Ron Dart 2010 Sermons

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1002 The Old Kingdom of God
Dart looks at ancient Israel where God was King (largely in Judges), as well as the coming kingdom of God, and the ultimate kingdom of God. God gave the land to Israel, but they had to fight for it. He protected them, but they had to maintain the hedge. If they neglected their duty, disaster came upon them, but a merciful God responded. This is paralleled to today’s society, how we’ve forgotten God, and how God will test us. God gave them freedom; He has given us freedom; He wants us to be voluntarily subject to Him. Freedom is a fundamental aspect of God’s government, but of course there are consequences. Dart speaks on the importance of leadership; anticipation of the government of God on earth, the kingdom of God.
1004 Our Security Our Economy
Israel’s return from exile, the prophecies of Haggai and Malachi and how they apply today. Depreciation of the dollar compared to putting your earnings into a bag with holes. Taking care of your own needs and neglecting God. The faithfulness of God. The future “glory of the latter house”. Chastisement of the priests, who didn’t even know they were wrong, had no zeal, no love for service. The importance of the law of God; a lie vs a broken promise. The effectiveness of “small things.” All applied at the time of the return and it applies today.
1006 The Ever-Present Danger
Bad vs evil vs wickedness. Nazism vs communism. Parallels in evil. Terror as an instrument of policy. Evil starts with “the ends justify the means”. The spirit that is behind wickedness. The value of being honest to a fault is that it enhances your ability to spot a lie. Don’t give Satan a foothold by lying, stealing, corrupt communication, evil speaking, malice. Rather a whole new mindset and conduct, forsaking the way that gives Satan a foothold. Watch who you fellowship with and how. The wiles of the Devil and his spirit that works. The crisis gives an excuse to accumulate more power. Know what is right and do it!
1008 Meaning of Passover
“The principle of the law is even more foundational than the written law.” The role of the judiciary and the transference of that authority to the New Testament church leaders. The Churches of God have long-since decided issues on the calendar and Passover timing. Passover parallels, Old Testament and New Testament. Jesus Christ as the Passover Lamb. Because God is just, He exacted vengeance on Egypt. One wonders what will be exacted for the 50 million aborted in the United States. Jesus kept the Passover early on the 14th with a lamb and Paul confirms this timing early on the 14th. Taking Passover unworthily. We are to show His death and what it’s for and what it means. The connection between the Body and healing. We have all been betrayed at one time or another. The importance of examining ourselves and judging ourselves.
1010 To The Law and the Testimony
Isaiah 8 expounded, especially the Ark of the Testimony, God’s testimony as what God has to say to us, namely the Ten Commandments. Torah means instruction. What is the law for? The spirit is the principle, which is more powerful than the law. The law of God in the New Testament. The importance of freedom. The testimony, the Torah, the instructions of God are a way of life that is good for us.
1012 A Beast Rises
Dart confirms the long-held belief in Europe’s role in prophecy. An extensive look at the prophecies of Daniel 2, Matthew 24, and Revelation 3. Includes an explanation of “this generation shall not pass.”
10DUB1 God Unleavens Us
The tremendous value of Godly repentance. Sin continues in us in two ways:
1) Guilt – only Christ can take this away.
2) Continuing temptation – we are to lay it aside, but still need God’s help. How does He help us? With chastisement. When this happens it is good! We are getting help in putting sin out! Don’t pout or become bitter. The church also has a role in this chastisement, as shown in 1st Corinthians 5: Paul’s role in instructing the church to punish the man, its aftermath and the encouraging result.