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Daniel 12 - Living in Babylon - The Path to Resurrection       January 23, 2021
We live in a type of Babylon - a culture that does not know God. This is the twelfth and final episode of a series on the book of Daniel, a book from which we can draws lessons on how to live and practice our faith. Chapter 12 describes an enigmatic series of prophetic events that culminate in the resurrection of the saints at return of Jesus Christ.
Passover - A Time of Three Miracles       March 6, 2021
The Passover is a very special time. It is a time of miracles, specifically three miracles. Two of these miracles are historical and one is very special.
Living in Babylon - Acts of the Apostles - The Promise       May 22, 2021
As we approach a new series for study, the book of Acts is an example of "putting faith in action". Its author, Luke, is the most prolific writer, with over 25% of the NT from his hand alone. Under inspiration of God's Spirit, we will see in the first chapter, God sends a Promise thru the words and deeds of Jesus Christ that will see simple people do great things.
Living in Babylon - Acts 2 - The Promise Delivered       July 10, 2021
Acts 2 continues the story of the Promise of the Holy Spirit, now delivered to the early disciples of Jesus – living in a type of Babylon, governed by Rome, who were given unbelievable power to do incredible things to promote the Gospel. That power was manifested as a specific gift, received by a specific group. It all is an example for us.
Living in Babylon - Acts 3 - The Name       August 28, 2021
As we move through life, we often will seek out a key or process that works, producing positive results time and time again. Acts 3 is such a time where the Apostles, early in the book, develop a formula to proclaim the gospel, do great works and it is all centered on a Name.
Living in Babylon - Acts 4 - Bearing the Name       October 2, 2021
What if you lived in a world with an oppressive government? What is it also included a powerful religious authority as we well? As we continue in our series of the book of Acts, we come to Acts 4, where we see the Apostles come face to face with exactly these issues. So as they navigate thru this Roman and religious environment, we will see them Bearing God's Name in a very special way. It is a lesson for us while we are Living in Babylon.
Living in Babylon - Acts 5 - Deceiving God and the Jailbreak       November 6, 2021
In our series on Acts, Chapter 5 begins with a horrible disruption to the spirit of giving and unity in the new believers. When we lie or deceive it hurts many, including God. This chapter reviews the issue, as well as the subject of God providing us needed help in times of trial from unexpected sources... will we see them?
Living in Babylon - Acts 6 - Waiting on Widows with Wisdom       December 25, 2021
Acts 6 deals with aspects of our Christian duty often overlooked, principally toward widows, mentioned often in God's Law, as well as wisdom in modeling our faith. We will learn from this chapter both our internal and external responsibilities.