Bill Lussenheide Sermons

Bill is a college graduate married to Terri (Miller), father of three sons, Bill Jr., Brad, and Kyle. Bill was listening to the radio program and was called when he was 14 years old. He was the only member of his family and was baptized at age 17.

He has been a speaker and lecturer at various civic organizations, Churches and fellowships and has hosted a financial radio program for many years on a variety of large radio stations. Bill is President of Lussenheide Capital Management Inc, a registered investment advisory firm.

In 2010, Bill was the first member of the Sabbatarian observing Churches of God to run for a major political office. Bill, in defeat, received the highest percentage vote of any third party candidate in the nation, in California’s 45th US Congressional district.

His interests include, the Bible, sports of all kinds, world history, weightlifting, astronomy, and numismatics. He is known by his friends as friendly, fun, energetic and the neighborhood champion in playing"Jeopardy" trivia quiz type games. He is a contributor to the landmark "Total Baseball" the official encyclopedia and statistics book of Major League Baseball.

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Keep the Big Rock First      Feb 10, 2018
The Seasons of Life      October 28, 2017
April 15, 2017      April 15, 2017
February 11, 2017      February 11, 2017
August 6, 2016      August 6, 2016
July 9, 2016      July 9, 2016
March 19, 2016      March 19, 2016
Born to Win      January 2, 2016
The Nazarite Vow      August 8, 2015
Lussenheide gives an entertaining message on the Nazarite vow, its origins, the reason behind it, its practices, and who is eligible to take it. He cites several Biblical examples of those who took the vow and shows how Jesus was not one of them. Lussenheide concludes with a discussion on vows for the Christian today.
Spiritual Antidotes to Unhappiness      June 6, 2015
Lussenheide shows 7 practices that make people unhappy, and how each of us, with God's help can overcome those bad practices and be happy. An encouraging message that even happy people can benefit from.
Esther: Hidden      April 11, 2015
Lussenheide takes a fascinating look at the book of Esther, including things that are not apparent in the straight reading. Includes: praying for wisdom, trusting in God especially when times are dark, acrostic that spells YHVH, acrostic that names Jesus as Messiah, the importance of assembling together, 13th day of the month, and more. Also discussed: Jewish traditions, Netanyahu's speech before the U.S. congress, Purim.
Dealing With Depression      Nov 8, 2014
Lussenheide speaks on depression. Biblical examples, personal examples, and how to deal with it using Biblical solutions. Tools to keep depression from ruling. "God wanted Elijah to make a choice of Godly action based on obedience rather than inaction based on emotions."
The Boxes in Life      Oct 18, 2014
Many things in the world attemp to box us in. The idea of being boxed in and labeled is contrasted with love and the Feast of Tabernacles.
Freedom      Sept 13, 2014
Lussenheide speaks on slavery, its extensive history, and its evils, including slavery in Islam, China, India, and more. There will be slavery in our future (Rev 18). How will God redeem all mankind from being slaves of men; slaves of Satan? The law of liberty. The truth will set you free. Ultimately, the Jubilee will set all men free from the slavery of sin. Free to joyfully submit to a loving God, not to indulge our pleasures.
Keep Swinging the Bat      Aug 2, 2014
Lussenheide uses baseball examples and scriptural admonitions to encourage, even prod us to persist and persevere. It is never too late to try again.
Listen to the Right Voice      June 14, 2014
Lussenheide discusses our spiritual battle and relates it to a World War propaganda effort. One of the tools used by our enemy is to voice doubt. Don't listen to those voices. It is victory or death. Choose life.
Tokyo Rose      May 24, 2014
Tokyo Rose, during WWII, gave out information that contained truth and lies. Do we listen to the broadcast of Satan? Will we overcome the disinformation of listening to the wrong message? Shut off the "radio" and listen to the true message. Tokyo Rose was placed in prison: Satan will be too. We control destiny by the voices we listen to.
Firsts in Our Life      Feb 22, 2014
Leaving the Faith for Dummies      Dec 14, 2013
Never Give Up      Nov 2, 2013
We have a race to run: the steeple chase of life. To finish the race we can't give up. We can finish this race by never giving up.
Never Give Up      Oct 19, 2013
Get Out of the Box      Aug 3, 2013
Leaving the Faith For Dummies      June 1, 2013
Miracle Births      April 13, 2013
The Battle For the Human Mind      March 16, 2013
To Dream the Impossible Dream      Jan 12, 2013
Twelve Steps to Sinlessness      Dec 22, 2012
The Seasons of Life      Oct 13, 2012
Cast Away the Azazel      Sept 26, 2012
Festival Themes in Ruth      Sept 1, 2012
Becoming a Godly King      June 30, 2012