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9238 Prince of War
From the perspective of the English countryside, things are very peaceful, but the historical remnants of the devastation of war remain. Dart effectively contrasts the two, talks of Satan’s role and his fate. Why is every foul spirit focused on Jerusalem? The reality of this very real evil ought to sober us greatly. Dart gives the Biblical key, and shows how, if we do it right, not only will we not fear Satan, but he will fear us!
92-04-11 Christ is Risen
Dart makes repeated references to the importance of the resurrection to the gospel. Also, the importance of witnesses to the resurrection. No wonder, because the resurrection is central to all we believe. John 3, Nicodemus, and the resurrection. First of the firstfruits. The resurrection is the pivot point of all history. A detailed look at 1 Corinthians 15.
92-05-16 Where Are the Leaders?
Dart laments the decline of the United States and parallels it to Old Testament Israel. Where is the moral leadership teaching right and wrong? Where is the courage among leaders? What good does it do to go through the motions of religion when you treat people the way you do? Because of this, your leaders are taken away. The good don’t even want to lead. Women rule over them because men have failed to. What can we do? Besides cleaning up our own lives, preach Christ and prophecy so that others can clean up theirs. And . . . pray for thy kingdom to come.
92-07-11 Gospel or Good News?
Explanation of the Greek words for gospel and angel and their commonality. Why, if gospel is good news, do we preach so much bad news? Jesus speaks of bad news before the good news of the kingdom. If our good news is hidden, it is hidden to those who are lost.
92-08-01 Out of the Shadows
Do you have a shadow that hangs over your life? Is there a way out? Do you feel like a victim? The day you take responsibility for what you have done and what has happened to you is the day you begin to recover and overcome it. If you believe you are not responsible because church government told you to do something, you do not know the Bible. Dart repeatedly states, "I am responsible." He talks of his experience in leaving WCG. The importance of confession to God in recovery. Walking with the Light drives out the shadows hanging over us.
92-08-02 Let Lower Lights Be Burning
Dart narrates a dramatic story about people who are really hurting and looking for a light. How the Christian can help guide people to the Light, Jesus Christ, and be a light himself. The role of Christian people in helping those in need, including responsibilities, obligations, and opportunities.
92-08-08 A Breach of Faith
What is the purpose of the law? We may have little trouble believing God is, that Jesus lived, died, and was resurrected, that God heals, but do we really feel down to the core of our being that God has totally forgiven our sins? That He has forgotten them, sent them away, not imputed them to us, separated us from them as far as the east is from the west? That He bears us no grudge? If not, it is a breach of faith on our part. Dart speaks on how it is faith that makes us righteous, innocent before God. Do we pick at little things like new moons and sacred names to justify ourselves? Faith is mightier. Do not watch for iniquity in others, but practice mercy. Dart is a very strong proponent of the law of God, but it is not an end in and of itself. We need to come to the point where we believe to the core of our being that God has totally forgiven and forgotten our sins, that He may restore the joy of our salvation!
92-08-22 Justice and the Poor
How would we eradicate poverty? Should we try? What causes poverty? The Proverbs say: worthless pursuits, slothfulness, lack of dilgence. But poverty is not always the person's fault. But, to "cure" poverty, you would have to take away one's freedom. Dart emphasized how our society oppresses the poor and how we can avoid that. It is better to be taken advantage of, than to turn your back on the truly needy. Ultimately, it is how we personally treat the poor.
92-09-12 The Birth of Christ
When was Jesus born? A look at some of the evidence that Jesus was born in the fall. A fascinating in-depth study of the word tabernacle (both noun and verb form) and it’s significance to Christ’s life and the Christian’s life. The exploration of tabernacle as a temporary abode – from Abraham to ancient Israel to Jesus Christ to the Christian, and, surprisingly, even in heaven, during the millennium, and during the new heaven and new earth. Speculation that Jesus was born on the 1st Day of the Feast of Tabernacles, baptized on the Last Day, and started His ministry at the Feast of Tabernacles.
