John Ogwyn Sermons 1995

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When Is A Blessing Not A Blessing?       Mid-1990s
Ogwyn relates the history of a time of great prosperity in both Israel and Judah, yet all the while, devastating prophecies were being made against them. That prosperity disappeared in a mere 20 years as the prophecies came true. Times of plenty can lead to spiritual lethargy. Their religion was just form, not substance. Ogwyn shows what we should do and why, in order to avoid the same tendency and the same fate.
Offenses at the End Time       1995
The Work of God       January 7, 1995
The Spirit of the Law       Jan 14, 1995
“As many as are of the works of the law are under a curse.” “The curse of the law.” Given during the heart of the Tkachian rebellion in the Worldwide Church of God, Ogwyn addresses the law and its role in the life of the Christian, including explanations of the above scriptures. Covered: The law of God is eternal; The law that was added; Without the law there is no sin; The difference between the Old Covenant and the New Covenant is not the law , but where the law is written; The spirit of the law maximizes the law and includes the letter.
Three Mandates - Back to Basics       January 28, 1995
The Only Label That Counts       February 11, 1995
Three Warnings for the Church       February 25, 1995
(Introduction is Rod Meredith)
A World Unraveling       March 4, 1995
Arise, Renew, and Revive Your Commitment       March 25, 1995
Moses & Christ - Friends Forever       Mar 25, 1995
Ogwyn discusses the unity of Moses and Christ and how they were not opposites. Both taught the law, mercy, judgment. Both were mediators of a covenant. Christ taught was Moses said, and what Moses said came from Christ. Yet, Jesus Christ is about a spiritual transformation. He amplified the law that is now written on the hearts of men rather than tablets of stone. When Christ returns, the Song of Moses and the Song of the Lamb will both be sung, for they are really one song.
7 Steps to Overcoming       April 15, 1995
Given on the First Day of Unleavened Bread. To observe the Passover and not to observe the feast is to miss out on what salvation is all about. God took the initiative in forgiving us, but we must respond. If you’re never tempted, you don’t have anything to overcome. Overcoming goes beyond will power. How? If you’re going to kill the weeds, you’ve got to kill the root. You can change the action without changing the heart, but it is impossible to change the heart and not change the action. What comes out of the heart had to first be put in. How do you genuinely, truly overcome? Ogwyn provides 7 steps to overcoming, one for each of the 7 days of the feast.
God and Christ - The Author and The Finisher       April 21, 1995
7 Keys for Growth       May 6, 1995
Ogwyn chronicles the story of Jacob and how he was not very dedicated to God but repented and changed, as we are to do. Real change must come from the heart, not outward appearance. Ogwyn then outlines seven keys (including forgiveness and gratitude) that will help anyone to grow spiritually, if followed.
Instructions for Overcoming       May 13, 1995
True Worship of God - Pre-Pentecost       June 3, 1995
Making Our Calling and Election Sure - Pentecost       June 4, 1995
Unity       Jun 24, 1995
The Spirit of Prophecy       Jun 28, 1995
Achieving the Purpose of Our Calling       July 15, 1995
Testimony of Christ is Spirit of Prophecy       August 5, 1995
Seven Different Kinds of Love       August 26, 1995
Seven Different Kinds of Love       September 2, 1995
(different from the previous week)
Walk With God, Avoid Offenses       September 16, 1995
Human Potential       September 25, 1995
God's Government       September 25, 1995
Walk With God       September 30, 1995
(different from Sept 16 message)
A New Beginning       October 16, 1995
Pilgrims - A New World is Coming       October 21, 1995
Lessons From Elijah & Elisha       November 11, 1995
God Takes the Initiative       December 2, 1995
Digesting God's Word       December 23, 1995