Jon Garnant 2017 Sermons

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Does God Know the Future? -- Sort of       January 21, 2017
We make choices in this life. How much control do we really have? How much foreknowledge does God have? This message explores the issue of free will, predestination, and the all-knowing God.
Two Powers in Heaven -- I Have Come -- Part 3       March 25, 2017
This message is the third of the "Two Powers" series, highlighting the United Church of God's doctrinal position on the nature of God. It discusses the eminence of Jesus Christ and the preeminence of God the Father, and focuses specifically on the agency of Jesus Christ and the relationship to the upcoming Passover holy day season.
Be Not Afraid - The Tomb is Empty       April 15, 2017
We all have fears. The Passover, Days of Unleavened Bread and the Wave Sheaf offering of the first fruits teach us many things. The most important event in human history -- the death, burial, resurrection and ascension of Jesus Christ -- is our assurance of Jesus' promise that we will one day, beyond the fear of this life, join and share in life eternal with Him.
Your Offering, Your Part to Play, Seeking God's Will       April 22, 2017
When we surrender our lives to God, we begin the process of Christian growth through the renewing of our minds in accordance with God's will. We have commonality and unity in Christ; however, God's will is expressed differently in each of us. This message, given immediately following the spring holy days, challenges us to seek God's guidance in how we live and to continually look for new ways of aligning with and expressing His will in our lives.
Not What I Expected       June 10, 2017
Life never goes the way we plan or think how it should go. We have hopes and dreams, but things happen. Life changes. Even people of faith, who have God's Spirit, can be bewildered by the events and disappointments in life. Is God aware? Does He care? We can have doubts and even, at times, despair. How much of God's plan and the way He interacts with us do we understand? This encouraging message examines those areas and how we can have faith in the all-knowing, loving God and the glorious future He has in store for humanity.
After the Miracles       July 15, 2017
Israel has a special status and relationship with God. This message, based on Paul's writings in Ist Corinthians Chapters 8 and 10, examines the spiritual aspects of Israel's post-Exodus legacy and the important lessons for us today.
We Live Between the Resurections       September 9, 2017
Death is a fact of life. It's inevitable. As we approach the fall holy day season, we should be aware that those days include a critical perspective of death. This message explains why this is such an important time and how these days - the Feast of Trumpets, Day of Atonement, Feast of Tabernacles and Eighth Day of Assembly - foreshadow events that include resurrections of humanity and culminate in a joyous time when death will be no more.
Compassionate Cardboard Tabernacles       October 8, 2017
One of the key elements in Leviticus 23, discussing the Feast of Tabernacles, is the wandering of Israel in Tabernacles, in physical tents that were temporary. This theme is carried out in the New Testament, where Paul in 2 Corinthians 4-5 reminds we tabernacle, we dwell, in temporary vessels... this more than any other reminds us that we know, once in the Kingdom, how it is to hurt.
Tabernacles - Water & Light       October 14, 2017
Water and light are essential for human beings. Jesus Christ is the true water and light of the world. This message examines Jesus' teachings and the events and ceremonies associated with the Feast of Tabernacles as recorded in John 7 and 8.
Looking For Miracles       Nov 11, 2017
Garnant talks about the numerous miracles that we each have experienced in our lives. We have many, many reasons to be grateful. Reflect on the miracles, small and great. The child, the job, the healing, the resolution. Do we forget once we are satisfied? Look for miracles, and remember those in the past where God has intervened.
The Gospel to Faithful Abraham       December 23, 2017
In the Bible, Abraham is held up as a primary example of faith. The essence of believing and understanding the faith that we have in God and Jesus Christ is exemplified in a gospel that was given to Abraham and preached from time immemorial. This message examines his faith and what we can learn from his relationship with God.