Ron Dart 1978 Sermons

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7800 Called of God
Garner Ted Armstrong's and Ron Dart's departure from WCG mentioned, along with Herbert W Armstrong's finding of new truth. The truth does not need us to defend it. A calling is a deliberate invitation for a purpose. Many are called, few respond, fewer yet accept the personal commission that cannot be delegated to another, such as a minister. Can you pay someone else to bear your cross? To take on your obligation?
7806 A Day of Salvation
Trumpets. Symbolism of Holy Days. Offerings 3 times a year because 3 harvests a year. Not 3 months to the harvest. No, it is now. Have we abandoned ourselves to the fatalism that only God calls, so there's little for us to do? Matthew 28 commission is to all the church. Multiple factors to the gospel. Paul was so driven because what he did made a difference whether some would be saved or not. Acts 4 shows it is not just for the leaders. At what price unity? Praise for Herbert W Armstrong choosing to preach the Holy Days over unity. So, what are we to do? Prepare. Read the Bible. Be ready.
7816 Where Have All the Christians Gone?
How do you spot a Christian? Not by knowledge; not by name; not even by law-keeping, but by repentance and walking with the spirit. Living by the golden rule. Holy Spirit does not possess; it leads and we decide whether to follow. Hostility toward God. What are Fruits? What are the characteristics of a Christian? Forgiving; merciful and not condemning; love.
78-09-23 I Am a Minister of Jesus Christ
Ron Dart's first sermon after leaving WCG. Dart reads his letter of resignation. Dart couldn't just sit, do nothing, and take a paycheck. Dart's story of coming in to WCG. Repeated references to The Autobiography of Herbert W. Armstrong for guidance in his decision to leave WCG. Matthew 28 commission is for all Christians. "We find our salvation by seeking the salvation of others." Church eras. Story of the geese at Bricketwood, Acts 8, and growth by spreading. God gives us the freedom to decide and expects us to use it. Sometimes huge bureaucracies self-defend. We're all being watched by the world, by the church, by everyone.
78-09-30 Healing
Why did Jesus heal? Jesus showed it was right and fit to relieve suffering on the Sabbath day. There is a clear connection between sin and disease, but that is not to say that the sick brought it upon himself from his sins. Rather, he is sick because sin is in the world. Therefore, the humility of a repentant sinner is important when we ask for healing. This dual aspect of sin and disease is tied to the Passover healing of both sickness (bread) and sins (blood). Healing symbolizes the forgiveness of sins. As sickness is a down payment on the death that sinners deserve, healing is a down payment on the resurrection that repentant sinners receive. Did Hezekiah, in getting another 15 years, jeopardize his fate? Dart talks of the Worldwide Church of God and Herbert Armstrong’s position on doctors, medicine, healing, and faith. Dart quotes Herbert Armstrong, “God will not do for us what we can do for ourselves.” Asa was not necessarily wrong for going to doctors, he was certainly wrong for not going to God. Ahaziah’s death had nothing to do with doctors, but with going to a false God. The danger is choosing medicine instead of God.
78-11-04 Form vs Substance
Form is not wrong, but is only a means to an end -- the substance is our relationship with Christ. Is it easier to do the ritual than to sincerely repent? Its easier to say than to do. Its easier to judge others than to judge self. The Matthew 5 Pharisaical form is easy; the Christian substance is hard and exceeds what the Pharisees did. Form is the wide gate.
78-12-02 Christ Covers Guilt
Many ways that people cope with guilt from penance to excuses. Saul's self-contradictory statement is like "The barefoot boy with shoes on stood sitting in the grass." David, on the other hand, took full responsibility, which is the first step to alleviating guilt by placing it under the blood of Christ, both at baptism and with regular renewal. Psalm 32, Isaiah 53. There is never a need for a Christian to feel guilty. Why remember something God will not hold us accountable for? Face your guilts, repent to God. All this brings liberty, freedom from guilt.