Jon Garnant 2011 Sermons

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The True Shepherd       Jan 29, 2011
The Role of a Shepherd       Feb 5, 2011
A look at shepherds in the Bible; how the Old Testament and the New Testament emphasize their role and function rather than their position or title. Jesus’ multiple shepherd-like roles. He loves the sheep like no one can and the sheep know his voice. Also addressed: scattered sheep, condemnation of the shepherds.
Righteous Acts       Feb 26, 2011
Marriage in the Spring       April 16, 2011
Re-affirming our covenantal relationship with God.
Cleansed From Sin       April 25, 2011
Garnant looks at the importance of putting out leaven along with the futility of doing so. The same goes for sin. So, why bother? A good explanation of Romans 5-7 pertaining to redemption, putting away sin, beginning a new life joined in Christ. Righteousness, obedience, fruits and how to produce them. Acts of righteousness replace sin and the importance of examining ourselves and changing.
Biblical Food Laws Inside & Out       May 28, 2011
Connected By the Spirit       June 11, 2011
Matters of the Heart       June 4, 2011
The importance of a pure heart.
Compact of the Gospel       July 2, 2011
Your Mother, Trials, and What We Can Learn       Aug 6, 2011
When the Winds Blow       Aug 27, 2011
Overcoming trials, understanding the purpose for difficult experiences in our lives, and learning to trust God.
Do You Feel Like a Grape?       Sept 7, 2011
Why We Need the Kingdom of God Now       Sept 10, 2011
The Kingdom of God - Pulling Back the Curtain       Sept 17, 2011
And He Is Seated       Oct 8, 2011
Christ our Intercessor, Advocate and great High Priest, who has entered the Holy of Holies in heaven and has gained access to God's great mercy for us all.
Not of This World       Oct 17, 2011
Our Post Feast of Tabernacles       Oct 22, 2011