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Paul and the Church at Colossae      Dec 17, 2022
Near the beginning of his first Roman imprisonment, Paul wrote 3 letters to churches in Asia. The book of Colossians and Philemon were directed to the church in Colossae. But one half of the verses in Ephesians are also found in the letter to the Colossians, reflecting what was on Paul’s mind at the time. At the end of Colossians, Paul references a letter he wants the church to read that he wrote to the nearby church at Laodicea. Did Paul write a 4th letter? And do we actually have copies of that letter? We’ll examine this flurry of letters, and meet the chief personalities involved.
The Tragic Story of a Boy King      October 10, 2022
Joash was the youngest of the kings of Israel and Judah to assume the throne. What happened to all of the others who should have had the kingship? How did his reign, which started out so well, deteriorate into such a tragic story? And what is the lesson of endurance we should learn from it?
Lamentations and the Days of Awe      October 1, 2022
Lamentations is not a book we tend to focus on much. There are no prophecies, and most of the subject matter can be emotionally draining. But it can be an excellent choice to focus on during the time of Trumpets and Atonement and how we should react to this time of reflection and the prophecies associated with these days.
Can We Avoid Suffering?      September 10, 2022
We all experience suffering. And it’s easy to think: If we didn’t sin, if we didn’t make bad choices, if we didn’t expose ourselves to germs, and if we lived a healthy lifestyle, we wouldn’t have to suffer, would we? But the Bible makes it plain this is not the case. We are destined to suffer, just like Jesus did, who made no bad choices and didn’t sin. So why did Jesus suffer, and how does that affect us? And why is that a good thing?
Who Are the Rechabites and Why Are They Important?      July 30, 2022
The Bible is focused on Abraham and his descendants. But others are mentioned as they come in contact with the Israelites. We are going to trace one group of non-Israelites through scripture, examine their relationship to God, and look at a truly inspiring prophecy and lessons we can learn from the example of this remarkable family.
Unpardonable Sin      June 11, 2022
What is the Unpardonable Sin? How easy is it to commit this sin? Were Judas and the Pharisees guilty of it? What about our family and friends who have fallen away? And is it possible that you may have committed it already?
The Rituals of Pentecost      June 5, 2022
All of the festivals have symbols and rituals associated with them. For Pentecost, these symbols begin with the numerous names of the feast, and the strong emphasis on firstfruits. It continues with the waving of two loaves of leavened bread. Then there is the instruction not to reap the corners of your field or gather the gleanings. What is all of this about?
Water From the Rock      May 28, 2022
On the way to Sinai, the Israelites were tested several times. One such test was the episode of the water from the rock. But this was not just an interesting story. It also had spiritual and symbolic overtones that are especially relevant as we approach Pentecost. Beattie proposes 3 big lessons we can learn from this incident.
Elisha and the Attack of the She-Bears      May 7, 2022
Elisha had just witnessed Elijah being taken away in a whirlwind. He returns to Jericho, and continues on to Bethel. But as he approaches the city, a strange incident occurs involving the local youth and two she-bears. Let’s examine this story and the events that lead up to it.
Elisha and the Shunammite      March 5, 2022
Elisha was a very different prophet from his predecessor. Let’s discover what made him unique. We will also focus on the woman of Shunem, her relationship to Elisha, and her example for us today.
Elijah - The Zealous Introvert      December 18, 2021
Elijah was a great prophet, zealous for God, and used powerfully by Him during his life and in prophecies afterward. He was also a loner and introvert who suffered from depression.
What Happens When Bad Stuff Happens      November 20, 2021
Bad things that happen are not always bad in the end. And good things are not always good. God promises blessings for following Him. So why do so many bad things seem to happen?
What's So Good About Trumpets?      September 7, 2021
Trumpets symbolize and are used for many things in Scripture, including wars, warnings, and plagues. These can give a very negative view of the Holy Day. But trumpets are also used to celebrate, announce wonderful events, and to praise and worship God. How do these joyous uses fit in with the Day of Trumpets?
What Does God Want Us to Know About the Ninth of Ab?      July 17, 2021
Many keep a fast on the ninth of Ab to commemorate the destruction of not only the first temple, but also the second temple and a dozen or more other catastrophic events primarily involving the Jewish people that occurred on or very close to that date. What does God have to say about this traditional observance, and whether we should be keeping it?
