John Ogwyn Sermons 1993

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Pentecost - Last Sermon in WCG     May 30, 1993
Ogwyn draws a Parallel between the establishment of the Old Testament Church and the New Testament Church. Ogwyn shows how troubles plagued the New Testament Church, how Paul saw it coming, and what to do when church leaders take the church in the wrong direction. Although Ogwyn never mentions that he is leaving WCG, nor does he specifically mention the problems in WCG, in retrospect it is clear how problems in WCG parallel the troubles in the New Testament Church, what people need to do now, and how God continues to test His people.
Prophecies For Today     July 10, 1993
Satan the Enemy     July 17, 1993
Given during the Global Church of God ministerial conference in July of 1993. To defeat an enemy, you need to know their tactics. Satan’s tactic is to appeal to our pride, to engender resentment, foster discouragement, push compromise. Satan is still subject to God; Ogwyn parallels this with how Balaam did not directly disobey God, yet still accomplished His goal against Israel. Ogwyn discusses Biblical antidotes to Satan’s attacks and how to fight Satan and overcome.
Trumpets - Degree of Glory     Sep 16, 1993
FOT - Government of God     Sep 30, 1993
Millennial Dreams Will Be Fulfilled     Sept 30, 1993
An outstanding, enthusiastic sermon on the prophesied kingdom of God. The perfect society has been man's dream for years but attempts to create one have been futile and have often turned into nightmares. Why? What have they all lacked? What is the right form of government? Interestingly, he says that a ruler at the top and the people doing what the ruler says is not God's form of government. Rather, the law of God is the foundation of right government and will be the foundation in the Kingdom of God. Ogwyn also goes into who will rule in that kingdom, how they will rule, how their rule with start out, and how they should prepare themselves. It is those who have been transformed by the law of God who will teach and judge and lead in the Kingdom of God.
Last Great Day     Oct 7, 1993
Ogwyn begins with an interesting analysis of the sacrifices in Numbers 28-29, then looks at the fate of all those who have never known or never worshiped Jesus Christ. They will have a future time of judgment which does not necessarily mean a future time of condemnation. Covered: The big picture of why we're called; the Great White Throne judgment; the resurrection of the rest of the dead; 7 distinct sections of Leviticus and how they relate to us needing to be holy and prepared to lead in the Kingdom of God.