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0802 The Mysteries of Jesus 4
How much did the ancients know about God? Throughout the Old Testament, the Father had no relationship with man. All judgment was given to the Son, including the Old Testament. Deuteronomy 6:4 refers to the Son, who later came to reveal the Father. Explanation of "eternal Father" in Isaiah 9:6-7. Jesus and the Father are One.
0804 A Spiritual Treatment for Depression
Discussion of Psalms 42 & 43 and: terminal illness; abortion, depression, hope, openness with God. Seek God aggressively, solve depression by doing so. Prayers (yours and other's) are answered (or not) by our actions. Often we are called on to suffer with Jesus, then rebound with hope. John 16 - Spirit always with us. No matter how bad they look, all things work to good for those called.
0806 This Old House
Verbal icons, numeric icons. 7 churches of Revelation; Revelation 1-3.
0808 The Christian Passover
Discussion of 14th vs 15th. Time sequence of New Testament events. "Eating unworthily." Self-examination. Need to be ready when Christ calls us on our commitment to Him.
0810 Of Christians and Saints
The law is an aphorism; we are to apply it to life. Belief is the first step, then continue on to become a disciple, then with the Holy Spirit, become a saint. Many drop out at different stages in this walk for various reasons. The relationship between the saints. Sanctification of spouse and children.
0812 Understanding the End
0814 The Mortal Soul
Jesus was sorrowful about, and dreaded death. Death is sleep. Without a resurrection, we'll be dead forever.
0819 The 3rd Sabbath
Good leadership. Harvest is plentiful, pray for laborers. Kingdom of God; don't look back. Don't give up. You may never know how your labor benefits others.
0822 Judgements
Presumptuous sin - circumstances important. Case law. Judiciary in Israel and transition to New Testament. Application of mercy. Calendar and binding judgments. 2nd Passover. New Testament Passover timing. Church can only make judgments on what affects the entire church community or when asked.
0826 Why We Come Together
The role of music in worship.
0828 Being Like God
0830 The Origin of the Sermon
Biblical examples of sermons. How and why one should never be bored by a sermon. "famine of the word" Apply the message; compare to scripture.
0832 Son of Man
What does the Bible mean by "Son of Man"? In-depth look into John 12. The Son as Judge, Creator.
0836 Antichrist Revisited
"Man of sin?" Muslim? Divinity and eternal nature of Jesus. Ideas at variance diminish Jesus. The spirit of anti-christ was among the church and was made manifest. Jesus is coming in the flesh.
0838 Seven Churches Revisited
0839 A Time for Comfort
A study on 2 Corinthians 1-2. “Comfort” occurs 9 times in 5 verses; can mean to “come along side.” How to get through trials. Control in the church; Paul’s role in it. The objective of church discipline. Simplicity of the truth. Deceivers often have complex arguments.
0844 Till Christ be Formed in You
Desire to be free of restraint. Although teams wear the same uniform, the parts are not interchangeable. The distinction is in performance, not appearance. We can conform to the outer appearance, but are we transformed on the inside? Our role in conforming to the team, yet transforming inwardly. Where do I fit? Jesus was in-distinctive physically, but was different to the core. True humility is being brutally, painfully honest about what we are. “All of us have plenty to be humble about if we will just face up to it.” “The unexamined life is not worth living.” To whatever extent you are angry at your brother, you have not forgiven him. Story of Michelangelo chipping off everything that wasn’t David. We need to chip off everything that isn’t Christ.
0845 Winning the Game
0846 We Are Never Alone
0847 The Failure of Reason
Confusion in a time of crisis? Or confidence? The suddenness of the return of Jesus Christ. Recognizing God’s blessings. How do we expect the unexpected? What good do our good deeds do? Without love, all is useless.
