Jon Garnant 2008 Sermons

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Biblical Stewardship       Mar 29, 2008
God has given us resources and we need to learn to utilize them. It all belongs to God; how will we take care of what He has entrusted us with? Four principles of stewardship:
1) God owns all
2) We are being trained
3) Exercise faith in God, not in possessions
4) One day, God will give us everything
God will not give us more if we mis-use what we have. More is said on in the Bible about managing resources than perhaps on anything else. Debt has spiritual implications. It is not wrong to borrow, but it is wrong to borrow and borrow and borrow. We need to get rid of this debt, at least partially. Multiple Biblical examples: value your time, 1st & 2nd tithe.
Concepts of Passover       Mar 29, 2008
Given at the United Church of God, Los Angeles. Pre-Passover. An analysis of concepts, thoughts and possible different meanings of the Passover. 1 Corinthians 10 is a pivotal chapter to this end. (Garnant recommends Alexander Scourby’s audio reading of the Bible.) Things that happened to them are a type for us, both warnings and common circumstances. Passover is about a community covenant. It is a singular night of sharing. Explanation of why the bread and wine.
Sowing and Reaping       August 23, 2008
We are a composite of a good heart and a stony heart. During our life here on earth God can and will cultivate our hearts. We are not perfect when we are baptized; we increase in knowledge and understanding. The Holy Spirit is an agent to change our heart and soften our hearts.
Ingathering the Family FOT Escondido       Oct 17, 2008