Jon Garnant 2013 Sermons

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Remember to Praise the Eternal       Jan 19, 2013
Entering the Land       Feb 23, 2013
We have been given great knowledge and understanding through God's Word and unfettered access to Him through His Son. We can go to God at any time, as the source of knowledge and understanding, for guidance in applying biblical wisdom in our lives.
The Wave Sheaf and Prepositional Life       April 1, 2013
Christ: the Wave Sheaf Offering accepted by God
The Wave Sheaf Offering and Prepositional Life       April 27, 2013
He Gave Gifts, Part 1       May 11, 2013
How the ascension of Jesus Christ empowers us with spiritual gifts.
He Gave Gifts, Part 2       May 19, 2013
Edifying the Body of Christ by utilizing and developing the gifts God gives.
Doing       June 15, 2013
How do we give evidence of the preeminence of God's Spirit in our lives? By our actions... in the "doing."
The One True Church       June 29, 2013
The Biblical Concept of Wisdom       July 13, 2013
Acquiring, understanding and practicing wisdom.
Sophos II       Aug 10, 2013
Based on the book of Ecclesiastes, this sermon examines wisdom: application of the knowledge God gives us.
Wisdom       Aug 24, 2013
Metamorphosis       Sept 5, 2013
The Feast of Trumpets is about change. There will be a future resurrection in which those in Christ will be changed. We must change in order to be changed.
The White Fast       Sept 14, 2013
God the Father and Jesus Christ provide the foundation and basis for atonement with humanity. However, there are two qualities that we must have for that atonement to be complete.
Tabernacling With God       Sept 20, 2013
Taming the Tongue       Oct 5, 2013
Our speech can bless and curse, uplift and tear down. This sermon offers biblical guidance in our use of language.
Taming the Tongue       Nov 16, 2013
Lazarus and the Forest       Nov 23, 2013
An examination of the meaning of the parable of Lazarus and the rich man.