabbi, Disciple. He points out how important it is to be a serious student, learning at the feet of the Master Teacher, and doing what the Teacher teaches.
0244 Filled With the Spirit
Simeon & Anna were 2 special people. Using them as an example, Dart goes through Ephesians, showing how to walk with the spirit, how to incur God's wrath (or not), how to "walk circumspectly", how to quench the spirit (or not), and, how to be filled with the spirit. He notes how this is a choice. How we are to put on kindness, put on humility, even if we aren't, and even if we don't feel like it. Also, the important role of music in becoming filled with the spirit. The reason for gratitude in all things.
0245 Hebrews 3 & 4
0247 If My People
0249 99 Percent Church
0251 Liberty
How can a good God allow evil? Why is there suffering? The bad things that happen to us are the consequences of free choices, either our own or someone else’s. Every intervention of God in the affairs of men is an abridgment of the freedom He intended for men. Dart looks at a couple of Biblical liberation events -- the 50-year Jubilee and the 7-year freeing of slaves -- and ties them to Jesus coming to free us. “Salvation is the rescue of people who have lost their freedom because of the choices they have made.” Men are conflicted about the responsibilities and consequences of freedom. Jesus was subject to the freedom of others. Now, He restores ours.
02AN Apocalypse Now
Given in 2002, Dart discusses the idea that we have entered into the end times. What are some of the events ahead of us? Dart goes through several prophecies of the end times. Zechariah 14’s millennial imagery. Malachi 4. Revelation 13. Dart asks -- What about “no more a Canaanite in the temple”? Is a temple required before the return of Christ? Who is the end-time Elijah? The end-time man of sin? Catholic? Muslim? Are the 4 kingdoms simultaneous in the end-time? “There is an evil power coming down the road at us that we cannot even imagine.”
02BAC To Be a Christian
02BOL The Bread of Life
02DAT What You Can Do About Terror
02DGS Does God Suffer?
Is God an immutable, impassible, indifferent, mute bystander? Is He so far above the human condition that He cannot be emotionally affected by men? Dart goes through many Biblical examples that refute this idea, in a way that is very thought-provoking. At the same time, he discusses just how much God knows about the future.
02F1 What's Not Pagan
While Christmas is certainly pagan, the birth of Jesus is most definitely not. Given on the Opening night of the Feast of Tabernacles, Dart explains how Jesus was likely born on this very night, and gives an excellent narrative of Jesus' birth from Luke 2. Dart also discusses how scripturally-sound hymns were appropriated by Christmas keepers and marvels at the degree to which Jesus emptied Himself of His divinity.
02F2 A Personal Journey
One of Dart's very best sermons. Given at the Feast of Tabernacles, Dart talks of his coming into this understanding and later, his departure from the old church. He talks of how the rigidity of that church limited growth in understanding, particularly in how the Feast of Tabernacles relates to the Millennium. More specifically, do the holy days picture God's plan prophetically or do they picture God's plan Christologically? Are they revelations in a prophetic sense? Or are they revelations of the plan of salvation of the work of Jesus Christ? Or both? What is God trying to say to us through these holy days? What do the symbols mean? What are we to do? These questions could not be asked in the rigidity of the old church. But they are addressed in this message, including the idea that the holy days contain far more significance for the Christian than they ever did for the Jews.
02F6 One Person at a Time
hen the U.S falls, it will not be due to a banking failure, or a computer failure, or a terrorist attack, or wars. It will be moral. One of the purposes of prophecy is to change the outcome. Old Testament prophecies were written for those in the end times. Examples? Isaiah 59. This nation will turn around when the hearts of the people are turned back to God. A sobering message reflecting on our society today, yet there is still hope and something each of us can do.
02JAE Jerusalem at the End
02PJ The Prayer of Jabez
Dart looks at the best-seller by Bruce Wilkinson, neither as an endorsement nor a review, but as a trigger to discuss various aspects of prayer. The value in simple prayers. Persistence. "Not my will...." Be more ready to listen than speak. Expanding your borders. A problem that can be encountered with being blessed by God. You will encounter spiritual opposition.
02SOT Signs of the Times
02TBI The Bible Inside
02TGS Taking God Seriously
02TLB The Last Breakfast
02TNG The Neglected Gift
What does the Holy Spirit do? Does it do it for us? Are we fully taking advantage of that power? Or are we neglecting it? If so, why? Dart looks at the Holy Spirit’s tremendous presence in the New Testament and encourages us to embrace it.
02TSL The Sinless Life