John Ogwyn Sermons 1994

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Prophecy Overview - Past, Present, and Future     January 8, 1994
3 Keys For a Healthy, Strong, & Stable Family     January 15, 1994
Why Are You Here?     January 22, 1994
A Loving & Trusting Heart     February 7, 1994
Discouragement & Depression     February 19, 1994
God's Festival Seasons     March 5, 1994
Preparing For the Passover     Mar 12, 1994
Ogwyn reviews the Exodus 12 Passover and the events of Jesus' crucifixion. How often should the Passover be taken? How can you take the cup unworthily? Do we really understand what Jesus did? How do we examine ourselves? Prove ourselves, put ourselves to the test? What do we truly believe? Ogwyn goes over, in detail, the criteria by which we should examine ourselves. He shows what forgiveness is and how we should practice it. An excellent Passover preparation sermon.
History of the Exodus and the Certainty of Our Deliverance     March 23, 1994
Sense of Personal Urgency     March 27, 1994
Keys to Prophecy     April 23, 1994
God's Covenant (Pre-Pentecost)     May 7, 1994
Old & New Testament Church (Pre-Pentecost)     May 14, 1994
A World Yearning for Freedom (Pentecost)     May 15, 1994
How Do People Get Off the Track?     May 21, 1994
Honoring the Sabbath     June 4, 1994
Requirements & Maintenance of Commitment     June 11, 1994
A Place of Safety     June 18, 1994
Our Christian Journey     July 9, 1994
A Time of Renewal     July 23, 1994
Judah experienced revivals under Asa, Hezekiah, Josiah, and Nehemiah. The Feast of Tabernacles is a time of renewal, a time of joy because it is a time of learning God’s ways. Biblical renewals are always centered around God’s festivals, but sometimes we lose the vision of why – a re-focus on God’s law – and when the knowledge thereof will cover the earth and flow forth from Jerusalem. This sermon was given in July, so that people may prepare for the fall festivals from the proper perspective.
Continue in the Truth     Aug 13, 1994
Kingdom of God     September 3, 1994
How Do We Get From Here to Dwelling With God Eternally?     September 10, 1994
Prepare for Day of Atonement & FOT     Sep 10, 1994
Ogwyn takes an extensive look at Isaiah’s prophecies of the greatness of God’s coming kingdom and our role in it. Keeping the Day of Atonement shows that God’s ways are more important than anything else. We prepare by practicing those ways. Fastings are a tool to recognize our dependence on God. Also, society is reflected in its arts. How very much that will change as the knowledge of God will saturate all of the world’s societies. Ought we be saturated, too? Strong encouragement to exercise intelligent judgment and practice God’s way.
Day of Atonement     Sep 15, 1994
The Millennium and Beyond     September 17, 1994
FOT - Kingdom of God     September 20, 1994
FOT - Kingdom of God     September 27, 1994
John Ogwyn travelled to both Global Church of God sites that year, and these are virtually identical sermons; one given at Pigeon Forge and the other at Del Mar.
Rule By God's Law, and Tabernacles     September 24, 1994
Tale of Two Cities - Prophecy     Sep 25, 1994
Planning and Setting Goals for a Good Harvest     October 1, 1994
Rulership & Service - Male & Female     October 8, 1994
We Are Stewards     October 15, 1994
Dealing With Discouragement     October 22, 1994
The Message Christ Brought     November 12, 1994
Love of the Truth     December 3, 1994
Many Will Be Offended     Dec 10, 1994
We can be offended; we can offend - by events, actions, words. People were offended by Jesus, offended by the truth – not just the Pharisees, but some disciples. Pride and humility are important in how we deal with offense. A love for the truth and God’s law is vital in avoiding being offended, while adherence to our own ways is a recipe for offense. Many interesting Biblical examples of offenses. Sound Biblical advice on how to avoid being offended.
Many Shall Be Offended     December 24, 1994
Moses & Christ - Friends for Eternity     December 31, 1994