Jon Garnant 2023 Sermons

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Living in Babylon - Acts 13 - The Formula       January 28, 2023
In chemistry, like baking a cake, you need a basic formula or recipe. So when we turn to Acts 13, we see Paul in the footsteps of Peter, Stephen and others following a simple "formula" for spreading the message of salvation, a recipe tailored to specific events yet true to a common core. We will analyze and apply this consistent approach of speaking to others about God's Plan and His Son. Jesus Christ.
Living in Babylon - Acts 13 (Part 2) - The Closer       February 11, 2023
Your team's leading, your pitcher has done well, but very tired... in comes The Closer, a pitcher to deliver a win. So it is with Acts 13, where Paul "closes" his message. Can we learn and apply lessons from how Paul and Barnabas "deliver" the gospel?
Living in Babylon - Acts 14 - Downs and Ups       March 11, 2023
As we read Acts 14, Paul and Barnabas are amongst diverse groups of Jews, Greeks, believers and nonbelievers. They experience a series of extreme lows and peaks, just as we do. He states "we are just like you, human". What else does Paul say to keep us focused while we go through trials, something always around us, to remind us of God?
Passover to Pentecost and the Empty Tomb       April 23, 2023
Passover season for Christians is the most concentrated typological time of the Holidays. The death burial and resurrection/ascension of Christ fulfills these. Critical to that fulfillment is an Empty Tomb.