John Ogwyn Sermons 1981

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The Fifth Commandment
The very foundation of any right society is the family unit. The human family pictures the divine family relationship. Ogwyn touches on these areas: respect for elders, prophecies of a decline of values, authority in the family, breakdown of family. wisdom on parents and children in Proverbs. How do you honor your parents? What are the parents' obligations? Just how serious is it for a child to be rebellious? How does one teach his children to obey the 5th commandment? The importance of example. Sex education. Don't humiliate your children, don't provoke. What about adult children? The example of Jesus.
The History of Jerusalem      August 8, 1981
Jerusalem -- Past, Present, and Future. Jerusalem -- Stone of Stumbling? or City of Peace? Who was Melchizidek? Ogwyn takes a fascinating look at Jerusalem's past and comments on its coming glory, including a remarkable prophetic fulfillment by General Allenby in 1917, and Herbert Armstrong's involvement in Jerusalem prophecy.
The Prayer of Faith      September 5, 1981
Ogwyn talks about prayer, and discusses such prayer subjects as anxiety, wisdom, finances, health, peace of mind, trials, and more. He also touches on cleansing ourselves, perfecting holiness, and drawing close to God. God has great promises and obligations that we can lay claim to, but we have our part to do. How can one be sure of receiving God's promises?
Is Utopia Really Possible?      October 13, 1981
Given at the 1981 Feast of Tabernacles. Ogwyn looks at why man’s plans for Utopia have failed and why God’s will succeed. What will be the foundation? Using the 4 components of a kingdom (laws, leaders, land, people), Ogwyn first examines man’s failure in those areas. Then, after looking at prophecies describing the arrival of the Kingdom of God, Ogwyn looks at how and why that kingdom will be a utopia. He looks at the contrast between man’s ways and God’s as well as how the 4 components will interact. What will our role be in that kingdom? What is our job now? Our opportunity? Ogwyn paints an exciting and motivating picture.