How Does the Bible View Death?      June 12, 2021
Why does the Bible (and Jesus) often refer to death as "sleep"? What is it like to wake up after being resurrected? What will the first resurrection be like? Beattie engages in some fascinating speculation on the timing and nature of the second resurrection.
Have You Forsaken Me?      March 27, 2021
One of Jesus’ last sayings on the cross was the opening line of Psalm 22. What can we learn from this Psalm about Jesus’ thoughts at the time? Why did Jesus say this, and what did He mean by it?
The Last Temptation of Christ - Could Jesus Have Sinned?      March 20, 2021
Satan knew there was only one way to keep his throne. He had to make his prophesied successor fail. We will explore the epic battle between Jesus and Satan, especially the painful temptation Jesus had to endure on His last day.
Covetousness and the Rich Men of Luke      January 23, 2021
Jesus raised the commandments to a higher, spiritual plain. This included the 10th commandment. We will explore how Jesus looked at the commandment on covetousness through the stories of the 5 rich men of the book of Luke, and how this should affect our lives.
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The Violent Take it By Force      November 9, 2019
In Matthew 11:12, Jesus is quoted as making an enigmatic statement about the kingdom of God suffering violence. Using other verses in the gospels, it is possible to sort out the meaning of His words.
Read the Book      October 18, 2019
Deuteronomy 31:9-13 describes reading the Bible at the Feast of Tabernacles. We examine five principles drawn from this instruction to guide us in our lives today and help us prepare for the Kingdom to come.
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Paul and the Corinthians      June 22, 2019
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Paul in Corinth      September 1, 2018
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Questions on Pentecost      May 20, 2018
A Survey of John the Baptist      April 28, 2018
Last Day Events      April 6, 2018
Can God Revoke Forgiveness?      March 17, 2018
Did Jesus Reveal the Father?      January 27, 2018
Hanukkah      Dec 9, 2017
Parable of the Unjust Steward      November 18, 2017
Does God Always Bless the Righteous?      Oct 14, 2017
Sept 2, 2017      September 2, 2017
Meditation      June 17, 2017
The Growth of Paul      May 13, 2017
April 15, 2017      April 15, 2017
You Were a Stranger      Mar 18, 2017
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Afflict Our Souls      October 12, 2016
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The Last Temptation of Christ      April 30, 2016
Thomas      Jan 16, 2016
What is Hidden Will Be Revealed      Nov 21, 2015
Feast of Trumpets - A Day to Rejoice!      Sept 14, 2015
Jabesh Gilead      August 8, 2015
Beattie goes deep into the Old Testament to relate an intriguing story connecting King Saul, his death, the tribe of Benjamin, the men of Jabesh-Gilead and the town of Gibeah.
Manna      May 16, 2015
Beattie discusses the introduction of Manna in Exodus, its role in Israelite history, and how Israel forgot the lessons. As Christians we have been given the true Bread of Life.
Abraham and the Days of Unleavened Bread      April 11, 2015
Beattie relates the Days of Unleavened Bread to events in the Bible, especially in Abraham's life. Subjects include: faith, prophecies, mow-eds, foot-washing, bread and wine, Isaac parallels with Jesus, victory over sin.
Why Are They Broken?      Jan 31, 2015
Concerning Psalms 9 & 10, Beattie gives fascinating insight into why the acrostics in these Psalms are broken. The "break" may be intentional, showing how the wicked disrupts and God restores and brings order.
Fasts of Zechariah 7      Jan 3, 2015
Beattie explores the four fasts listed in Zechariah, their history, their observance by the Jews, and their relevance to the Christian.
The Family of Herod      Dec 6, 2014
Beattie gives a thorough study of the family of Herod from the scriptures, supplemented by secular history. No fewer than 11 members of the family and 4 generations appear in the Bible. Beattie traces their actions, their interactions with Jesus, and later, their interactions with the Apostles.
The Unpardonable Sin      Sept 27, 2014
Beattie gives an unconventional and thought-provoking message on the issue of the so-called "unpardonable sin".
Faithful in Very Little      August 30, 2014
Beattie addresses the responsibilities we all have, jobs, family, physical health, spiritual health, money, etc., and the need to take care of each of them, no matter how small and insignificant they may be. God will not reward you with bigger things until you show you can handle the small things. Beattie provides multiple Biblical examples to support this principle.
What Motivated the Disciples?      July 12, 2014
What motivated the disciples to just drop their nets; leave their livelihood, and depart their families to follow a stranger? There is more to the story when we look at other events involving the disciples and explain from their point of view. The disciples interacted with each other and had separate motivations and levels of understanding.
