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0702 Beauty and the Apologist
0705 Hallowed be Thy Name
0707 The Road
The narrow way. Doing right is often hard. Distractions along the way. Need for a road map. 4 tempting alternate routes. Lessons of Hebrews 12. Don't let arguers divert you. Discussion on Passover to Easter, deity of Christ, eternity of Christ, and Catholic overreaction leading to the trinity.
0709 Faith, Cast Off
0711 The 49th Passover
0715 Six Weeks to Pentecost
0717 Unrighteous Anger
0719 Love the Little Children
0723 In the Last Days
0725 In the Last Days - Part 2
0727 The Marriage Covenant
0728 Our Report Card
0730 What Did Jesus Mean?
0732 Christian Pharisees
0734 The Fallacy of Christian Judaism
0737 Thinking About Atonement
Jewish tradition offers little to the Christian observance of Atonement. Dart discusses the Leviticus 23 command and, in detail, the Leviticus 16 ceremony, including the two goats. “Sin is an ongoing presence in our lives and in the world therefore the final liberation from sin depends on Christ as much as the initial liberation did.” While admitting that he can’t be certain, Dart shows how the two goats represent these two functions of Jesus Christ. The priest sprinkling the blood parallels Christ’s initial ascent to the Father. Atonement represents a reset, as illustrated in the Leviticus 25 Jubilee. It is not only a day of reconciliation with God, but with each other, each of whom God has forgiven just as much as he has forgiven me. Why is the Jubilee on Atonement? It is a forgiveness of sin and debt. While Leviticus has great application for the Christian Atonement, the book of Hebrews and Romans 5 clarify Atonement even more. We can do nothing to free ourselves; it is only by the grace of Jesus Christ.
0742 My Role Model
0745 A Passion for the Bible
Highly recommended. People in the old WCG had a passion for the Bible. What comes easily is often less valued; more self-discipline required. William Tyndale. Lutherans in Russia. Concerning doctrine: 1) study in context, 2) if it separates brethren, beware, 3) have a passion for the Bible and be attentive to the recognized leaders.
0747 Renewing the Power to Love
Loving the unlovable. God loves us in spite of us, not because of us. Ongoing repentance, trials can prepare us to help others. We show love for God by what we do for others.
0749 The Mysteries of Jesus
God had no beginning. Bible deals only with "project earth". Book of Hebrews challenged Jews; was pre-70 AD. If something doesn't fit, hold it in your heart, like Mary did. Don't throw it out or reshape it; don't be a know-it-all. Jesus' pre-existence.
0752 The Mysteries of Jesus 2
Jesus knew who He was. Jesus pre-existent. Jesus had authority to judge because He knows our condition. Jesus was the God of the Old Testament. Jesus was the I AM.
07BFH Bread From Heaven
What is the work of God? Believing will change your life in every way. Did the Jews in John 6 believe the bread? What did Jesus mean by believing in Him? He means believe with a commitment. An examination of John 6 in the light of Passover and the Days of Unleavened Bread. Bread from heaven – fed the 5000, fed the wandering Israelites, feeds us. Manna, as a type of Christ, was probably unleavened. We are all, sooner or later, faced with a hard decision and could turn back. Passover is a blood covenant. We must abstain from leaven during the feast, but must we partake of unleavened bread? Yes, we must eat unleavened bread 7 days as a reminder of the covenant we have with Christ.
07F1 Under This Moon
Was Jesus born on opening night of the Feast of Tabernacles? Symbolism of tabernacles. He came in the flesh; try the spirits; heresy; antichrist. Story of Jesus' personal, private and humble birth and that He came vulnerable. Abortion and the baby leaping in Elizabeth's womb. The importance of humility in our very personal relationship with Jesus.
07F2 I Walked Today Where Jesus Walked
Magi probably Abrahamic. Cmpared to Jesus, my burden is zip. Why would we have it any better? It is a corrupt world and we're here to overcome it. Christianity is growing in Africa, South America, and languishing here. Fight, never give up. Fiery furnace example -- even if it seems God isn't there, stay faithful anyway. Danger in going it alone; Malachi 3:15 people spoke to one another.
07F5 You Are the Miracle
The New Testament church is a new church, not a revamped Judaism. We are here to build, as others have before us . . work! What Paul did made a difference whether some were saved or not. Horace Driver's impact on Ron Dart's calling. Persuade with respect. God didn't just impart understanding, He sent Phillip. Even Apollos was helped by regular members.
07F9 The Last Chapter
Everything physical will end one day. New heavens and new earth. Only the transformed will survive. The way will be open to any man. Holy days have: 1) prophetic meaning; 2) soteriological meaning (salvation); 3) historical meaning; 4) Christological meaning. Two resurrections. Human evil. Book of life. Everyone gets their chance. Our role in bringing people to God.
07PEN Tradition
Given at the Kentucky Pentecost festival. Don’t complain against the other branches. “You follow me.” Don’t compare selves to others; Christ is the standard. The internet has no one in charge and this freedom is what God wants. Importance of tradition in holding us together. New tradition did not come from man, but from Jesus, contrary to Judaism. The church should have an approved method of dispute resolution with the local assembly as the judiciary. Our tradition (the accumulated judgments over time) is not sancrosanct, but is not trivial, either. Changes to tradition must be done together or not at all. When the winds of doctrine threaten to blow a church off course, cling to the traditions. Growth is a purpose of the church. The church has no coercive power, only persuasive power.
2007 Feast of Trumpets
Dart talks about the different rapture theories and warns of the danger of trying to be special, the cream of the crop, in the inner circle. Dart then talks of prophecy, the the two reasons for it, the trumpets of Revelation and the resurrection of the saints at the last trump. He ties in 1 Corinthians 15 and 1 Thessalonians 4. Dart discusses various rapture theories and emphasizes that all saints are resurrected at the same time, led by the dead. Why will the Philadelphian church in Revelation 3 be protected? Because they know when? Because they understand the rapture? No, it is not about what they know, but what they do. Bottom line: Be ready, you do not know when your Master will return.
2007 For All the Saints
Excellent sermon. Given at the Lexington Winter-fest. Story of Ron meeting Allie in 1949. Baptism formula. Be like the Bereans, "Don't believe me, believe the Bible." Ephesians 4 is the mission statement for the church. The church is supposed to grow. Paul was set apart at birth. When we break loose from a church, we are in danger of going adrift. Children are "saints" because of their parents, and, by the time they leave home, will have to establish their own relationship with God.
2007 Passover Service
A traditional Church of God Passover Service. Suitable for use with a small group for Passover.
2007 Seven Pitfalls for the Christian Voter in 2008