92-10-16 Getting Free
We are so busy. We strive for so many things. Is it all vanity, useless? Do we still have a hole that needs filling? We must make room for God in our life – prayer, study, and meditation and it must be first, then there will be room for the rest. Dart speaks very highly of Ambassador College, how it taught the right values and how Dart’s greatest growth came when he was both a student and teacher there, and relates lessons learned. Jesus wanted his followers to be totally unencumbered, free from the burden of wealth and possessions. This sermon was given at the Feast of Tabernacles. We are tabernacling in the flesh in this life as Israel did in the Exodus. The less baggage they had, the better off they were. They depended on God to meet their needs. Unburden, simplify, set priorities.
1992 A Lesson From James
Wrath and anger work against the righteousness of God. The role of pride in anger. (The resignation of Ted Phillips discussed, and how it was so different from the acrimony that so frequently occurs when brethren separate.) James is not a theologian, but deals with how people treat each other. We are to love the unlovable, as God does. Theology and doctrine are useless unless they change how people act. If we are to reconcile, we must set pride aside. The value of being gentle and easy to be entreated. It is important for us to know and say “I’m no better than you.” This is how to convert a sinner.
1992 About Pentecost
Dart gives an excellent narration of Acts 2 in detail, including how Pentecost has not yet been fulfilled, but Peter anticipated it would be soon. Acts is the breakout of the gospel to all men, everywhere. Also, references to the Psalms and to Joel are explored. Dart powerfully repeats Peter's message from Acts 2, including the admonitions and strong encouragements. What repentance is and why it is necessary. Dart also addresses the spirit in man. It is what sets man apart from animals, and allows him to have a relationship with God, and it starts with receipt of the Spirit at baptism.
1992 Born in Pain
Dart opens with a talk on the events of 1978, the disfellowshipment of Garner Ted Armstrong and many members. He gives tragic stories of what the church did to some people, and hints that it was actually much worse. The Church of God International was dedicated to preventing such abuses, without handicapping the ministry. 1 John 3 is an example, with a reminder that church discipline is for the good of the one being disciplined.
1992 How Old is God?
Dart takes a stab at just how old the universe might be, and then states that God is far older. What has God been doing all that time? In light of that immensity, what is man that God is mindful of him? Why do we worry about trivial things? What is God doing? What is our role in it?
1992 I Was at Ease
When you are in your comfort zone, you do not grow. How does a "perfect and upright" man, like Job, grow? Dart discusses his own history, how he was comfortable in the Worldwide Church of God in 1978, and not growing. Paul gloried in his infirmities and listed the many perils he had been in. What did it do for him? God did some of this to Paul, some he did to himself. David put himself in harm's way. Fasting is one way to voluntarily move out of your comfort zone with the object to grow. Challenge yourself. It's not that God doesn't want us to be comfortable, but He won't leave us there because He wants us to grow. What Job learned in the end: It is not enough to know the truth and obey the law. We need to grow much more than that. Side topics of interest: the practice of not allowing people to come to church until they were "ready"; Joseph Tkach's early changes.
1992 The Clock is Ticking
Given on the first Sabbath in the count to Pentecost, Dart gives a narrative of a Hebrew traditional wave-sheaf collection and offering scenario, then moves on to events following the crucifixion, the ascension, and the connection between Christ and the wave-sheaf, as the first of the first-fruits. He shows how we are a type of first fruits. When Jesus started His ministry, he was urgent. He only had a very limited time to do everything He had to do. Have we lost urgency because of bad date-setting in our past? Dart predicts that we will all be stunned at the rapid onset of Revelation events. Paul realized that the work he did made a difference. There will be people in the first resurrection because of the work of Paul that would not have been there without it. Can just one person make a difference? What about Ora Runcorn?
1992 The Lord My Father
1992 The Resurrection
A powerful, thorough, logical, and convincing look at the resurrections (plural), the concept of hell, the immortal soul, and the fate of those unsaved in this life.
1992 Why a Church?
1992 Why Man?
Why did God "bother" with man? What is God doing? Dart covers many of the scriptures that show man's purpose, our individual role, and the end goal. Dart asks of the suffering children in Africa - Why? The enormity of the creation -- Why? "What is man, that thou art mindful of him?" Dart gives the incredible answer with extensive details. Man is the point. Man is made in God's image as Seth was made in Adam's image. Everything was made for man, even the angels. What is "born of the spirit?" Why is it necessary? Why not just bypass the physical stage? Because this is now we learn character. Even Jesus learned by the things that He suffered. After all, how can we learn to love those who persecute us unless we are persecuted?
1992 Without Thanksgiving