0850 Before the Golden Bowl is Broken
0851 A Time of Separation
0852 True Spirituality
Dart examines Romans 8, contrasting the flesh with the spirit. He talks about the value and the purpose of the law of God. What does "walking after the spirit" mean? Dart discusses the rules of men vs the laws of God. The law of God is far more strict, which permits adherents to the pharisaical rules of men to think they are more righteous when they may be less so. How can those "in the flesh" please God? Sufferings are part of the Christian walk. We need to take them like Shadrach, et. al., with faith in God. Yes, the Christian walk is tough, but it is time we all lived up to the commitment we have made.
08FDUB New Lump
Thorough discussion of the story of the first Passover, the Feast of Unleavened Bread, and its essential background to what Paul wrote in I Corinthians 5. Addressed First Day of Unleavened Bread, old leaven, 1st month in the calendar and judgments concerning calendars. Why select the lamb on the 10th? Why eat the Passover meal in haste? Mentions of Roderick Meredith and Fred Coulter, the 14th/15th controversy, and Hebrew and Greek word usage. The importance of speaking with sincerity, being a straight shooter. The importance of searching the scriptures in context to avoid being deceived.
08FO The Mystery Begins
2008 Feast of Tabernacles Opening Night. Dart talks of the miracle and the reality of the birth of Christ. The purpose of parables. Paul did not want people to believe via persuasion, but because they could receive it. Arguing only causes one to dig in and resist change and build walls, therefore back off. Six steps explaining the mystery of God. Story of Horace Driver and Ron Dart’s calling. Luke 2 trumps any argument against abortion. The job is ours to tell the story to whoever will listen.
08F2 Living In Hard Times
As a people, we grow weaker in affluence, stronger in challenges. Subjects: The harsh reality of the great depression; Examples from Hosea; The purpose of parables and the incredible blessing we have to hear and understand them; “A man’s life does not consist in the abundance of the things he possesses.” Dart expounds the parable of the sower and the seed in the light of tough times. When people have plenty, it seems they don’t need God. We have a golden opportunity and may end up the better for the hard times.
08F5 One Candle
One candle in a pitch dark room makes a huge difference. The darkness cannot conquer it. This parallels one Godly person in a dark world. Dart goes over the sermon on the mount and illustrates Christian attributes that will shine to others. Humility, gentleness, mercy, and courage all comprise a different approach to evangelism. Does our presence warm people with our beatitude approach? Or are we “prickly”? The concept of us being a sleeper cell planted for God’s service and ready to be activated.
08F8 A Vision of Two Worlds
Last Great Day sermon. Explanation of “things that must shortly come to pass.” Goes over Revelation 20-22 “that man might also become a son of God” – that is what it’s all about. The devil was a consequence of one of the fundamental intentions of God – freedom. Subjects: 2nd resurrection; people who never had a chance; an eternity of torment?; where is the new heaven and new earth?; another universe; universal salvation; 2nd death; tree of life; living water. Ends with a very encouraging admonition.
08LDUB Way To Sinai
Detailed, excellent discussion of Israelite journey from Egypt to Sinai. Also, establishment of Moses as the leader, the necessity of leadership, and the Christian's responsibility to leaders.
08MJ3 Mysteries of Jesus 3
08PSD 2008 Passover Service
08ULBD The Cost of Freedom
Discussion on the Exodus journey to Sinai and the timing involved in the journey. People who trust God do so because they believe His word, not because they saw His miracles. Did Moses receive the commandments on Sivan 6 or later? Is Pentecost always on Sivan 6? War with Amalekites forever. Pharaoh did not survive at the Red Sea. Examples for us from this entire experience, one of which is it is better to not covenant than to covenant and not keep it.
2008 Atonement
2008 Why Not You?
This is an outstanding sermon and is highly recommended for everyone, especially those having trials. Why does God allow cancer? Tsunamis? Hurricanes? Floods? Man is told by God to conquer and subjugate the earth. We are to battle and overcome. And that outcome is not certain. God wants people with character. Why? Dart answers these questions, but leaves unanswered one big Biblical paradox, that salvation is a gift, yet we are commanded to overcome.