John Ogwyn Sermons 1979

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Our Time in History       March, 1979
How many of us would have loved to have been at any of several Biblical events throughout time. Well, we are in the midst of one of those times today. The Middle East, internal problems and economic conditions of the U.S. and the British Commonwealth, the Catholic Church revived, a militant United States of Europe, the Beast, and the Church of God. These major areas are the areas to watch. Ogwyn goes to Nehemiah and the persistent wall-builders for inspiration. While the tone of this message is that the end times are close, Ogwyn clearly avoids any specifics.
The Meaning of the Feast of Trumpets       Sept 22, 1979
Ogwyn talks about the "falling away" and that which restrains. The message centers on prophecy, especially the book of Revelation, touching on Matthew, Joel, and Lamentations. The church is the temple being measured. The origin of the term "Pontificus Maximus". Ogwyn paints a frightening future for the United States, a time that will exceed by far any catastrophe or genocide holocaust that has every occurred. Ends, however, with great hope.
History Of The True Church      Oct 27, 1979
Ogwyn uses the 7 churches of Revelation as a prophecy of successive eras of the New Testament church and sequentially goes through the 2000 year history of the church. While given from the perspective of the WCG at the time, it is none-the-less a very interesting history of the church. Includes the doctrine of Balaam defined, the symbolism of Jezebel, what the Nicolaitans represent. Also looks at the Sabbath-keeping churches in America. Rhode Island and Steven Mumford in 1664.
God Will Keep His Promises to Israel      Dec 8, 1979
The United States and Britain had an incredible percentage of the world's wealth at the end of WWII. It is not so today. Ogwyn tracks the history and prophesied future of Israel. What is prophesied for Israel in "the last days"? He goes through the remarkable rise of the English-speaking nations, how it all seems to have been guided by an unseen hand. Very interesting stories on how these nations came about. Ogwyn finishes up with some sober warnings for modern-day Israel. Yes, God does keep His promises, good and bad.
Ogwyn points out the change in society's attitude toward marriage over the last 20 years. Divorce is now easier and less looked down upon. Living together without marriage is not scorned. Ogwyn goes over how Jesus defines marriage, based on the law of God. Marriage is a divine institution, established by God with the intent to bind one man and one woman for life. It pictures the relationship between Christ and the church. One part of marriage is intimacy. Roles of the husband and wife. How should a man love his wife and rule his family? Ogwyn talks about how narcissism is part of the perilous times ahead because it threatens the destruction of the family unit which threatens the destruction of all mankind. How to treat an unconverted husband. How the ministers can help. There is a real long-term spiritual danger if your marriage is neglected.
Satan's Devices
Satan hates each of us, and wants to destroy us. Ogwyn speaks of Satan's tactics and how we need God's help to combat him. Specific devices used by Satan include pride, vanity, bitterness, accusative spirit, doubt, discouragement, lust and coveting, The entire sermon has an underlying theme where Ogwyn says that God is cleansing His church, starting at the top, with specific reference to Garner Ted Armstrong and other leading ministers. He relates several of Satan's tactics to this crisis and shows how the rest of the church can avoid the same fate and not get caught up in it. God is cleaning house, is in charge, and will do what He promises, so we need to trust Him to take care of things and not rebel ourselves.
The Fourth Commandment
Which day is the Christian Sabbath? Ogwyn shows why the 7th day is the Biblically established Sabbath day. He addresses all of the New Testament based arguments against Sabbath-keeping, proceeds to show when the Sabbath was established, why it matters, and how it should be kept. He also interestingly notes how it is impossible for anyone to keep Sunday holy. The Sabbath is a commemoration of creation and a weekly reminder that God is the Creator. Lessons of Sabbath observance from the Bible. How to make the Sabbath a joy, including for children!