John Ogwyn Sermons Unknown Year #1

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Title / Summary
2 Peter 3:14
Good explanation of knowledge, understanding and wisdom. Ogwyn addresses the value of experience in applying these three principles. The peace of God and how to have it. Real peace comes through surrender. How the ceremonial laws of Leviticus 11-15 apply to the Christian.
7 Signs That Jesus is the Christ
7 Trumpet Plagues - Day of the Lord
A Loving & Trusting Heart
God wants our heart, not our rituals. Why? Ogwyn looks at the heart of King David. How the heart can be deceitful and how to get a clean heart. Solomon’s problem was of the heart – what we really want to do, we find a way. God tries the heart. Ogwyn gives interesting insight on the ritual of washing of the hands. Ogwyn looks at how the heart can be troubled, broken, pure, evil, hard, unbelieving, surrendered, loving, trusting, faithful. Head knowledge is worthless without a heart inclined to God.
A Time of Change
A Time of Renewal
All Nations Against Jerusalem
Being Part of an Inside Job
Book of John - 7 Signs That Jesus Was the Messiah
A look at early church history and the canonization of the New Testament. Ogwyn has an interesting narrative on what John’s 7 signs were, why they are important. The 7 signs were to show that Jesus was the Messiah and that He was the Son of God. Why did John write his books nearly 30 years after the other New Testament writers wrote theirs?
Building a Relationship With God in Prayer
If you need inspiration to pray, listen to this sermon. What’s so important about prayer? Is there a special formula? The prayer of Jabez. God is building a family and communication is critical to a good family relationship. Putting your heart in your prayer. Daniel as an excellent example of a prayer relationship with God. The importance of praise and thanksgiving in prayer giving a proper perspective on the greatness of God.
Christ Reflected in the Holydays
How the holy days point to Christ. What each one means in the plan of God. Three stages of salvation - justified, sanctified, glorified - the three holy days seasons picture these three stages.
Christ Reveals Grace & Truth
Jesus showed us the Father and how we can have a family relationship with Him and why we should. Definition and exploration of grace. Interesting discussion on light and truth and Jesus’ teaching on them.
Degrees of Glory
Examine Yourselves
Feast of Tabernacles
God's Controversy With Israel
Ogwyn looks at ancient Israel history and ties it to today’s events, especially as seen by Amos and Micah. Interesting detail on the historical accounts of, and reasons for, the tragic, disastrous downfall of Israel. God visits the transgressions of Israel and they would not turn to Him. The parallels between ancient Israel and the United States today is amazing.
God's Plan and Our Response
Judgment & Mercy
Example of man healed at Bethesda. Shows how mercy must be responded to with obedience. Jesus is the judge, based on truth. If you believe, you will do. Paul exposes Greeks' sins and their pending judgment then exposes Jews' sins and their pending judgment. Discussion of the mercy seat.
Justice, Mercy and Faith
Keeping God's Sign Holy
The Sabbath identifies the God of creation and His people. The God who created the world in 6 days and then rested. The Sabbath was made for man when man was made. God's law is a way of life, the way we are to live our life. What does it mean to "keep the Sabbath"? What does "convene" mean? "The Sabbath is a weekly reminder of the hope that lies within us." How the Sabbath symbolizes the Millennium. Where the New Testament explicitly commands Sabbath-keeping. What is a burden? What about commerce? An "ox in the ditch"? What is proper behavior at church? An excellent overview of the Christian Sabbath.