John Ogwyn Sermons 1999

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Passover Season       March, 1999
We are always better off examining ourselves, or else we will be examined by someone else. We must take stock. If we don’t, God will, because He loves us. No one is “worthy” of the sacrifice. We are to take the Passover in a “worthy” manner, a reverent manner. What are we to look for in examining ourselves? Why genuine belief is so important. Professing Christ is not enough. How to know if you measure up. What does God desire of us? How do we meet it? Ogwyn covers a great many principles in this inspirational pre-Passover sermon.
Six Passovers       Mar 31, 1999
Interestingly, the gospels actually describe six different Passovers in the life of Jesus. In his easy-to-listen-to style, Ogwyn relates these gospel accounts, adding his excellent commentary, insight, and understanding. There is an emphasis on the events, the parables, and the interactions leading up to Jesus' last Passover and the crucifixion. He touches on subjects like mercy & sacrifice, forgiveness, form vs substance, bread of life, and gives an explanation for how "the first day of the feast of unleavened bread" can occur before the Passover.
Understanding Prophecy       Apr 17, 1999
Prophecy is not about looking at current events and trying to find a Bible verse that matches, but looking at the Bible first and establishing a framework with which to view current events. Ogwyn gives a detailed view of the Matthew and Revelation prophecies and ties in the Old Testament, especially Daniel. A fascinating parallel between the beginning of Genesis and the end of Revelation. Also, the East - West split in Catholicism and its role today. The King of the North and King of the South. Contrary to the "gun lap" mentality, we don't know when Christ will return, so be prepared for the long term. Ogwyn warns about beating up our fellow servants and summarizes with the choices before us and what Christ has told us to do.
Gifts of the Spirit       May 1999
Ogwyn opens talking of the situations in the world, then applies it to prophecy. The main subject is gifts of the spirit, varying by what God chooses to give us. Why are they given? Don't we all have the gift of faith? Discusses healings, tongues, speaking. How to go beyond these gifts, to love. What do these gifts do? "If the spirit of God is dwelling in us, it will bear fruit in our lives." Yet, we are to desire gifts of the spirit. How does one enable these gifts? What blocks them? The attitude and actions necessary to receive spiritual gifts.
Hope       Aug 16, 1999
In the context of a suicide victim’s funeral, Ogwyn discusses hope. False hope leads to despair. Story of Josiah’s and Jeremiah’s reforms and how they fell apart under subsequent kings. Examples of Paul and hope. Hope comes from what you believe. Peace that comes from trusting God. Hope leads to joy, confidence, enthusiasm, endurance. Hang on to hope, with patience, when things get tough. The ultimate hope of Jesus Christ. We need to hope, as the sons of God, that we will be like Him!
Justice, Mercy & Faith       Late 1999
Parallel between 20th century America and ancient Israel preceding their captivity. A look at Micah’s prophecy and the role the statues of Omri played in Israelite history. What does God require? Walking humbly = faith. What is doing justly? How do we learn it? How does the law play into this? Lovingkindness/mercy. Self-justification. How we can emulate God’s attributes.
End-Time Prophecies & Daniel      Sept 25, 1999
Given on the first day of the Feast of Tabernacles. God knows the end from the beginning. What is the purpose of prophecy? The book of Revelation puts together the prophecies of Daniel and Jesus in a framework, including areas like the abomination of desolation, specific nations involved, timing, kings of the north/south, 2300 sacrifices, and the 70-week prophecy. Daniel’s prophetic fulfillments in the past and how they are likely to play out in the future. The end-time “Antiochus Epiphanies” will be vile, treacherous (he actually tried to destroy the Jewish Scriptures), and will enter the Middle East peaceably. The Beast will be a military, political, economic, and religious power with ten kings and will be in Europe. The setting up of the Abomination of Desolation will be the trigger for the final events, but before that, there will be economic troubles, a religious resurgence, and enforced conformity.
Fear and Faith      Oct 1, 1999
Feast of Tabernacles sermon.
Last Great Day      Oct 2, 1999
From Panama City Beach, Florida.
God's Will Reflects on God's Holiness      Nov 6, 1999
The Tongue      Nov 20, 1999
Worship in Spirit and Truth      Dec 11, 1999
Daniel 11      Dec 18, 1999