John Ogwyn Sermons 1998

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Keys to Understanding Bible Prophecy      Jan 31, 1998
Choices Ahead      Sep 12, 1998
Ogwyn talks about the tumultuous times in world events. He ties 1982 to 2520 years earlier and the banded tree stump of Babylon. The prophecy of Daniel 2, the "two legs" of the Roman empire, and 1989. Unstable, weak governments lead to crises, then to chaos & instability, then to a tyrant purporting to be a savior. Revelation as the book that ties prophecies together. An attribute of the 144,000. Faith and choices. We have to move from doubt to faith. From pride to humility. Contrast the choices that Samuel and Samson made. We have to choose.
Rendezvous With Judgment      Sep 21, 1998
Given on the Feast of Trumpets. The Book of Daniel relates the story of Nebuchadnezzar's dream about the great tree that was cut down and banded, but not uprooted. Ogwyn says that it sprouted again in 1982. After this in Daniel, is Belshazzar encountering the handwriting on the wall, which foretells the fall of Babylon that very night, which was Trumpets. Judgment had come upon Babylon In the end times, judgment will come upon modern Babylon, which will again fall in one hour. The Ogwyn speaks of judgment in the New Testament. The Feast of Trumpets will be a time of judgment on the world, and a time of rewarding the saints.
The Abomination Spoken of By Daniel      Oct 9, 1998
Often, end-time events have a historic precedence which helps us to understand the prophecy. Ogwyn goes through Daniel 8 in detail, and Daniel 9 &11 in part, explaining the prophecies, how they have been fulfilled so far, and how they are likely to be fulfilled in the future. Explained: the ram, its two horns, the he-goat, its great horn, the 4 subsequent horns, the little horn, the 2300 sacrifices suspended, Antiochus Epiphanes, the Maccabean rebellion, defilement of the temple, the desire of the king to have one religion (forced conformity), the 70 weeks prophecy. This is a Bible study (thus less formal) given during the Feast of Tabernacles.
Why God Allows Problems in His Church      Nov 28, 1998
Given on the first Sabbath after the Living Church of God split with the Global Church of God, Ogwyn draws on Biblical examples, especially in Numbers, of choices and consequences. God’s intent is for us to make wise choices, so He allows things to happen that will put those choices before us. There is little in this sermon in direct reference to the split.
Trials of the Flesh      Dec 5, 1998
Heart of a King      Dec 12, 1998