John Ogwyn Sermons 1996

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Three Warnings for the Church      1996
What is the Spirit of the Law?      Jan 24, 1996
Focus on the Work      Feb 3, 1996
Strangers & Pilgrims      Feb 10, 1996
A Way of Life      Feb 23, 1996
Pentecost - Spirit of Power      May 26, 1996
How Pentecost fits into the Holy Day plan of God. "God's law leads us to every good thing." The problem with the Old Covenant and what the difference is between the covenants. Partaking of the power of God and what it will do for us. Being convinced that God has the power to do what He has said He will do. The miracle-working power of God, and how it can change lives, depending on the how it is received. Stories of amazing miracles both in the Bible and out. That we might ultimately be filled with the fullness of God and be a member of the family of God.
Righteous Justice      Jul 6, 1996
Ogwyn laments about the injustices in this world. He reflects on ancient Israel for a comparison to the injustices and lies that permeate our society. Comparisons of the two temples. Comparisons of the two comings of Christ. The equating of witchcraft with drugs and potions. How to prepare for the role of a judge and the principles involved, including judging oneself. "God has called us to judge righteous judgment. We must learn the way of righteousness, truth and mercy."
Hebrews      July 20, 1996
Ogwyn examines the book of Hebrews. What has Jesus been doing for 2000 years? Hebrews explains. The culture and conditions at the time are the framework to understand Hebrews. God illustrates things through the use of types, such as offerings, sacrifice, payment for sin, reconciliation, being made clean, location of law, forgiveness, removal of sin, and the priesthood. Throughout the message, Ogwyn intersperses, and concludes with, strong encouragement and motivation.