Jon Garnant 2014 Sermons

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The Lie from 8 Miles High       Jan 4, 2014
The first in a series of three sermons concerning the lie: "There is no God"
A Dangerous Delusion       Jan 25, 2014
The first in a series of three sermons concerning the lie: "There is no God"
Entering History       March 8, 2014
Looking forward to the upcoming spring Holy Days, this message considers key aspects of the Exodus and how they apply to us, historically and individually. The Passover is a singular, pivotal event in history, which carries through every facet of the Bible, including the fullness of fulfillment by Jesus Christ - the Passover Lamb. When we partake of the Passover, we enter into history, continuing in an observance that has been connected to God's people for thousands of years.
Your Neighbor's Neighbor       April 5, 2014
Given in San Diego, Garnant explores, in depth, the parable of the Good Samaritan, with excellent insight and provocative speculation. He also discusses how Jesus interacted with those who opposed Him or questioned Him.
My Neighbor's Neighbor       April 21, 2014
Who is our neighbor? Using the Days of Unleavened Bread and the Parable of the Good Samaritan as a backdrop, this sermon analyzes the importance of expressing humility, service, compassion and mercy in our thoughts and actions.
The Wretched Man's Choice       April 26, 2014
Based on Romans 7 and 8, this message examines the struggle to live a spiritual life and righteously while still in the flesh with a sinful nature.
To His Own Master       May 17, 2014
The last words Jesus spoke that were recorded: "You follow Me". Followers of Christ are to focus on their own relationship with God and where they stand with God, not on others. Don't argue about unresolvable things (non-salvation issues; church doctrines). Accept and don't judge those who are weaker on non-salvation issues. Garnant expands on the issues of judging another man's servant. Let us be quick to offer encouragement, consolation and understanding. We each stand alone and are responsible to Him. We all have a different path, with different talents and different experiences.
Count 7 Sabbaths       June 7, 2014
Mr. Garnant also reviews Leviticus 23 and looks at the difference between a Sabbath as a day of rest and Pentecost as a Holy Day. He also explains why counting 50 is so important and why a number of weeks may be needed. He gives us clues of why two loafs were offered as a sacrifice for this day. He wants us to think as first century Christians before the New Testament was written.
Post-Pentecost Pericardium       June 14, 2014
How has our heart changed? This sermon identifies four acts of piety and righteousness that bear spiritual fruit which protects our heart and allows us to grow.
The 2nd Moses       July 26, 2014
An outstanding sermon that compares, in depth, the amazing parallels between Moses and Jesus, many of which are not immediately obvious. Garnant shows similarities in verse structure, in chapters, and in phraseology, and leaves the listener in awe of the Bible itself. Examples are in the birth narrative; Moses as God; John 1 vs Genesis 1, and many more. It is a message that the listener will want to hear more than once.
The New & Final Moses       Aug 2, 2014
Jesus Christ: the new and final Moses - the full and complete fulfillment of God's Word from Genesis to Revelation.
God and Neighbor       Sept 13, 2014
Garnant looks into the two great laws of the New Testament and shows that they are based clearly on the Old Testament. He delves deeply into the multitude of Old Testament scriptures teaching the principles of love, grace, caring, kindness, fairness. The New Testament does not introduce these concepts, but expands on these Old Testament principles. There has always been a spiritual component to the law. It guides us in honoring God by fulfilling our obligations to our neighbor.
Behind the Veil - Atonement Perspectives       Oct 4, 2014
Why was the extensive Leviticus 16 ritual needed? To appease an angry God? One only satisfied by death? Garnant expounds upon these Atonement rituals and parallels the difficult duties of the high priest. He then answers why this day is important for Christians to observe. God has delivered us, forgiven us, done miracles for us, has shown us we can fully trust Him. When we pray, ask forgiveness, we go behind the veil.
The Old Tent       Oct 10, 2014
How Tabernacles relates to our past, present and future.
The Sheep and the Lima Beans       Nov 1, 2014
This message reviews several of Christ's parables related to tending and caring for His servants. As Jesus goes forth to recover and rescue lost sheep, will we assist Him? We must remember the road that brought us here and what Jesus has done for us. To whom much has been given, much is required. Because we have been forgiven much, we should love much. We are in the flock by the grace of God. For until we care about what we have been given, more cannot be expected. Let us always be warm, friendly, empathetic, understanding and welcoming to all who come into our midst, whether new friend or old.
Joseph We Remember       Nov 22, 2014
In the lessons of Joseph, we are led through chapters that help us realize we, like Joseph, need to look back to see forward and thus see God's hand and action in our lives. Genesis 50:20
Ask Joseph       Dec 27, 2014
This sermon examines some important lessons for us from the remarkable life of Joseph, one of the sons of Israel.