John Ogwyn Sermons 1989

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Effective Prayer      January 7, 1989
What it Means to Sin Against God      July 8, 1989
Our Common Bond - Fellowship with God      July 22, 1989
Learning to Fear God at the FOT      Sep 23, 1989
Trumpets 89 - Babylon in Prophecy      Sep 30, 1989
Ancient Babylon fell on the Feast of Trumpets. Prophetic Babylon will also fall on Trumpets. Ogwyn looks at Daniel’s prophecies, including “mene, mene, tekel, upharsin” and the meaning of its numbers in years, as well as the number of years the Babylon tree will remain banded. 2520 years ended in 1982. What we are seeing now, in 1989. Why the two legs of the future Roman Empire will stand in Germany and Russia.