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Living in Babylong - Acts 7 - Stevens Defense and the Angel       January 21, 2022
Acts 7 is unique in many ways as it details Stephen’s defense of the accusations. It is the longest discourse/response in New Testament and introduces new material. It is an example of explaining to others, while we live in Babylon, of what is inside us and God's presence.
Living in Babylon - Acts 8 - The Sorcerer and the Apprentice       February 20, 2022
As we continue in Acts, Chapter 8 presents a stark contrast of two personalities, possibly a third. Different backgrounds, attitudes and responses to the Good News of Jesus as Messiah. They could not be more different and this is Luke's intention. Different hearts prepare us for both giving and receiving God's words and give the basis of being used. So, we have "Living in Babylon - Acts 8: The Sorcerer and God's Apprentice."
Passover Gifts Old and New - He Is Risen!       April 16, 2022
As we are in the week of Passover, there is an event, prophesied centuries earlier, in a series of gifts God gives us. One is often overlooked but is the greatest gift He can bestow. Among wine, lambs, unleavened bread and a special harvest, the Wave Sheaf, Jesus Christ is resurrected and is accepted by the Father.
Living in Babylon - Acts 9 - The Awakening       May 7, 2022
Acts 9 recounts Saul's dramatic Awakening on the road to Damascus. It sets the direction for much of the New Testament and may give us insights as to our own journey, where we may find help along the way as bear God's Name.
Living in Babylon - Acts 10 - It's about Men not Meat, People not Pork       July 9, 2022
As we approach Acts 10, we have a series of events that have caused much incorrect analysis relative to Peter's vision of animals. In the narrative, Peter and others are led through a series of encounters into an "awakening" that God is developing clarity and truth about who He and His Son are calling. It’s about men not meat... people not pork.
Feast of Trumpets - A Singular Hope       September 26, 2022
All the biblical holidays are critically important. But On Trumpets, the Day of Trumpets... everything changes, especially for believers. The world is changed, but for you, it is a singular hope of what and who you will find.
Living in Babylon - Acts 11 - Stick to Your Guns       October 29, 2022
In our ongoing series on Living in Babylon... Acts, Chapter 11 asks "when faced with opposition to your beliefs or understanding, will you stand firm?" The Apostle Peter is put hard to the test... will he "stick to his guns"?
Living in Babylon - Acts 12 - Peter's Exodus / Resurrection       December 17, 2022
Acts Chapter 12 reminds us through hints of Israel's past that, although we are in this life surrounded by an unbiblical Babylonian system and life that ensnares and imprisons us, God rescues and frees us... Exodus-like. Often He resurrects us from an old life, to be renewed.