Jon Garnant 2010 Sermons

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The Blessing       Jan 23, 2010
Garnant discusses Isaac’s blessing upon Jacob, especially in the context of parent-to-child, while not diminishing the prophetic significance of the blessing. Five elements of a blessing, one of which is touch, which is especially important in a blessing, church rites, Jesus’ healings/blessings, and our relationships with our loved ones. That the blessing is spoken is also significant, as we see in God blessing Abram.
Principles of Affection       Feb 27, 2010
Everyone wants to be accepted and thought highly of in this society. So how do we do this from a Godly perspective? This message deals with the principles for seeking affection in an appropriate fashion.
The Resurrection of Jesus Christ       Apr 3, 2010
Many ancient (Greek, Roman) philosophies believed death could not be reversed. Yet, both the Old Testament and the New Testament teach a resurrection. While examples of resurrections in the Bible are a return to physical life only to die again, Jesus’ resurrection was to eternal life – never to die again. This better resurrection parallels leavened bread to unleavened bread; sinfulness to righteousness. Baptism as a type of resurrection -- the resurrection of Jesus Christ is the conquering of sin and death. The Days of Unleavened Bread are not just about Passover and putting sin out, but also about the resurrection. We need to look at what was done for us and react appropriately.
Koinonia Fellowship       Jun 12, 2010
The high importance of enthusiasm. A review of the Pentecost event and subsequent fading of enthusiasm. What did the first Christians do? What should we do? The meaning of “one accord” and depth of that one-ness. The fellowship of the early church was unique. As it was diverse and had a close fellowship, so with us, also, too. As they shared, so can we. Garnant continues with a very inspiring discussion on fellowship.
Koinonia - After Pentecost       Jun 26, 2010
The rich, meaningful fellowship we have with each other through God's Holy Spirit.
Three Prayers Plus One       Aug 7, 2010
Given at the United Church of God, Los Angeles, Garnant provides an excellent narrative of David’s prayer about the temple, Solomon’s prayer at its dedication, and Jesus’ model prayer. How the focus of each is on God. Garnant encourages us to apply these principles to our own prayers.
Why We Observe The Holy Days       Sept 11, 2010
This message explores why we, as Bible-believing Christians, celebrate the Holy Days of God, and how to give an answer to those that ask about their observance.
Gratitude       Dec 4, 2010
Given at the United Church of God, Los Angeles. The conflict between the Jews and the Samaritans is background as Garnant studies gratitude in the context of the 10 cleansed lepers. We are the recipients of many gifts we don’t deserve. Gratitude is very personal and must be expressed. Gratefulness is the annihilation of self – for our good, not God’s. Garnant inspires: “Every day in every way reflect and remember your blessings.”
The Chemistry of Unity       Dec 11, 2010
Given at the United Church of God, Los Angeles. In a look at Ephesians 4, Garnant likens the instructions and components to chemistry, in that the importance of every “ingredient” and “instruction” is essential in achieving the desired result, specifically, the “bond” of unity. The recipe, the formula, the instructions. Any imperfections will ruin the result. The titles “evangelist”, “teacher” and others are not positions, but verbs, working to serve and achieve the end result that is the point of all these instructions and directions.