John Ogwyn Sermons 1978

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Given in 1978, this sermon could have been given today (2011), with only a few adjustments. Ogwyn looks at Bible prophecy and ties it to current events, including the fall of the dollar, the euro-currency, the big role of an Islamic Iran, the Straits of Hormuz, and Egypt-Israel peace. He also, quite interestingly, shows where Biblical peoples are in today’s nations. Ogwyn examines world events and implies that the end-time fulfillment of prophecy is imminent. Interestingly, these events are much more severe in 2011, and therefore more imminent, giving further evidence that that no matter how much prophecy is being fulfilled, no man knows when the end times will come.
Seek God's Correction
Ogwyn notes man's tendency to be blind to his own faults and sins. We need a true perspective. God knows us, so we need to go to Him for insight. We must ask. The Bible, Old Testament and New, will help one to pierce right to the heart of the matter. The Bible's cutting edge will cut us from time to time. We need to ask God for counsel and correction and that includes God's word. Before you can work on problems, you have to see them, and to see them you're going to have to look to God and look to God's ministry. Then, you must apply it.