John Ogwyn Sermons 2004

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A Time of Terror       2004
Lessons from Paul       2004
A good overview of Paul's background, his calling, his work, his teachings. Includes Paul's opposition to Stephen and subsequent persecution of the Christians. A clear explanation of the much-misunderstood book of Galatians, especially on being justified. Religion is not something you put on to impress others. What is God really doing? What it means to "know" Jesus. What the mind of Christ is and how it differed from Paul's pharisaical upbringing. Paul was not of superior character, but it was his attitude that was outstanding. The overall lesson from Paul: "If you believe it from the heart, it will change your life."
Between the Testaments       January 3, 2004
Obey - Enter Into the Rest       January 10, 2004
Ogwyn goes through the whole Bible, beginning to end, showing the role that "rest" has had. Beginning with the establishment of the Sabbath, to Abraham, to Moses and the Exodus, through the time of the Judges, the Kings, the time of Jesus, and how there remains therefore, a Sabbath rest for the people of God today. The ultimate rest is our entry into the rest that is the kingdom of God.
Endure to the End       January 17, 2004
While Ogwyn does not dismiss the “Gun Lap” mentality directly, this sermon definitely does. Ogwyn relates several good stories and analogies illustrating patience. Also: a definition of tribulation, patient continuance in doing good, delayed gratification, and how to handle the times when we can’t fix things ourselves. To endure you need a vision and desire – how badly do you want it? How did Abraham endure? How do we? What do we really believe with our heart?
Plan and Purpose of God       January 24, 2004
Evidence We Are Christian       February 21, 2004
Christ - Our Savior and Redeemer - Pre-Passover       March 13, 2004
God's Redemption       April 3, 2004
How Far Out of Egypt Are We?       April 6, 2004
Ogwyn draws a lot of excellent parallels between Israel's exodus from Egypt and our exodus from sin. Passover points to God taking the initiative, the Days of Unleavened Bread is our response to it. How far out of Egypt do we want to come? Do we hold a little back? The journey is one step at a time and is difficult, but comes with great promises and divine help. Ogwyn gives the single greatest key for overcoming. Highly-recommended sermon; given on the First Day of Unleavened Bread.
Being Part of an Inside Job       April 12, 2004
430 years – when did it start? Sermon given on the First Day of Unleavened Bread, as was the 430 year span. Parallels between the physical, outside righteousness of the Old Covenant and the New Covenant. The pharisees focused on outward appearance and what man thinks, Jesus focused on the inward heart and what God thinks. God is making us as a master potter turns dirt into a porcelain vase, the dirt can’t do that itself. Ogwyn gives excellent advice on how to work on the inside, he teaches methods, and gives the key to changing.
An Inside Job       April 12, 2004
The afternoon version of the above sermon.
Prophecy Points to the Kingdom       April 24, 2004
The Meaning of Pentecost       May 30, 2004
Given on Pentecost. Events that occurred on Pentecost. The problem with the Old Covenant was not the law of God, but the heart of man. Jesus came that our heart may be transformed by the spirit, that we may obey from the heart. The New Covenant does not change the law, but the heart of man. The spirit imparts power, that they may do the work of God with boldness. He who loves God obeys His commandments. John was transformed from a “son of thunder” to a deeply converted, spirit-filled man. Is it evident that we are Christians? Is our love reflected by our actions? The power of a sound mind. Being led by the spirit.
The Outpouring of God's Spirit       May 30, 2004
Given on Pentecost. The sermon opens with an interesting discussion of the timing of events in the Israelite exodus, including the days of the week. Old Testament examples of the outpouring of God’s spirit, though it was not part of the Old Covenant. Pouring out of the spirit is addressed in the 70 elders, Joel’s prophecy, the 1st Pentecost. Moses shows how those filled with the Holy Spirit are not subject to Moses. Very interesting evidence that Peter’s quote of Joel’s prophecy was not entirely end-time. Contains a good explanation of “all in one accord” plus what is required as a necessary prelude to receiving spiritual gifts.
Do We See the Big Picture?       June 5, 2004
Everything in our lives should be done in consideration of the future, whether that future is eternal or next month. Ogwyn gives good Biblical examples of short-sightedness and inspires us to look at areas of our lives where a long-term focus us especially important. After all, how can we rule cities if we can't even set the right priorities for our lives now? Cause and effect are always in play. Taking actions based on goals is key.
Christ's Purpose for Building the Church       June 26, 2004
The 7 kingdom parables are examined, especially in relation to what the church is. 3 primary things that the church is compared to and what they signify. The bride. The body. Ogwyn discusses the various gifts given to each, and the value of each. Everybody has something to contribute. Each part of the body is important, and supports the other parts. God appreciates all of us, do we?
Prophecy for the Feast of Trumpets       September 16, 2004
Trumpets is about God stepping into history and prophecy. Ogwyn looks at the prophecies in, of all places, Leviticus, especially the cursings of Leviticus 26 in detail and ties them to Ezekiel’s prophecies. Includes a discussion of the glory of God and separating the holy from the unholy. Israel’s abominable traits that brought on their destruction are applicable to today’s troubles in our nation and Christ’s eventual return. God gives nations multiple chances to repent, and to do so, they need to be warned.
The Meaning of Trumpets       September 16, 2004
Ogwyn does double duty with two sermons on Trumpets.
Atonement - Rejecting Pride       September 25, 2004
Maintain Your Zeal for God       October 9, 2004
A post-feast sermon. Did your zeal take root? Ogwyn uses the Nehemiah stories of the Jews returning from captivity to show that, in spite of zeal, intention is not enough. Ezra and Nehemiah taught the people about the fall festivals, during which the people became convicted and fasted on the 24th day of the 7th month, but they later became proud, disobedient, and Pharisaical in their attitudes. How do you make permanent changes? How do you use the Feast as a springboard to real growth and change? Keep focused on God and His law, and realize the answer is not Pharisaical rules, but the spirit and intent of the law.
Pray With Your Whole Heart       November 6, 2004
Where Do We Get Our Patterns?       December 4, 2004
A Worldwide Religious Revival       December 25, 2004