Jon Garnant 2009 Sermons

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Elements of Passover       Feb 28, 2009
The events of the first Passover and the events of Jesus' Passover happened very quickly, in a single night. This sermon discusses elements of the Passover and how the evening of Passover has been preserved through time.
Stronger Than Prison Bars       April 18, 2009
Preeminence of the Firstborn       May 31, 2009
Pentecost sermon. The wave sheaf offering, the first fruit, the resurrection, and how everything points to Jesus. Christ as the first fruit and how it relates to us. He will dwell in us; we are first fruits when we use His spirit.
The Chemistry of Matthew 18       June 6, 2009
There are formulas and steps to working with chemicals. The chemical perspective of Matthew is looked at in this message. This chapter will be divided into four sections and looked at from a chemist and laboratory perspective. Jesus uses key examples and themes that are animate and inanimate in this section and we will find out why.
Do You Feel Like a Grape?       July 11, 2009
In Matthew 7:13, Jesus describes two paths, two ways of life. We have a choice in our life's journey. We can go the easy way, the wide path, in which many go, or we can respond to God's calling and embark on the Way that leads to life eternal. He describes that Way as narrow and difficult, but urges us to choose that Way for a glorious destiny in the Kingdom of God.
Four Hearts       August 8, 2009
Reaping & Sowing       August 29, 2009
There are many types of wheat. There are common wheat, durum wheat, and many others. Are we like the man who plants a type of wheat seed and when we harvest or reap we get a result we did not expect? Many times we put down a winter wheat and end up with corn. What we sow is what we reap. We have the opportunity to sow good seed and reap good fruit.
Abigail       Sept 12, 2009
The story of David and Abigail is looked at. The relationship and our love for Jesus Christ are blended into this message, it is a message of servanthood and humility.
Access - Face to Face (Atonement)       Sept 28, 2009
We have direct access to God through Jesus Christ.
The Truth       Oct 31, 2009
People search for it, sometimes their whole life. Garnant answers the question, “With all the church out there, why are we at church today an why here?” from the 2nd and 3rd epistles of John. Truth vs belief. Love for the truth. Walking in the truth. Loving those in the truth.
Nehushtan       Dec 5, 2009
Story of Moses’ bronze serpent. Why it was necessary; what it symbolized; what its purpose was. How does it relate to Christianity? How tall was it? Where does it show up in our society today? Isn’t it a graven image? How does it relate to Nicodemus? Parallels between Numbers 21 and John 3. We are blessed with a great perspective, which should give us much comfort and gratitude that comes from knowing our sins have been cleansed.
The True Context of Matthew 18       Dec 19, 2009
Intro – how to respond to “Merry Christmas”. Garnant looks at Matthew 18:15-17 but in the context of the entire chapter of Matthew 18. – be childlike, - avoiding sin, - avoiding offending, - reconciliation as the goal, - humble, innocent, forgiving, - person to person meeting, - forgiveness. “Binding and loosing” and “the church” are not specifically addressed because of the bigger point of the Matthew 18. Bottom line – forgive.
The Mystery of the Vineyard       Dec 26, 2009
When we are right in mind we are right in action. We should always lookout for others’ best interest. We know and believe that humility and righteousness will win out. All things that we think and all things that we do need to produce good fruit.