John Ogwyn Sermons 1980

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Judgment       Feb 16, 1980
When will you be judged? God the Father has committed judgment to the Son, Jesus Christ. Righteous judgment is judgment according to God's law, the law of liberty. Brethren have a role to play in their own judgment. We can be protected if we examine ourselves and self-correct. How can we be justified? We have a tendency to justify ourselves. How to obtain mercy? Our relationship with Jesus Christ is absolutely critical in judgment, justification, and mercy.
We Must Prepare to Escape the Events to Come       April 12, 1980
Is this generation unique? If so, terrible times are ahead. Is there a way to escape? "God promises a place of protection for His people." Ogwyn discusses these promises of God and centers on the "Place of Safety" as spoken of in Revelation 12, showing why Petra could be that place. If you are looking for a good "Place of Safety" sermon, this is it, except that Ogwyn fails to explain how the "Philadelphia era of the church" equates to the "woman who gave birth to the Male child" in Revelation 12:13. Regardless, Ogwyn gives overwhelming evidence of God's promises of protection to His faithful people at the time of the end, and makes an interesting observation that Noah entered the ark while the sun was still shining.
The 7 Eras of the Old Testament Church       May 17, 1980
Ogwyn starts off chronicling the events from the wave sheaf offering to Pentecost, including what the 2 loaves are for at Pentecost and the concept of first fruits. He then launches into the main message, noting two similar candle sets, one in Exodus 25, signifying God's light to the world, the church in the Old Testament and the other in Revelation 1, signifying God's light to the world, the church in the New Testament. These set of candles both contain 7 candles, and Ogwyn teaches that they represent 7 successive eras for churches in both testaments. Though somewhat speculative, it is interesting and valuable for its historical insight and spirituals lessons.
Atonement       Sept 23, 1980
Atonement is about reconciliation. Why is reconciliation necessary? Ogwyn starts with the rebellion of Adam & Eve, inspired by Satan, who has been a deceiver from the beginning. Why can't man solve his own problems? Ogwyn contrasts the spirit of God and the spirit of the world and how they interact with the spirit in man. Why is the carnal mind hostile to God? Further discussion on repentance, confession, forgiveness, and atonement.
The Throne of David       Nov 22, 1980
Luke 1 states that Jesus is to inherit the throne of David, an event still ahead of us. How can one inherit something that doesn't exist? The scepter (royal authority) will not depart from Judah until Jesus comes, therefore there will be a direct succession. Multiple prophecies attest to this. Ogwyn addresses situations where this appears to have failed, and gives fascinating histories of Judah's descendants. What is the "Rock of the Covenant"? Is there a literal throne?
The Passover
In the context of the Worldwide Church of God undergoing an audit, Passover is the time the man of God is to undergo an internal spiritual audit. This means examining oneself using the Bible as the standard. Ask God to help us see us as He does. After accepting the sacrifice of Jesus Christ, our old man is dead. Leave him dead. What does it mean to be just, righteous? How ought we to walk? Are we truly appreciative of what God and Jesus Christ have done for us? A good Passover preparation sermon.
The Meaning of Last Day of Unleavened Bread
Given on the Last Day of Unleavened Bread. Why are there two holy days in these days? Owgyn talks about how becoming perfect as God is perfect is "mission impossible". He goes over the history of the Exodus. What about when there is no way out? Many humanly impossible tasks can be tied to the Last Day of Unleavened Bread, including perhaps the greatest miracle ever done. But it is critical to obey, to believe God, and to not be afraid. The role confidence plays. A good lesson from Ai. What is God doing sending us up against the Red Sea? What is God doing having us march around Jericho for 7 days? "If we do what God says, God guarantees the results."
Parallels in Prophecy Between Ancient and Modern Israel
Ogwyn discusses numerous parallels between Israel before the captivity and the United States today. The prophets Hosea and Micah are especially applicable. The message, although dated (1980), is still relevant today, perhaps even more so. "As they increased, they sinned against Me." Corruptions, sexual sins, loss of blessings, abuse of the poor, high taxes, high debt are all some of the common problems. A nation that has turned its back on God, that needs to hear the warnings from God, that has difficult lessons are ahead -- ancient Israel and the United States.
Parents & Children
Though given in 1980, it is still relevant today. Ogwyn talks about why the values in children are not what they should be. How the decline of American society starts with the decline of the family. Why women should wear long hair. Ogwyn talks a great deal about child rearing, looking to Proverbs, proper discipline (spanking consistency, purpose), and parental example. One of the reasons God chose Abram was because God knew he would teach his children.
The 1st Commandment
Ogwyn goes into great detail on all of God’s attributes (and His related names), including lawgiver, creator, Father. Also, the severe consequences of not recognizing God and all that He is.
The 2nd Commandment
Given in 1980, Ogwyn notes the U.S. prides itself in being a religious country. There are many prohibitions against worshiping God using physical objects, rather than in spirit and truth. Worshiping in sincerity is not good enough, it must be sincerity AND truth. Discussed: upright poles, asherah, obelisks. What about pictures of Jesus? They are certainly inaccurate, but are they wrong? Why are images so destructive to the worship of God? What about the cross? OK, but we may not bow down before pictures and idols today, so how does this command affect us?
The 5th Commandment
The 6th Commandment
Ogwyn looks at the 6th commandment in may ways, angles, and aspects. He tracks the history of violence from Genesis to today, and the future of violence. Violence is even in our entertainment. We should not be entertained by sin. Why so much violence? How will peace be brought about? It is not enough to simply avoid murder, but we must be peacemakers. The spirit of the law expands the law beyond the letter. The purpose of civil government. There will be a day when war will not be learned. That should be our aim now.
The 7th Commandment
Laws, proverbs, and principles on sexual sins and the sanctity of marriage. Good commentary. Consequences of wrong behavior as well as right behavior. Lust and enticing lust. Instructions for young people. How marriage relates to God. Advice to those with troubled marriages.
The 8th Commandment
There are only two Biblically legitimate ways to gain wealth. Ogwyn looks at the myriad of wrong ways: private property, property rights, restitution, tithing, fraud, greed, employer/employee, economic systems, inflation, casting gold into the streets, the flying scroll of Zechariah, responsibilities to neighbor. This sermon strives to bring points to mind about theft that may not have been obvious.
The 9th Commandment
Ancient & Modern Israel Prophecy Parallels
Mission Impossible
The Events to Come
The History of Jerusalem