John 21      May 24, 2014
Beattie gives interesting and valuable insights into the 21st chapter of John.
April 5, 2014      April 5, 2014
The Olivet Parables      Feb 22, 2014
Beattie reviews the parables of Matthew 24 & 25, showing similarities in them, while motivating us to follow the teachings of Jesus.
Great Faith      Dec 7, 2013
Beattie compares two remarkable stories of faith. Both involve Gentiles, both involve "remote" healings by Jesus, and other interesting similarities.
Purpose of the Sacrifices      Sept 28, 2013
An overiew of the sacrificial system, focusing specifically on animal sacrifice and what we can learn from them.
Is Trumpets a Day to Rejoice?      Sept 7, 2013
If we're striving to do God's will the fulfillment of the Day of Trumpets will be a time to look forward to and rejoice.
Mountains      July 27, 2013
What the Bible has to say about mountains and whether or not their existence is doomed in the near future.
Gnashing      June 22, 2013
Beattie discusses "outer darkness" and "weeping and gnashing of teeth".
The Blood of Zechariah      April 6, 2013
An examination of the background and story of Zechariah.
Early Confrontations with the Pharisees      February 9, 2013
How did this tense relationship get started with the Pharisees towards Jesus Christ? How early did it begin? What were the first recorded run-ins?
Forgiving One Another      November 17, 2012
Forgiving our brother comes with faith and persistence.
Jubilee Cycle      Sept 22, 2012
A parallel to Christ's redemption for His people and the redemption of the Jubilee cycle.
Use It or Lose It      July 28, 2012
An examination of the parables to show what it is that we are given from God to invest with, and what we are to do with it.
You Have Heard it Said 'You Shall Not Covet'      June 26, 2012
A look at coveteousness as illustrated by Jesus in the stories from the book of Luke.
Hanukkah From a Christian Perspective      December 24, 2011
A look at Hanukkah from a Christian perspective and what would we get out of celebrating it.
The Violent Take it By Force      Sept 3, 2011
A look at two explanations of what "the violent take it by force" means in Matthew 11. Which meaning did Jesus intend to convey?
Meditation on God's Law      June 25, 2011
We can all benefit from heeding David's words to Solomon to learn more about God's laws, testimonies, His ways, and to meditate on them. Psalm 119 is a place to learn how to meditate on God's Law and to see how important it is.
Lessons From the Last Day of Unleavened Bread      April 30, 2011
Discover a few lessons we can learn from the Scriptures that the Israelites learned, but didn't apply in their lives. Will we be like the Israelites and forget these lessons or will we do better? We have a chance to learn from their mistakes.
Why Did Sacrifices Cease?      Jan 8, 2011
A dive into Hebrews 10, which explains how the sacrifice of Jesus Christ covers our sins once for all, replacing the continuous offerings year after year of the Old Covenant.
Why Booths?      August 21, 2010
We are supposed to learn from the children of Israel dwelling in booths.
Numbering Israel      July 3, 2010
A look at an incident in 2 Samuel 24 and the importance of doing what is right the first time.
Growing Up to be Little Children      March 27, 2010
A look at the idea of little children and see what we can learn from the metaphor and apply it to our lives.
Feb 13, 2010      February 13, 2010
Unique Healing      January 2, 2010
A look at the rather unique healing of Mark 8:22-26. Why did it apparently take Jesus two attempts?
Blindness      Oct 24, 2009
There has been a symbol that runs through the Scripture. It's the symbol of blindness. We'll look at some examples of blindness–physical and spiritual.
Ninth of Av      July 25, 2009
The ninth of av is an annual fast day kept by the Jews, and it is a day of mourning and fasting. History points to a series of calamities on this day and many believe it was a punishment for not going into the Promised Land.
The Irrelevant King      February 7, 2009
A look at verse 25 in Judges 21, "in those days there was no king in Israel; everyone did what was right in his own eyes." What does this verse mean to you?
Fasting and Preparation      October 4, 2008
A look at scriptures about fasting in order to help prepare us for Atonement.
Being Perfect      July 19, 2008
It may be possible to take some of these hard verses that demand a seemingly impossible standard to achieve and water them down so that they do not condemn us quite so much. It helps us not feel guilty about the standard God has set.
Hanukkah      December 8, 2007
A look at what happened during Hanukkah as recorded by John.